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    HCB 36: Smoothie Lova!

    My appetite is really weird during the summer time… so most times I just settle for delicious fruity smoothies!um… can I just say how much I HATE buying fruit and veggies in this damn country coz it pretty much spoils once it makes contact with your fridge! I bought strawberries barely 2 days ago, opened my fridge this morning and the container looked it was strawberry soup with chunks of strawberries! YUCK!I threw out majority of the strawberries, but I wasn’t about to let my hard earned money that I spent on the fu… um strawberries to go to waste 🙂 Smoothies are an excellent way to get your fruits…

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    Video ♥: HeyDoYou® Interview with Mark Stoddart

    I was super excited to meet Mark Stoddart! (Live It. Wear It.)I heard tonnes of great stuff about him and how TALENTED he was from a lot of people, and he’s also the mentor of very TALENTED (my fave) graphic designer, Darkie here in Toronto. (darkiemade.com– for those living under a rock… Darkie did Drakes; So far gone and Thank me later album covers)I was blown away by the Jimi Hendrix pieces, so you know I HAD to get an interview with Mark!Peep the vid!♥Bella♥*HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    ABCs of B♥

    A– Available: for who?– Age: Happy 24 🙂– Annoyance: Foolishness– Animal: in the bedroom I am, otherwise I keep it kosher 😉B– Birthday: July 23rd, now you know, so next year I better get some pressies! (i’m playing, but Hey, Do You)– Body part on opposite sex: is that even a question? Obviously I love the fact that they have ****! he he I kid.– Best weather: Depends on what day it is 🙂 Some days I like it hot, others I like it cold…– Been on stage?: YUP– Believe in magic: Definitely, I see it everyday– Believe in God: C’mon now, of course, this is me we’re talking about.–…

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    A GOOD, GOOD Night

    Lastnight (Thursday), Mona of Lady Luck Entertainment threw one of the craziest parties I’ve been to in a LONG time at Skybar! Dj Wikked was amaaaaaazing alllll night long!!! There’s no need to express any more reasons as to why just know if you weren’t there… 🙁 It’s Caribana season and EVERYONE is in the city of Toronto & we’re just getting started! The vibes were legit and the amount of familiar faces was insane… Big thanx for a great night to Ms. Bossy, Cazh, Fresh, R.T! & Kesha!!! Peep a peek of our night… Tried to get the crowd behind us… lol R.T. I c u! Christian & What…

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    I still love

    My KLJ horn necklace City Cowgirl by heydoyou featuring Lounge Lover dresses *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    Video ♥: HeyDoYou® x CONVERSE®

    um Alyssa, you’re too damn pretty! lol xo The videos are FINALLY ready!Check em out!♥Bella♥ *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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