(T.O.) More FOOD! Gourmet Food & Wine Expo

I took a lot of pics… and I like making you hungry ha ha ha. So let the drooling begin in 4, 3, 2…
Delicious Macarons from Ruelo Patisserie… so many delicious flavors; from rose lychee raspberry to wasabi grapefruit. They even have balsamic vinegar one!
Appleton was there! Shout outs to the Jamaican that stole my heart 😉
mmm sooo GOOD!
I never seen cheese look so pretty!
Just relax and have some wine…
There was an abundance of sushi
I like the shape of the bottles! I’m a nerd. Sue me.
These guys were also offering lots of different kinds of food!
Dear Ruelo Patisserie, I will try ALL of your macaron flavors if you let me 🙂
Slideshow time!
peace and love
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