(SPBR) Ani + 8

I once had dinner with someone but stopped talkin got him he said he would only get one from a breeder or pet store. When I asked him why he said he thinks rescue dogs are ‘scraggly’ and people who buy/wear vintage are ‘disgusted’. I don’t have to tell you how that date ended. Rescue dogs are happy, loving, dedicated, loyal and exactly my cup of tea.
Ani here was rescued from a North Carolina KILL shelter. She was fostered in Syracuse NY and here is her story…
This lil mama had 8 puppies and will love you more than butter on toast. She is beautiful and her babies are assorted like holiday chocolates… See them all here
. Ani and her 8 puppies are waiting for their lovely forever homes.. See all their little faces here!
Can’t get a dog? Find out how you can still help on http://www.spbr.org/
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