• My Dog Jacob

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    What a morning of dog related news. First 26 were rescued from a Florida based dog fighting ring and then another 14 in North Carolina! Thank you for the 40 dogs saved this unseasonable warm day! A lot of people have asked me why I love dogs and have a ‘pitbull’ type dog when I can have any kind of dog in the world. Being a owner of a bully breed, you get a LOT of grief from people and it takes a special person to own a bully type dog. To me, a dog is a dog is a dog and dogs can be trained to be and act…

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  • My Dog Jacob,  New York

    Tamu from @IOHRescue

    If you guys follow my Instagram you must have noticed that in the last 5 months, I have been posting a lot about Tamu – Jacob’s friend. Tamu is sweet, well adjusted and very social. Rescue dogs are the best and they learn to cope with different situations with a happy heart and a great attitude. Despite their age, breed and size difference, Jacob and Tamu are best friends and they love to play with each other! Tamu is an Australian Heeler x Lab and she is about 7 months old now. The best thing about Tamu is that she came from In Our Hands Rescue in NYC.  This rescue…

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    (SPBR) Aspen

    Aspen today Aspen has been at SPBR for 1 year and looking for her forever home. When she came in, she was in terrible conditions. She was found last winter on the side of the highway in East Buffalo, freezing, starving and very weak. Can you imagine?  Now she that she has had 365 days of love and care, she is ready to be adopted! Aspen found Nov 2010 All a dog needs is food, water, shelter and love. Is that too much to ask?  Her story is inspiring and shows her incredible spirit to LIVE and to LOVE.  Remember, scars do not form on those who are dead but…

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    (SPBR) Ani + 8

    I once had dinner with someone but stopped talkin got him he said he would only get one from a breeder or pet store. When I asked him why he said he thinks rescue dogs are ‘scraggly’ and people who buy/wear vintage are ‘disgusted’. I don’t have to tell you how that date ended. Rescue dogs are happy, loving, dedicated, loyal and exactly my cup of tea. Ani here was rescued from a North Carolina KILL shelter. She was fostered in Syracuse NY and here is her story… This lil mama had 8 puppies and will love you more than butter on toast. She is beautiful and her babies are assorted…

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    German Sheppard x Labrador Retriever Puppies (Brampton, Ontario)Juliette and her siblings were born on January 13/2009. These little ones were surrendered to the pound because by the time they were four weeks old, their Mom did not want to care for them anymore. They ended up at the pound and were placed in a foster home. They are now 6 weeks old and are very playful and healthy puppies. They are well socialized and love attention. They will be a great addition to the right family. Email: sos.qc_ondogrescue@hotmail.com HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected – Follow this blog!