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    @PanAmABC Recap: One Coin In A Fountain

    Kate Cameron (Kelli Garner) is on another mission, but it looks like Maggie Ryan (Christina Ricci) already has her claws sinked in the eye of the prize. “He’s already interested in another stewardess,” she says. “Well, un-interest him.” Do I smell a cat-fight? Goran Visnjic plays Yugoslavian U.N. diplomat Niko Lonza that has all the girls acting crazy. Kate steps in on Maggie’s prey with a game of billiards. I’m not sure what the stewardess code-of-conduct is for flirting, but Maggie’s a good sport and let’s Kate take the prize. “Nico’s worth it.” Things go a little further than I expected. Kate successfully completes her assignment (it’s getting a little…

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    Just Hair

    What is the key to beautiful, gorgeous and healthy hair? There are so many girls who are ‘just hair’. You know, the ones who are so stunning because of their perfect coif? They are always known for their hair? Or do you challenge yourself by doing different things with your hair until you can rock every single style.┬áChameleons are the absolute opposite of that. What do you think you are? A ‘Just Hair’ or a ‘Chameleon”? Miss Nebby from the Segment Miss Jinna Boo from Grease and Glamour