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It is January and there has yet to be 1 snowflake in sight in New York City. In anticipation for the snowstorms to come and our wintery friends in Canada –  I am rating the Ruffwear winter accessories an A+.  As you know, Jacob has worn Ruffwear since 2008 but these new high boots are just amazing. PolarTrex are engineers for the winter weather and it has a Vibram rubber soles for traction.  Every dog’s paws are different and you have to put them on properly.  Boots are a MUST for city dogs.  I have used Ruffwear boots on Jacob in Toronto during winter and for hiking in the summer, in Los Angeles on the beach and also hiking through Runyon Canyon and also in New York City through a nasty snowstorm.  Salt and windshield wiper fluid and even gravel can be so damaging for dog paws.  Having boots on your dog is not just for fashion purposes but extremely practical for your 4 – legged friend.

When it comes to winter apparel, it is not cute to be freezing. I focus on form, function and practicality first and foremost.  Last winter, we swore by the ‘balloon boots’ by Pawz (perfect for the slushy pre-spring mess) but the Bark n Bootz from Ruffwear is the best top of the line boot you can get for the cold.

This is the investment that you won’t regret!

More on dog winter apparel this week but first get your Polar Trex from

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