• My Dog Jacob

    Surfs Up with @BodyGlove Pets

    Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 7.34.27 PMJacob is the only dog in the neighborhood with the Body Glove rash guard.  Do dogs surf?  Lately we have been couch surfing because of the serious cold weather here in New York.  But today, with a bit of sun and a lot of wind, we put on the Body Glove Pets Rash Guard.  Great for an ‘undershirt’ with itchy wool sweaters or extra coverage when wearing a jacket.   Even if you are not ‘surfing’ a rash guard can be totally great for hiking the woods and of course swimming!

    Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 7.39.42 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 7.39.51 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 7.40.09 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 7.40.20 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 7.40.38 PM

    Rashguards are especially great for hot days because shirt will keep your dog’s coat cool all day long. Sun shirts are comfortable, super soft and offer 4-way stretch. Fabrics are quick drying, so no more worries about saggy shirts. Shirts are made from chemical-free, UPF 50+ sun protective Nylon/Lycra fabrics to protect your pooch from harmful UV rays.

    Check out more on http://bodyglove-pet.com/


  • My Dog Jacob

    Goose Down-Filled Dog Coat from @JoyPetsProducts

    Sky Blue Silver Grey Goose Down Coat from Joy Pet Products

    We are on the last legs of summer right now and fall means one thing for dog owner – Time to shop for coats! We recently tried a brand new coat from our friends at Joy Pet Products. You know it is filled with real down because it smells like down pillows and down duvets! The down that Joy Pets Products used is cleaned between 10 – 15 times and the standard is 2 – 5 times because of dog’s sensitivity to smell.

    The Joy Pet Products Goose Down Filled Dog Coat has a removable poly fill hood and a 3M reflective piping for safety. This new version of the dog coat feels lighter than their previous Original Goose Down Filled Dog Coat because its made with soft water resistant nylon on both sides. It is super warm for short coat wimpy dogs like Jacob because it still has the same high fill power white goose down.

    The best part of these nylon coats without the fleece layer is that they prevent shedding inside the coat and fur bits getting stuck. They are fully reversible for two different looks, adjustable fit and machine wash and dry for easy wear – easy care.

    Side view of the coat – The hood is a bit small to actually use but it is cute and removable!

    *The hood is actually meant to be worn as shown on our site to give extra neck coverage.  It’s helpful for dogs who have longer bodies but don’t need a larger size coat.

    It is also reversible grey.

    This coat is available in Sizes XXS through XL for $129.99 Made in Canada or USA.


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  • My Dog Jacob,  New York

    @RuffWear Quinzee 4 Paws Up!

    For those of use who are not ready to say good bye to summer, here is something to be excited for as the temperature drops.

    The Ruffwear Quinzee is the warm, lightweight dog jacket made of recycled materials, synthetic insulation and offers warmth without the bulk. It comes in XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL in Granite Gray and Red Rock. It retails for $84.95 and worth every pretty penny!

    I am so excited about this coat for several reasons. I have been on the hunt for the perfect winter coat for Jacob for the last 6 winters and this is very very close to perfection! Some of the issues I had with other dog coats on the market include:

    1. Fleece lined on the inside (which his fur sticks to and then itches him on the inside)
    2. Not enough coverage for his furless belly
    3. Zippers that undo, shift or hard to do up
    4. Jackets that move in the wind or the back lifts up over his butt
    5. Lack of design, cool factor of the sporty look

    There are SO MANY cool features about Quinzee and they address all 5 issues I was looking for in the ideal jacket for ‘dogs on the go’. Jacob has lived in Niagara Falls as a pup and then Toronto from 1-3 then to Los Angeles from 3-5 and now New York for the last 2 years – He had his share of planes, trains, cars and walks all over.

    There are 2 quick release buckets on the left and right so it makes putting on and taking off the coat totally painless and easy!

    The chest and belly are covered and warm with the Quinzee

    This zipper in the neck part makes it a breeze to put on over his head and the small tab secures and hides the technical zipper (that has a rubber tab instead of metal). The light gray piping is 3M reflector – Great for safety!

    Totally fashionable, sporty and has that dose of ‘Nike’ cool.

    The Light Loop is for night walks, camping and if you want to secure a blinky bike light to your dark dog. Ruffwear is by far the best designed dog apparel company out there that I know of. They keep big dogs in mind, designed for active dogs and also made by dog owners, dog lovers and KNOWLEDGEABLE dog people who know how dogs play, move, live and interact with one another.

    Now for the coolest feature on the Quinzee ->the STUFF SACK…

    What is this stuff sack? I thought it was for putting your keys in or something but… I was wrong – It’s like a miniature sleeping bag!

    Roll the Quinzee up and it’s compact, ready to go in your suitcase, camping backpack, bike or car.

    A cute tag to put your name and number on in case collars or tags fall off. Reminds me of my own jacket in grade school.

    The wind is 50 miles an hour today in Brooklyn and Jacob grabs his Quinzee before our walk and gives it 4 paws up!

    For more info on the incredible Quinzee and other Ruffwear products, vitis http://www.ruffwear.com

    *this product was sent for review from our friends at Ruffwear

  • My Dog Jacob

    One Slick Pup @RCpetproducts

    What is small as an iPhone?  Yellow like a rubber ducky and the one MUST have item these for these rainy summer days we are having? The Packable Rain Poncho from RC Pets!

    If you have seen these displayed at your local pet store, you have to pick this up!  It is the one small investment that will make your dog-walking in the thunderstorm that much easier.  Jacob looks handsome in the Sunshine Poncho in XL.  It is a waterproof shell that will keep your dog dry whether you are on a walk, going to the park or going for a hike.

    They have 6 snap buttons at the collar to ensure that even when the wind blows, it stays on – and a wide velcro strap along the belly.

    For more information on rain ponchos and gear for your furry friend: http://www.rcpets.com

  • WorldWide

    Best Dog Boots @Ruffwear

    It is January and there has yet to be 1 snowflake in sight in New York City. In anticipation for the snowstorms to come and our wintery friends in Canada –  I am rating the Ruffwear winter accessories an A+.  As you know, Jacob has worn Ruffwear since 2008 but these new high boots are just amazing. PolarTrex are engineers for the winter weather and it has a Vibram rubber soles for traction.  Every dog’s paws are different and you have to put them on properly.  Boots are a MUST for city dogs.  I have used Ruffwear boots on Jacob in Toronto during winter and for hiking in the summer, in Los Angeles on the beach and also hiking through Runyon Canyon and also in New York City through a nasty snowstorm.  Salt and windshield wiper fluid and even gravel can be so damaging for dog paws.  Having boots on your dog is not just for fashion purposes but extremely practical for your 4 – legged friend.

    When it comes to winter apparel, it is not cute to be freezing. I focus on form, function and practicality first and foremost.  Last winter, we swore by the ‘balloon boots’ by Pawz (perfect for the slushy pre-spring mess) but the Bark n Bootz from Ruffwear is the best top of the line boot you can get for the cold.

    This is the investment that you won’t regret!

    More on dog winter apparel this week but first get your Polar Trex from


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