Serious Snack Alert @Baresnacks

They say an apple a day keeps the Dr away and I think apples are one of the most versatile fruits out there. I asked Janice why she loves apples so much and she said there are tons of variety, textures, sweetness, tartness and they are juicy and filling.   That’s good enough for me. But my confession is that I don’t know how to BITE an apple, my teeth are not strong and my mouth is small. I have to – have to! – eat apples, sliced and cored. Yes, I know.

There is a new snack in town!  It is called BARE and you can include this in your daily snacking if you want to ‘bare’ your midriff this spring summer, far away I know… BARE snacks are made 100% from natural ingredients and its new Crunchy Chile Lime Apple Chips and Crunchy Sea Salt Caramel Apple Chips have only 50 calories of deliciousness per serving – perfect for healthy snacking!

These are NOTHING like the soggy apple rings you can get at health food stores. This is way better. They have rad flavors that makes it anything but boring.  It does not compromise the delight of apples in any artificial way and no two piece is identical.
Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 7.29.40 PM

Bare Sea Salt Caramel Apple Chips – Sweet tooth mavens will love the mouth-watering sweet and salty apple chips.

Bare Chile Lime Apple Chips – Apple chips that offer a spicy kick of flavor in every bite.
If you want something less ‘trendy’ – try classic favorites like Cinnamon, Fuji Red and Granny Smith.

Living in the Big Apple, you have to be open and sensitive to receive all the inspiration this city is giving you. These snacks inspired this outfit! After sparkling apple cider and a ton of Black Friday pre Cyber Monday shopping… I present to you… what the Bare Snacks Sweet Baked Apples Dipped in Caramel & Sprinkled with Sea Salt would look like in an outfit! Why not 🙂

Big Apple @baresnacks

BARE’s line of All-Natural Apple Chips have no saturated or trans fat, added sugar or sodium! All BARE snacks are gluten free, Non-GMO Project Verified, kosher, vegan and are free of added sugar, preservatives, lactose, cholesterol and trans-fats.