Year in Review 2014: Shock Yourself

This year has definitely flew by like a bullet train late for an appointment. I don’t even know where the time has gone. I just concluded my 3rd year in New York and 2nd year in Brooklyn. I am so excited for 2014 and all that is in store. We are moving to Noho/Greenwich Village!  I am so happy to be surrounded and incubated by all that NYC has to offer me once again 24-7.  I will now tell you all about my 2013… It has been eventful!


Ran in the new year in TO with my friends and family then came back to NYC sick!!  So Jan was cold and uneventful. We went to the Motorcycle show. This month I was feeling really blah!  I decided I was gonna start growing my hair long.


As if a Valentine’s Day engagement was not amazing enough, we got married 2 weeks later at Brooklyn City Hall!  Wow! I wore a blue wedding dress it was vintage. I chose blue because that is the color of the original wedding dress. Marry in blue, you will stay true <3 I also inherited Tai’s grandmothers’s wedding rings so I am over the moon. I also made a giant paper crepe flower that was hot in the 70’s… Feb was just perfect. We met in Feb 11, we moved in Feb 12 and we got hitched Feb 13. Not bad 🙂  I also start a new job at Rabeanco, an international handbag company from Hong Kong!


I dreamt that all my friends had mixed babies and all the kids were also friends with each other when they grew up.  How beautiful would that be? March was really not so eventful, working, waiting for spring and playing with neighborhood pups.


I go to Hong Kong for work!  I present my global social media strategy to the founders of Rabeanco and have an amazing time! I made a great friend named Chloe in Hong Kong and I spend a week there working. I haven’t been back for almost 10 years so it was just amazing and refreshing to see my birthplace! Of course I shop like crazy!


Counting down to my last year at 20’s!  Can’t believe how fast time goes by – May is work work work… proud to get a placement for Rabeanco on Bagsnob this month. As a present for myself – I got LASIK!  I can see now…I have worn glasses since 3rd Grade so you can imagine how big of a deal this is for me. No more contacts, no more glasses!



My birthday month! I turn 29 with my friends from Brooklyn at Izakaya on Smith – my all time favorite sushi spot! We go to Detroit for the Ford trend conference again, my hair is growing long.. Tai goes home to get his mom’s car for us for the summer!  It is awesome to have a car – we go took the dogs to Larchmont Beach and I got a bike from Sole Bicycles!


Summer is the best!  We go to Toronto for 4th of July weekend with Nick… and for the summer Petite Feet Sale! I hosted a week long pop up shop at Bauble Bar for Rabeanco and throw a hit event with I Spy DIY. Work gets busy with fashion week ramping up. July went by as a blur really…Waiting for Tate to be born!  My sister had her second son and he is just adorable!  I am an aunt again. Can’t wait to meet this little man.


Julian comes to visit and we hit the Alexander Wang sale and Williamsburg!  The last days of summer… My hair is getting long, I get my Green Card!  Welcome to America… 🙂  I work in Greenpoint briefly for a fashion agency called vmGroupe and just loving the balcony, the beach, the sun.


Busy busy month! I met Mara Hoffman backstage during Fashion Week and pull off 2 events for Satya Jewelry.  We celebrate Tai’s 34th birthday and Mid Autumn Festival in Toronto with my cousin Ricky and my family!  Toronto was fun – we went out to eat and shop and took Jacob to see his vet. My family loves Tai and the more time we spend together the better acquainted with Toronto he gets. It is small in comparison to NYC but we see it as our future home to be near family.  My mom comes to visit us in Brooklyn


Drake Concert, Fort Greene Pupkin parade and Jean Paul Gautier exhibit!  Oct is a fun time, I love fall and we go to lots of events this month. Canadian Thanksgiving and I start working with Rabeanco again!


Look how much my hair has grown!  We do a low key Thanksgiving dinner and I attend the first ever Purina Pet conference in NYC.  Can’t believe this year flew by.


We go apt hunting for our move, we get our lil Christmas tree together. Our dear friends are about to have a baby and we are just keeping warm, packing and sending love to you all <3 See you in Noho in 2014!!

There is no time to be complacent! Shock Yourself in 2014 and get carried away.

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