#ShareTheEma with @shiseidoworld

With the new year just beginning (happy new year!), Shiseido is asking its online followers and fans to “Share The Ema.”


Translated literally, Ema means pictured horse, and centuries ago in Japan, people donated horses to temples in exchange for their wishes. By the 10th century, the tradition had evolved and wooden Ema plaques became prevalent at shrines, hung on the wishing wall as a form of prayer.

Shiseido wants you to make our wishes heard in a new, digital way! Head on over to their Facebook page or ShiseidoShareTheEma.com and share a virtual ema, your digital wish.

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And not only can you just share a wish online, but you can also win tons of wonderful Shiseido goodies. Each month limited edition Shiseido products will be rewarded to five well-wishers. That’s more than enough incentive to start wishing family and friends the best!