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    Asian Skin Care Secrets Revealed Here!

    Every season requires special attention for your skin, and now that summer is upon us, we want to uncover the Japanese secrets to keep your skin healthy! Lena & Lina has formulated a revolutionary skincare system that allows your skin to reap the benefits of brightening, plumping and hydrating while remaining clean and natural in a market overpowered by synthetics and unwanted chemicals!

    The secret to the success of Lena & Lina is that they have safely extracted the brightening and reparative properties of kojic acid. This innovative Japanese fermentation process has allowed Lena & Lina to use the naturally occurring culture that’s been used for centuries to make products like soy sauce, sake and miso, to create a safe and effective powerhouse skincare line!

    By combining the art and science of fermentation they harnessed the power of modern Japanese R&D and ancient Asian traditions to introduce a powerful skin care line using the world’s first Natural Human-Type Ceramide. This cruelty-free, eco-conscious skin care system is designed to awaken all skin types for a youthfully radiant glow!

    Lena & Lina Collection Includes: 

    • Creme Rejuve+ – This historic use of powerful Hydra-Ceramide has been formulated to reinvigorate the skins’ moisture lock and creates a barrier of defense while locking in moisture for hydrated, brightened and supple skin.

    • Restorative Ceramide Serum+ – This historic use of powerful Hydra-Ceramide has been formulated to reinvigorate the skins’ moisture lock and promote a repaired and refined timeless complexion. While many brightening agents can be aggressive, Ceramide Serum withstands brightening and hydration lock simultaneously.

    • Hydra Cleanse+ – This historic use of powerful Hydra-Ceramide has been formulated to reinvigorate the skins’ moisture lock and creates a barrier of defense while locking in moisture for a hydrated, brightened and balanced pH. A cleanse that will not strip away at your pH. It works away only dead skin cells and makeup, and leaves the skins moisture levels balanced.

    • Ceramide Infused Essence Mist+ – Essence Mist+ locks in, refreshes, and revives your complexion as the final seal of protection. No matter what lifestyle, Essence Mist+ is the ultimate insurance policy for skins radiance and protection.

    Lena & Lina has also incorporated Korean skin secrets with the release of their new face masks! The masks are made from fermentation of Kombucha microorganisms. Ingredients Newaple, SC glucan, Beta Glucan, Rhodiola extract all are great against pollution and urban lifestyle.

    Masks include:

    • Detox Mask Bio-Cellulose Facial Mask – Designed to rescue cells from harmful pollutants – their revolutionary bio-cellulose facial mask with Pollushield serum creates a skin barrier with highly potent and patented technology to resist external stimulus and protect cells from harmful air pollutants.

    • Stress Mask Bio-Cellulose Facial Mask – Designed to rescue all complexions from today’s urban stress and daily irritants- their revolutionary bio-cellulose facial mask with Stresshield serum revitalizes skin with highly potent and patented, antioxidant ingredients to calm sensitive skin and eliminate fatigue.

    Key Benefits of Lena & Lina Include:

    • Renews, rebuilds and restores aging skin

    • Barrier against harmful pollutants

    • Increases water-retention capacity

    • Protects and prevents moisture loss and helps cell regulation

    • Improves skin texture

    • Reduces roughness and dryness

    Harness the powers of Lena & Lina so you can feel confident in your skin this summer and year round!


    Lena & Lina was founded in 2015 to create a skin care line using revolutionary and the world’s first natural Human-Type Ceramide as the key ingredient. They specialize in cutting-edge Asian technology to produce a remarkably effective skin care line for all ages and skin types. The laboratory extracts Natural Human-Type Ceramide via the ancient art of plant-based soy fermentation to deliver clinically proven, visible results. Lena & Lina products are safe, natural and ecologically conscious.

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    @BalancedGuru launches a skincare line with profits going to saving the Amazon

    Balanced Guru has just launched a really cool giving back program with customized limited edition product collections designed for non-profit organizations to sell and fund their causes. Through the Balanced Guru SEVA AMAZON line, 100% of the profits made will go towards saving the Yasuni National Park in Ecuador, part of our Amazon rainforest. Pretty special, right?


    These products are wonderful, too. Let’s take a look at them!


    SEVA AMAZON: Rainforest Body Scrub ($40): this delicious scrub contains goodies like raw sugar cane, dead sea salt, coffee beans, shea butter, agave ferment + avocado oil. Using this leaves your skin glowing and radiant, and moisturized throughout the day.


    SEVA AMAZON: Rainforest Body Balm ($45): Treat your body to this balm and it’ll leave your skin moisturized and invigorated–not greasy or tacky at all. Work it into elbows, knees and even on your feet for a very nice treat!


    SEVA AMAZON: Rainforest Body Oil ($30): This body oil is wonderfully scented and enriched with baobab, jojoba and avocado. Sesame and argan will balance your skin so that it never feels oily, too. I’m loving the lavendar, orange and geranium essential oils in here that creates a very nurturing scent–delicious.

    Check these goodies out at Balancedguru.com to look and feel your best while helping to save the Rainforest!


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    #ShareTheEma with @shiseidoworld

    With the new year just beginning (happy new year!), Shiseido is asking its online followers and fans to “Share The Ema.”


    Translated literally, Ema means pictured horse, and centuries ago in Japan, people donated horses to temples in exchange for their wishes. By the 10th century, the tradition had evolved and wooden Ema plaques became prevalent at shrines, hung on the wishing wall as a form of prayer.

    Shiseido wants you to make our wishes heard in a new, digital way! Head on over to their Facebook page or ShiseidoShareTheEma.com and share a virtual ema, your digital wish.

    beauty_1  generosity_1

    And not only can you just share a wish online, but you can also win tons of wonderful Shiseido goodies. Each month limited edition Shiseido products will be rewarded to five well-wishers. That’s more than enough incentive to start wishing family and friends the best!


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    Indulge these holidays with @MaijanBeauty

    For the past two weeks I’ve been treating my hair to shampoo and conditioning treatments from Maijan. This dynamic company uses pure Argan oil in all its products to provide hair and skin with complete hydration and luxurious healing powers.

    maijan_logo_color_small_logo copy

    I was intrigued by Maijan because of their commitment in delivering all natural products. Their shampoo and conditioner combo protect hair with natural antioxidants, are sulfate- and paraben-free, 100% vegan and safe to use on colored or keratin-treated hair.

    Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 7.07.59 PM

    But the greatest thing about Maijan shampoo + conditioner is the hint of mint! Both products contain peppermint oil that adds a refreshing scent in and out of the shower. Plus, key ingredients such as aloe leaf juice, grape seed oil, apricot kernel oil, and hemp seed oil, make hair extremely silky smooth and so easy to manage.

    Both the Maijan Pure Argan Oil & Mint Hydrating Shampoo + Condition is available exclusively on Stylebell.com and during the holidays you can take an extra 30% off Maijan products.

    So it’s a great idea to check out their entire line because it includes everything from essential oil treatments and all-natural facial kits to shimmer shine spray for those locks!

      Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 7.22.36 PM



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    Shea Indulgence comes Just in Time for the Holidays!

    Shea butter-enriched lotions are my weakness. They smell delicious, they keep skin hydrated and they’re a 10/10 on the “pamper me” scale. So I’m really happy to see Essence of Beauty come out with a Shea Indulgence collection just in time for the holidays!

    Shea Body Care Collection Kit

    This fantastic line is available exclusively in CVS stores — but don’t let the inexpensive price tag fool you. The Shea Indulgence collection gives any expensive skincare range a run for its money. Why? Because Essence of Beauty knows their stuff. They’re passionate about the products they create, enriching all their formulas with revitalizing passionflower seed and rice bran oils, antioxidant-rich vitamins, soothing aloe, and of course, renewing shea butter.

    But what they leave out of their skincare range is equally as important. Every Essence of Beauty cleanser, butter scrub and lotion is free from parabens, artificial dyes, phthalates, petrolatum, and gluten.

    Take a peek at what the master perfumers have to say about Essence of Beauty:

    Now onto their Shea Indulgence collection:


    Butter Scrub ($7.99): This product is divine, removing dead skin cells and renewing your skin. I use this as soon as I step in the shower and the smell is wonderful! Think silky shea butter mixed with coconut milk and creamy vanilla.


    Cream Shower Cleanser ($6.99): This shower cleanser is cheaper than the one I ordinarily use but is twice as great! It lathers up in an instant and pampers your skin while showering. Believe me, I’ve given my other shower cleanser the flick after using this.

    5042846216-1 5042846299

    Body Butter ($7.99) and Body Lotion ($6.99): Both these products are great for after-shower pampering. Work the body butter into those dry areas such as hands, elbows, knees, and heels (great for winter!), and use the body lotion to keep skin soft and smooth.

    And because the holidays are right around the corner, Essence of Beauty also has a great Shea Indulgence Body Care Collection for gift-giving (the 3-piece set above, $9.99). So good!

    Like CVS Beauty Club on Facebook and enter the Essence of Beauty Fine Fragrance Instant Win Game. They’re giving away 100 prize packages, including a full line of your signature scent and a $500 gift card to CVS/pharmacy!

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    @SenteCream Combines Science + Beauty — You’ve Gotta Try This!

    How’s that skin cream working out for you? If you’re not getting results there’s a fantastic skincare line on the market you’ve gotta try. It’s called Senté Dermal Repair Cream and it’s been created for all ages and skin types to improve the tone, texture, elasticity, and overall appearance of skin.


    And there’s science to back it up! Senté Dermal Repair Cream helps the body replenish the essential skin nutrients that are lost with aging and UV exposure. It will synthesize the essential proteins and keep your skin appearing rested, smooth and more vibrant than before. How? With bioactive glycoproteins (the essential building blocks).


    The cream is light and velvety. Not heavy like some other creams. And it comes with wonderful key ingredients, such as kernel oil, camellia leaf extract, shea butter, Vitamin E and Vitamin A.


    Senté Dermal Repair Cream is medical grade, hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, and it’s all developed by a team of prominent scientists and dermatologists in Southern California. And better still, Senté Dermal Repair restores and enhances the skin’s intrinsic ability to heal itself (for scarring or sunburn) and provides immediate profound hydration. Check out the testimonials to find out just how great this stuff is!

    You can grab this luxurious line of skin cream through dermatologists and physicians throughout the U.S. ($169.95 for 50ml or $79.95 for 15ml), or order it exclusively from SenteLabs.com