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    Year in Review 2014: Shock Yourself

    This year has definitely flew by like a bullet train late for an appointment. I don’t even know where the time has gone. I just concluded my 3rd year in New York and 2nd year in Brooklyn. I am so excited for 2014 and all that is in store. We are moving to Noho/Greenwich Village!  I am so happy to be surrounded and incubated by all that NYC has to offer me once again 24-7.  I will now tell you all about my 2013… It has been eventful! Jan: Ran in the new year in TO with my friends and family then came back to NYC sick!!  So Jan was…

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    Year in Review 2013: Switch it Up!

    Happy 2013 everyone! It is time for my favorite post of the year!  This year has gone by extremely fast and has been a total whirl wind. It has been a year of moving, pushing, shoving and tweaking. I am projecting 2013 for a year of switcheroos. It is time to have some fun and switch up everything you have been use to and stir up a bit of fun. Here is my 2012 recap. Hold on tight, it’s a wild ride. JAN:  The year started right with Ally visiting me en route to Toronto from Australia. My former room mate and great friend. It was nice to catch up…

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    Gud Wishes for 2013 @gudhappens

    If you are brave enough to head to a NYE party in 3 days, make sure you plan for the day after. A tiny evening bag might not fit this Gud Spray but you can put this in your jacket pocket and make sure you bring it with you. The Burt’s Bees Gud Floral Cherrynova Natural Body Mist Lots of champagne, epic dancing and the day-after look is less than glam so just spritz a little cloud in the air and walk through it into 2013. Let the soft, pink fragrance of Japanese cherry blossoms give you a fresh fresh start. Start your new year with GUD  http://www.gudhappens.com/

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    Resort 2013 Collection by @BCBGMAXAZRIA

      These are some of my favorite pieces from this collection. I really love the use of bright colors, patterns, and sheer material. The collection has cute summer pieces like shorts, swim suits, and loose dresses. It also includes huge trends from color-blocking to peplum skirts. Lime green white, navy, cobalt blue, neon pink, yellow, orange, and turquoise were some colors that appeared in this collection. These colors are so cute and couldn’t have been used better. The Resort line has come out in previous years as well. I think this year’s line was the most successful and the best so far. I love all of the items so much!!…