Valentine’s Day Skincare Prep

Want to look and feel your best for that special Valentine’s Day date? Stock up on these skincare essentials to avoid embarrassing issues we all face – from blemishes to dry lips to the undeniable stress sweat – we got you covered so you’re left feeling confident and worry-free with your significant other!


Avoid irritating blemishes from showing up, and wash your face with new Biore Baking Soda Pore Cleanser for a deep clean and gentle exfoliation. This daily liquid cleanser gives you a deep exfoliating clean without being rough on dry spots. Ideal for combination skin, the oil-free formula contains cleansing ingredients that excavate grime and oil from pores. At the same time, the formula gently smooths away dead cells. You end up with skin that’s fresh, silky-soft and luminous. ($7.99)



Nobody wants to kiss dry, chapped lips! Get smooth, soft and hydrated lips thanks to the SkinTreat Spa Intensive Lip Care Gel Patch. Enriched with moisturizing Shea butter, the gel blends antioxidant-rich cranberry extract with nourishing jojoba oil and Vitamin E, delivering long-lasting nourishment and nutrition deep into lips for a supple, smooth smile. Especially made with a unique lip-shaped patch, this advanced hydrogel formula is the most effective and convenient way to protect lips and sensitive lip areas. ($9.99;

Don’t let embarrassing sweat show through your clothes – apply Ban Roll-On Deodorant before you head out the door!Traditional antiperspirant/deodorants merely mask odors and reduce odor-causing sweat in general, while Ban’sbreakthrough technology specifically targets and virtually eliminates (not cover up) spicy and s-odor that other antiperspirant/deodorants may leave behind. Ban Roll-On Deodorant glides on easily with a formula that provides an outstanding24 hours of invisible protection against odor wetness. ($4.99, Drug and Mass Retailers)