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    Go Ahead and Sin… Eat wicked, Never Feel Guilty.

    Sin is a coffee shop, dessert bar, and custom cake shop.

    During the day you will find a full line of coffee and espresso drinks (including Nitro!) along with muffins, scones, cinnamon rolls and of course Sin Bakery’s cakes.

    Sin is a 12 time (and counting) Best of RI winner. So that means they are uniquely qualified to make the interesting, fun, off the wall and over the top cakes for your special occasion. Sin Bakery’s cakes and desserts are perfect for your wedding, birthday, or dinner party. Every item is designed and made just for you using the best ingredients like real cream, butter, dark chocolates, Dutch cocoa and vanilla. Since they make everything from scratch they can accommodate dietary needs like vegan, gluten free, and eggless. Sin is based in Providence, but delivers to Rhode Island, southern Massachusetts, the Cape and Boston.

    Make your special occasion stand out with a custom cake or mini desserts from Sin. Whatever the special event is, add a unique touch with a custom design! They create one-of-a-kind experiences for weddings, birthday parties, sweet 16th, Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s, Quinceria’s, baby and bridal showers, anniversaries, or other social events. Give them your idea, or theme and they’ll design a unique cake, like no other! Custom orders require 2 weeks’ notice.

    Need a special cake that is budget-friendly and is ready sooner? Go over to Sin’s Semi-custom cake page and choose from pre-set designs and flavors that you can add your special touch to. Semi-custom cakes are available with a 2-3 day notice.

    Serves up custom and semi-custom cakes and sinful desserts, Sin’s Assorted Brownie and Krispy Packs are filled with dark Dutch chocolate brownies and marshmallow krispies. Flavors include the standards, but also: Mint, Mexican, Candy Explosion, Caramel Almond Coconut and Sugared Peanut. A menu of crispy flavors was also developed to reignite childhood memories of Cocoa Krispies, Cap’n Krunch, Honey Smacks, Froot Loops, and Reese’s Puffs.

    Sin Bakery’s tender, rich chocolatey brownies are the best in the world. You’ll receive Sin Bakery’s Plain super-rich chocolate brownie, Candied Peanut with bits of crushed sugared peanuts, the Candy Explosion that has m&m’s, Reese’s peanut butter cups, and crushed Oreos, Mint with cream cheese mint swirl,  Coconut Almond Caramel with flakes of coconut, bits of almond and pools of caramel, and the Mexican with hot pepper flakes and cinnamon. Sin Bakery starts with the Classic – simple straightforward rice Krispie, Then they add childhood favorites… Fruit Loopy, Kap’n Krunch, Hunny Smacks, Chocolate Krispie, and Peanut Butter Krispie! Available for Shipping, local delivery and pick up.


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    Baby Starters Crinkle Activity Books

    One of the first activities you can do with your baby is reading! Baby Starters books are great for pre-crawlers to get use to colors, letters, shapes. The corners can be chewed and the crinkle sounds are comforting. When Niko was just 3 months old, we took him to the first story time at the library.

    • SUPERIOR DESIGN AND HIGH QUALITY. The Touch and Learn Soft Activity Book is made from high-quality material for a long lasting fun and durability. Made with the highest safety standards for baby. The soft fabric multi-page book is safe for babies of all ages.
    • GREAT TO TEACH AND ENTERTAIN BABY: The jungle themed soft book features 8 pages inside with playful prints and patterns inside, and is enhanced with touchable tabs for a full sensory experience. The fabric book has 8 crinkle pages for visual and sound stimulation. This activity toy helps teach colors, animals and engages baby’s learning at all stages.
    • WONDERFUL FOR USE AT HOME AND ON THE GO. Bring the fun with you. The fabric travel strap can be attached to high chairs, car seats, or strollers for added convenience.
    • EXCELLENT NEWBORN AND NEW MOM GIFT: Excellent baby shower, new baby gift birthday and new mom gift idea.
    • EASY CARE for long lasting use: Our Soft Activity Toys are very easy to care for and can be machine washed for long lasting use.

    My friend’s baby, Little Rinoa recently checked out a gift we received from Baby Starters. She loved playing with it and grabbing it with her very strong grip.  Babies love to throw things so the tether straps can help keep it on the high chair or car seat! Little Me Touch and Learn Soft Activity Book has 8 fabric pages with crinkle, playful prints and patterns with touchable tabs for visual and tactile stimulation. The Jungle themed book comes complete with a travel loop. The strap can be attached to highchairs, car seats, strollers or just about anything at home and on the go.

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    AVAKA Beauty Roller Balls with Rose Quartz

    I have just started getting back to a beauty and skin care routine. My skin has changed a lot in the past few years and so many new products have hit the market since I have last looked. These convenient and subtle products are ideal for moms to go like me. I might not have lots of time to get ready but these little products do it all. I am excited to try the roller balls and brow stencils this holiday season.

    AVAKA $28 at https://www.avakabrand.com/ (available on Amazon)


    • Created by a professional NYC makeup and hair artist,
    • Includes innovative, affordable beauty products that deliver convenient solutions to enhance your natural features.
    • For the perfect starter kit choose the Beauty Bundle. It includes an easy-to-use brow stamp kit in your shade of choice, the Stronghold Brow Freeze, and the reusable silicone Eyelash and Brow Brushes in one neat little package.
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    The Christmas Poop Log Story Book & Activity Set

    New York, NY (November 11, 2022) – There’s a new way to countdown to Christmas this holiday season! The Christmas Poop Log Story Book & Activity Set is the latest trend to mark the approaching Christmas Day and makes a perfect holiday gift.

    From a long line of advent calendar-type favorites from The Elf on a Shelf and The Mensch on a Bench to daily chocolates and wine by luxury brands, The Christmas Poop Log is a fun and educational cultural experience that centers around a tradition celebrated in Northern Spain with roots in the 18th century.

    The practice of finding the perfect poop log in the wilderness reflects the American tradition of finding the perfect tree. Once the one that’s ‘just right’ is found near the 8th of December, it is brought into the home and accessorized by its new family with an illustrated face, felt hat and other festive attire and propped on smaller logs as front “legs.”  A cozy blanket is then laid on “Caga Tió,” as it is affectionately called.

    boy reading low res.jpg

    Every day, family members “feed” Caga Tió with fruits and nuts until December 24th.  It is then that Caga Tió is tapped with sticks while the family sings a corresponding song asking it to “poop” presents!

    The Christmas Poop Log: A Christmas Tradition Story Book and Activity Set is available for $39.95 on www.thechristmaspooplog.com, making it a great gift for kids and families, white elephant, or Pollyanna exchanges, crafters, and anyone who loves a laugh.

    The beautifully color illustrated thirty-one page paperback is also available on Amazon for $15.95 and has received rave reviews since its publishing date in April 2021.

    After traveling to Spain and becoming fascinated by the tradition, entrepreneur and first-time author Jonathan Chastek created the book and activity set to bring the endearing tradition to American families in an accessible way.

    “Because the tradition is rooted in nature, a tree will be planted for every purchase through our partnership with OneTreePlanted,” says Chastek, “I very much want to keep sustainability at the forefront.”

    He hopes that Caga Tió will become a part of every family’s holiday tradition and be stowed away with holiday décor and embraced for years to come.

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    Auro Skincare launches first-of-its-kind G Antioxidant Revitalization Serum

    Los Angeles, CA – (August 15th, 2022): Auro Skincare releases a groundbreaking serum, marking a revolutionary shift in modern skincare. Powered by the master antioxidant, Glutathione, the G Antioxidant Revitalization Serum transforms and strengthens skin, dramatically improving the look of both early and advanced signs of aging.
    Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant and works naturally in skin to detoxify free radicals and combat oxidative damage. As skin is exposed to numerous toxins daily, Glutathione works to keep skin balanced and healthy. As we age, our skin’s Glutathione levels deplete, causing early signs of aging and other various skin concerns. The G Antioxidant Serum provides skin with the nutrients it needs to balance the oxidative damage, ultimately boosting your skin’s ability to combat common skin concerns and leaving skin looking and feeling smooth and healthy.
    The innovative G Serum works by offering a high-potency concentration of Glutathione that is absorbed through the skin using patented, first-of-its-kind Auro GSH™ technology. Before now, it has not been possible to deliver Glutathione to skin efficiently and effectively. Today, using this new technology, the serum transports the antioxidant to the inner layers of your skin in a way that is absorbable for maximum benefits.
    “Auro Skincare is in a league of its own—harnessing the power of Glutathione to fight environmental stressors—the very things that cause the skin to age,” says Dr. Nayan Patel, PharmD, author of The Glutathione Revolution and Founder of Auro Wellness and Auro Skincare. “As we age and Glutathione levels decrease, we can do things to increase them—from diet and exercise and supplements to topical skincare. The difference with Auro Skincare is the delivery system powered by sub-nano technology that we have developed that has the unique ability to penetrate the skin like never before.”
    Not only does the G Antioxidant Revitalization Serum transform the way skin looks on the outside, but it actually strengthens the skin’s ability to defend itself against oxidative stress and environmental factors that cause premature signs of aging. Alongside the power of GSH™ technology and Glutathione, ingredients such as radish root, honeysuckle, and Aspen bark extracts provide additional vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties. These natural ingredients work together to further reduce wrinkles and fine lines and even out skin tone and texture.
    Building off the incredible success of Auro Wellness’ patented antioxidant spray Glutaryl and Glutaryl+, G Serum is uniquely designed to penetrate layers of skin for tangible results that last, setting a new standard for modern skincare.
    Auro Skincare’s protocol of ultra-potent formulas transform skin from within, delivering Glutathione and other antioxidants in a deeper, more potent way than ever before for maximum results. To find out more and purchase Auro Skincare, visit www.auroskincare.com
    About Auro
    Dr. Nayan Patel founded Auro in 2011 with a mission: To reduce the long-term impact of stress on the body. He has created a solution that treats the symptoms of stress and works with the body on a cellular level.  Discovering the benefits of Glutathione, Patel has stabilized this powerful ingredient, improved absorption, and increased its effectiveness, making it more accessible to those who need it. Combining revolutionary elements, cutting-edge patented sub-nano absorption technology, and a clear system to healthy living, Auro works to support your body every day, healing from within.
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    Junk Jumble Fun Memory Kids Board Game – Kids and Family Friendly Educational Game by Blue Orange Games

    You have delayed cleaning your room for a while… there is junk in all your drawers! Luckily with your eagle eyes you will spot whatever is needed in no time! Flip checklist cards to find out which objects you need to find to complete your task. Take turns with your friends peeking into the drawers of your choice, and call it out when you think you know where each item is. Win pin tokens when everything you need is found in the jumble!

    Junk Jumble, this fun board game is designed to develop memory, focus and attention, and strengthens social skills. It is easy to understand (no reading required) and plays in the box! The packaging is an adorable kids bedroom dresser that includes 4 drawers and the ‘’junk’’ is illustrated on 40 high quality cardboard tokens.

    At the beginning of a round, decide on how many pieces of junk you think you will be able to find this round. The more you choose the harder it will be! Then each turn, look inside the drawer of your choice trying to locate your items. When a player looks inside a drawer, everybody else can look, they just cannot touch! When you think you have located your junk objects, announce the locations and check the drawers to confirm. Earn pin tokens when all your junk is found!

    Junk Jumble makes the perfect all in one board game with easy to follow instructions for children and parents alike. Help develop memory, turn-taking, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills with this beautifully illustrated board game for kids. For 1-5 players, perfect for ages 5+.

    This board game INCLUDES 1 Dresser with 4 Drawers, 40 Checklist Cards, 4 Drawer Cards, 5 Backpack Cards, 40 Object Tokens, 40 Pin Tokens and kid friendly instructions. Junk Jumble makes a great addition to your classic kindergarten, homeschool or classroom learning toys and games collection.

    Junk Jumble is part of the Blue Orange Award winning preschool game collection including Pengoloo, Chickyboom, Gobblet Gobblers. Blue Orange offers some of the best board games for kids with games like Dr. Eureka, Fastrack, Kingdomino.