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    Decorate your home like an Aussie

    The beauty of Australia isn’t just about its geographic distance from other continents, it is also in its unique nature and aesthetics in every sphere of life. When it comes to home decor, Aussies are unique and interesting. It’s all about minimalism, geometrical patterns, nature elements and lighting. Here is how to decorate your home like an Aussie.

    Let the nature inspire you

    With Aussies it is all about wood, rocks, and natural colours. Feel free to put a wooden lampshade, or a wooden hanging chair in your living room. Simply you should recreate the feeling of a rainforest in your home. Lots of plants, zen gardens and many wooden details will help you with that.

    Minimalism with a twist

    You’ve certainly noticed that walls and furniture tend to be white in places with long coastlines. The same goes for Australia, they like to keep it minimalistic. But of course, since they’re a fun bunch, they like to spice things up a little bit with some bold details. For example, put a fire red blanket on your pure white bed sheets, put a garnish yellow pillow on your white couch etc. The key is in making “boring” colour combinations super fun and “happy”.
    Another thing they love are stripes. Not only they are fun, but they also keep the dirt less visible. Spice up your space with a nature-hued striped mat or set of striped pillows on a random place. Browse catalogs of Online Furniture Stores to find accessories that suit this coastal style.

    Give some love to the natural lighting and ventilation

    The best way to save the energy and revive your home is to lean on natural lighting. Open up the blinds and let the sun shine through your windows. Even the 1000 light bulbs can’t replace the warmth and energy the sun.
    Also, since it is all about recreating natural atmosphere, the air in your home should always be fresh. You do this by opening your windows as often as you can, or by using a commercial air purifier such as Oransi. Clean air is important for our mood and especially for our health.

    Have fun

    This means that you should roll up your sleeves and make something unique for your home. The best place to do so is the bathroom or your bedroom. Since it is all about nature and sea, you could buy some artificial starfish in your local gift shop and glue them on your bathroom mirror or a bedroom window.

    Tablecloths are no-no

    Since the beauty of beach type decorating is in its low-maintenance and an informal approach, tablecloths are off limits for sure. There is nothing more Aussie than a cluttered table filled with candles and shells. You will reduce the laundry load and you don’t have to worry about breadcrumbs and food spills – just wipe them off with a dish cloth.

    Sea brainwash

    The brainwash part may sound a little bit disturbing, but don’t worry, we used this word to help you understand that the major point is into making an entire place immediately reminds you of seashore and waves. Place sea paintings everywhere, hang a surfboard on the wall, put up a good ol’ “Gone Fishing” sign on your front door, etc.


    Circles are our friends. Consider putting porthole windows on your doors and round pictures on your walls. You will feel like you are on a ship sailing somewhere far away. Besides that, another signature nautical feature are white-blue stripes with red details. Get some pillows, blankets or rugs with these stripes, put an antique ship’s wheel on your wall and enjoy the sailing atmosphere by sitting in your rocking chair and having some rum.  



    Take a vintage reproduction trunk and use it as a cute coffee table in your living room. Decorate it with a nice inscription, hurricane lamp and some driftwood. The great thing about this “coffee table” is that it’s also really practical, because you can store all the stuff that makes some sort of “mess” inside of it.

    Cushions are your canvas

    The last, but certainly not least detail are cushions. How would you react if we told you that a printed hessian sack can be a fabulous cushion cover? Their down to earth look goes great with every interior, especially the white “beachy” one.

    As you can see, the key in copying Aussie style is in being as laid-back as they are and having fun with some unexpected details. You will see that you will learn all the tricks as soon as you start following this advice and your friends will start to think that maybe you’re an Aussie too. If you have some more decorating ideas, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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    G’day from NYC!

    Hi e-peeps! I’ve been a big fan of heydoyou.com for some time now and I’m teaming up with the gals here to write a few blog posts—exciting stuff! Before I begin, it’s probably a good idea to introduce myself, so here goes…


    10 Things About Me: I’m Australian. I live in NYC. I can’t get enough chai tea. I still bite my nails. I studied Philosophy in college. I haven’t driven a car in over 7 years. I never make the bed. I daydream far too often. I’m too lazy to cook. I have a love-hate relationship with all things fashion.

    10 Things I LOVE: Accents (the stronger the better). The rain. SHOES. Lucille Ball. Traveling. Reddit. Hugs. Glitzy glam dresses. Fashion photography. Debating (anything at all!).

    10 Things I can’t live without: Awkward conversation. W magazine. Dessert (make it a slice of cheesecake or sticky toffee pudding). Pen and paper. Pretty earrings. Weekends. Black clothing. Woody Allen marathons. Puppy videos. Mascara.

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    Perfect Summer Skin with @MiracleSkin

    As a child, my grandmother used to cure all my season-round sicknesses with old Indian remedies, many of them including honey. One that really works for sore throats is a blend of honey and turmeric. So, since I’ve experienced the powers of honey personally, I’m to excited share the the benefits that Sarah McNamara, owner of  Miracle Skin Transformer, an Australian skin care brand, has used in the products,  using the healing powers of honey as well.

    The new ingredient for healthy glowing summer skin is Manuka Honey from Australia. It is made from bees that drink nectar from the Manuka Bush native to New Zeeland and southern Australia. Miracle Skin Transformer is the company bottling this unique ingredient in the form of a  healing balm and a cleanser. Unless you live in Australia, this is probably the best way to get your dose of Manuka Honey. Manuka honey has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties 100 times stronger than all other honeys. It also has health benefits like no other honey. It not only has digestive  benefits but also topical benefits: healing wounds, burns, acne, athlete’s foot, sunburn, chapped or cracked lips, sores, and skin irritations.

    This honey is available by the bottle as well. However, most of the ones I found are at least $40+.  Miracle Skin Transformer is incorporating this fantastic honey into a HydroActive Cleanser and Heal Everything Balm, both for under $30. According to the brand the Heal Everything Balm (shown above) is perfect for this summer. It can be used after Sun exposure, irritated skincaused by waxing, shaving, or other treatment, to alleviate irritation from bug-bites, burns, or stings, and to reduce irritation and redness caused by chaffing and other sports related activities. It is especially great for sensitive skin. This product will be available starting August for $26  at Sephora stores nationwide &  Sephora Online, Bergdorf Goodman, NY, Nordstrom Online, and the company website.

    The next product that has the powerful, Manuka Honey is the NewHydroActive Cleanser(shown above) which retails for $24 and is available on the Home Shopping Network online, Sephora online and the company website. The cleanser effectively removes oils, makeup,  and dirt while still maintaining the skins natural moisture levels.Theproduct has a whipped texture but when mixed with water turns into a soothing foamy texture. The cleanser is infused with M3 Complex, Manuka Honey, Vitamins, and EcoPhysalis.


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    Miley Cyrus Gets Minxed!

    Check out Miley Cyrus rocking minx nails at the Sydney Acer Arena on Saturday, June 26, for her Gypsy Heart Tour!

    “Miley wanted something really special and unique for her fingers and toes, and had already asked if I could provide Minx” said Sydney-based Zoe Vokis, who has also minxed A-listers such as Miranda Kerr, Terry Biviano,Tani Atkinson, Tony & Guy and Australia’s Top Model.  Zoe’s work is also showcased throughout top magazines such as Grazia and Harpers Bazaar and her unique defining details have become her signature in the industry.

    “Miley chose a variety of patterns, including Skull and Crossbones, MinxLusion Fishnet, and the Metallic Union Jack, but I also used a layering technique combining Yellow Chrome with Minx SnakeSkin to create a completely unique accent,” Zoe tells us. Miley said it “totally rocked!”

    Want to get minxed? Visit www.minxnails.com!