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    Fun and Adorable: The 10 Perfect Toys for Twins

    A first-time mother and father’s dream is to hold and caress their newborn son or daughter. Through the whole nine months of expecting a baby boy or a little girl, the sweetest moment is when they finally hold and get to take their baby home .

    Ever heard of the saying, “Two is better than one?” That’s the same feeling parents feel when they get to know that they’re having twins. Taking care of twins is a very rewarding experience. Everything comes in doubles. Double the diapers, double the milk, double the fun, and double the  everything.

    Admittedly, taking care of twins also requires twice the effort from parents. However, the fact remains, whether it’s thrice the effort, parents will do everything to provide the best for their children. Even when kids get to grow up and move into separate homes, the bond of both the parent and child will remain.

    Going back, one of a mother and father’s joy is to see their son and daughter smile. In the toddler’s years, every moment is a potential “first” for both child and parent. The happiness that parents get when seeing their kids smile and play is so immense that words cannot even describe how they feel. With that said, toys are one of the most common ways for parents to get that happiness.

    Essentially, anything can become a toy. From simple wooden shapes to complex airplane models, toys provide children entertainment, fine motor skills, and a lot more. As simple as it sounds, picking out a toy for a toddler, let alone twins, is tough.

    Here are some things to watch out for when giving toys to children and twins alike.

    • Immediately throw away plastic wrappers from toys. There are cases that children suffocate from these materials.
    • Children under the age of 5, or regardless of age unless supervised, should never have small toys that are choking hazards.
    • Avoid giving children toys with sharp edges, especially if made out of hard material such as wood, metal, and glass. These are dangerous items that can cause severe injury.
    • Observe the paint on some toys. Some toys come painted with lead which is a very toxic material for humans. If a toy is abnormally dense and the paint is slightly faded, discard it immediately.
    • Look out for any broken toys. Try repairing them if possible. Broken toys should never be left behind because they can also cause injury.
    • Mobiles and any other toys with strings or ribbons do not belong in cribs. These can entangle children.
    • If buying cribs that have modifications for toys from the furniture store, choose those with safety locks.

    Nothing scares a parent more than having to see their children hurt. To avoid such unfortunate events, parents should always make sure that all the things they give to their kids are safe. Make sure to only purchase from reputable outlets such as Amazon and other sites.

    The toys that come from these shops and places are of high quality. Although these toys are safe, parents should never leave their kids unsupervised while playing. With that said, here is a look at some of the best toys people can give to twins.

    Fisher-Price Cruise and Groove Ballapalooza

    A good toy for twins is the Fisher-Price Cruise and Groove Ballapalooza. It’s a small slide with multiple balls which are a lot of fun when kids drop them down the slides. Parents should supervise their children when playing with this toy because of the small parts included. There is also an inflatable ball attached to the top of the mini slide.

    The toy is so fun and fabulous because it plays a lot of cute music while the balls roll down the slide. Twins can take turns in dropping balls and see for themselves who drops the fastest ball.

    Here are some of the best Fisher Price toys.

    Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Crawl Around Car

    Another great product from Fisher Price, this small car operates through the legs of your kids. Don’t be fooled by its size; the car can fit in three little kids simultaneously. The car isn’t also just an ordinary car. On the sides, it has a lot of activities like shape and color picking.

    Twins can take turns in pushing the car, or they can have fun with the toys that come along with the toy car.

    Winther Twin Taxi

    The twin taxi is a trike made especially for twins and triplets. The small vehicle can accommodate a driver with two passengers in the back. Kids will surely have a blast when they see the Twin Taxi.

    Step 2 Up and Down Coaster

    Parents shouldn’t fret when they get to see the Step 2 Up and Down Coaster. It’s a small roller coaster after all. Twins can safely enjoy this toy because of the relatively “small” slopes on the track. Nevertheless, supervision is still required when playing with this toy.

    Although the coaster accommodates just one, twins can take turns in riding. Regarding learning, twins can greatly benefit and learn from taking turns at such a young age.

    Parents Magazine Bee Bop Band Play & Learn Drum & Instruments

    Another toy that teaches sharing to kids, this toy music set is made up of drums and other more instruments. If you want to introduce your children to music, then the set is a perfect start for them.

    The drum comes with its drumsticks which are safe to use. In some packages, the set includes xylophones, triangles, and other small instruments. Teach your kids the value of harmony and teamwork when they play music together.

    Classic Teeter Totters for Kids

    Definitely a classic, twins can both enjoy the teeter totter. A lot of custom sizes are available in case your twins are a bit larger than average twin babies. As adults, teeter totters often pop up in our memories. The nostalgic scenes of you and your partner up and down on the toy brings back a lot of smiles.

    Give this memory on your children by giving them a teeter totter of their own. These toys are safe, but supervision is still needed regardless.

    Walkie Talkie for Kids

    A great way for kids to have fun is by communicating on not so far distances. A modified version of “Hide and Seek” is a good way to make use of walkie talkies. Instruct your kids with small clues about their hiding spot to their twin brother or sister and let the fun begin. Guide your children on how to use the gadgets beforehand.

    Walkie Talkies usually need AAA batteries to function. Adults should never allow their children to change the batteries as they may leak toxic chemicals.

    Rock’em Sock’em Robots

    A toy that can enable two kids playing at the same time is always a perfect gift for twins. The toy can also teach children to be competitive and mindful of each other’s skills.

    Rock’em Sock’em Robots are two small plastic robots that punch each other until one of them wins. Whoever gets to pop up the mechanized, spring loaded neck first is the winner.

    Mini Pools

    These plastic inflatable pools are perfect for the summer heat. Setting up is also easy as there are no parts that require assembly. Just inflate the pool outdoors and fill it up with water. Don’t worry about the depth of the water; pools are often custom made according to the children’s age and size.

    Parents should still apply sunscreen on their twins if they plan to go dipping in the hot summer sun. Instruct your kids not to be so boisterous so that they do not cause injuries to each other.

    Radio Flyer Wagon

    The Ultimate toy to have in a children’s room, the Radio Flyer Wagon is a staple in almost everyone’s home. The wagon boasts a simple design. It’s signature red paint makes it easily recognizable. It is wide enough to accommodate 1 or 2 children.

    The radio wagon flyer was in production since the early 1930’s. The public saw it as a simple, inexpensive toy that safely catered a lot of children in their early years. The product was so successful that a movie was made almost 50 years after.

    “Radio Flyer,” is a film which stars Tom Hanks and Elijah Woods, among others. The story is about two brothers who convert their radio flyer wagon into a flying machine to escape the wrath of their step dad known as “The King.”

    Kids of the past who are parents now can tell you that with a little imagination, a radio flyer wagon will be a huge airplane or a magic tank with fiery cannons. Let’s not spoil the fun for the children and give them the freedom of imagining their ways to have fun with the radio flyer.


    Toys are part of growing up. Every parent needs to know that these items are what children play with to learn, grow, and imagine for a brighter future. Toys don’t have to be expensive and can be as simple as a plastic inflatable pool. The important matters lie with the safety and usage of such toys.

    Although companies ensure parents about the safety of their products, adult supervision is still a requirement when playing with toys. The items mentioned above are perfect examples of toys that are ideal for twins.

    Toys are excellent tools that can greatly enhance a child’s capacity to think critically. For example, walkie talkies emphasize proper communication and understanding. The Radio Flyer Wagon teaches kids to be imaginative and at the same time, value the importance of teamwork and sharing.

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    BigBoxPlay Creates the Ultimate Fort

    BigBoxPlay take a child’s love of forts and cardboard boxes to the next level by providing a life-sized box system with tunnels and towers that can be arranged and rearranged in endless configurations. Made from durable, double-walled cardboard, the forts are so strong that children can even stand on them! Best of all,they’re easy to take down, and set back up again. . . with large plastic screws holding the pieces together, little hands can do it themselves! Perfect for those living in cold weather climates when you have to beat the indoor blues!

    Reignite Imaginations and Playtime with Innovative Life-Size Durable Play System

    Nationwide, parents and educators are struggling with the negative impact that digital devices and less physical playtime are having on our children’s development, interactions, and creativity. It’s time to reimagine playtime and get kids back to basics of building imaginary worlds with BigBoxPlay. Tapping a child’s love for building forts with its modular play system, BigBoxPlay is a first-of-its-kind play and learning system that is reimagining playtime!

    Wholesome family fun for everyone, BigBoxPlay is a durable “life-size” modular play system designed to spark imagination and teach youngsters important skills like creativity, collaboration, storytelling, empathy and problem-solving — all vital for success in today’s modern life and work.

    Unlike the usual flimsy cardboard cut-out play options, BigBoxPlay gives kids a rough and tumble double-walled box system with tunnels and towers that can be arranged and rearranged in endless configurations for hours of fun as they unleash their imaginations.

    The BigBoxPlay irresistible play system includes these unique features:

    * Extremely strong, durable and modular

    * Fun to assemble and quick to disassemble for easy storage

    * Customizable with different themes such as castles and spaceships

    * Available in different box-sets and configurations to fit any room size or outdoor area

    * Environmentally friendly

    * Great value and fun for the whole family!

    Featuring different themes, activity kits, and Adventure Guides, BigBoxPlay will empower your child to build anything they can imagine while having a special magical experience for hours on end.

    BigBoxPlay is getting a boost with a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that will be live on May 9, 2017 for 4 weeks. Supporters and fans can take advantage of an exclusive pre-order pricing of $75-$135 with free shipping within the Contiguous U.S. BigBoxPlay units will be shipped to all Kickstarter backers within 3 monthsfrom the end of the campaign. Please go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2028133658/570445641/ to learn more about BigBoxPlay and be among the first to receive special discounts for this exciting new product.

    About BigBoxPlay:

    Frustrated with all the digital toys dominating the market, Founder Pete Moffett wanted a special way to connect with his grandson. Recalling wholesome memories of captivating play experiences from his childhood, BigBoxPlay was developed to take building the best fort to the next level.

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    HappiSnappi: Making A Difference Through Fashion

    A mother/daughter team have come together to make a difference for girls everywhere and children fighting Cancer. The two 10 year old girls, one of which currently fighting cancer, are on a mission to inspire creativity, confidence, strength and self-expression in all girls.HappiSnappi provides cute hair accessories and hats that are all interchangeable in a snap! Switch out each embellishments based on your mood or style, using a simple snap – giving the little girl in your life endless fashion choices.

    Diagnosed with cancer in February of 2015, Sadie Keller is a beautiful and courageous young fighter. Each day, 45 children are diagnosed with cancer and Sadie is determined to change this. Partnering with Sadie and her mom, HappiSnappi is helping to find a cure for childhood cancers by raising awareness and donating some of the proceeds to her cause.

    As Sadie Keller began to lose her hair from her chemotherapy treatment, she began to wear a cadet style camo hat which quickly became her ‘go-to’ prior to leaving the house. Due to the camo color and Sadie’s bald head, she was often referred to as a boy when in public, often crushing her spirits. Sadie wished for a fun accessory to attach adding a more feminine flair, while still being able to wear her favorite hat. The HappiSnappi “Sadie Hat” was born and has quickly become a top seller. With a heart for giving back, Sadie was always bringing gifts and baked goods to her doctor and nurses and at Christmas, even started a toy drive named Sadie’s Sleigh to bring toys to other children fighting cancer in the hospital on Christmas. Sadie has since started her own foundation, the Sadie Keller Foundation, where along with Sadie’s Sleigh, she gives Milestone gifts to cancer fighters as they reach pivitol parts of their treatment, or need a reminder to keep fighting.

    When Peyton Ohm, was growing up, she used to tape flowers on her clothes to accessorize them. HappiSnappi allowed her the opportunity to easily switch out her accessories in a snap. Peyton having a big heart, is there for Sadie as she completes her treatment and the two have become great friends, while partnering together, with their mom’s, Karlee Ohm and Sarah Keller, to build HappiSnappi. This mother/daughter duo is extremely passionate about supporting childhood cancer. So much so, that they made the brand commitment that for every HappiSnappi purchased, another will be given to a child fighting cancer. Peyton and Sadie now help to select products for many cancer fighters across the country, and with a hand written note from the two of them, are putting smile on so many faces.

    How does it work? Watch this fun tutorial to see the magic of HappiSnappi! Explore the different, unique designs this bold brand has to offer:

    • Cupcake Hair Kit ($20):Available in fun favorites like Lavender Cream, Raspberry Ice,and Rainbow Sherbet, and packaged as the perfect treat, this cupcake hair kit will be her number one gift for any event! Packaged as a cupcake, this kit is filled with goodies including interchangeable hair flowers and many accessories. One size fits most babies and girls of all ages.
    • The Sadie Hat ($20):  Looking to add some cute to your cap? Throw on the Cameo “Sadie” Hat! Designed in a cadet cap style with a variety of bright, bold colors, each hat comes with two snap on flower embellishments.
    • Chiffon Blooms ($6): Sold in almost every color of the rainbow, and multiple sizes, these chic Chiffon Blooms will dress up any HappiSnappi accessory! Available in sets of two or one snap on flower accessories.

    With a focus on giving back, you can support childhood cancer charities while getting your little ones a cute creation from HappiSnappi!

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    Enjoy the Magic of Zoonicorns with a Fun, Free App

    I hope you’re having a wonderful week! I wanted to introduce you to the Zoonicorns app–designed for players of every age and skill level, children can read interactive stories about the Zoonicorns’ great adventures and participate in fun and educational games. The app came as a result of the success of the Zoonicorn stuffed animals and books, so now children can play alongside their loveable friends.

    Enjoy the Magic of Zoonicorns with a Fun, Free App this Valentine’s Day

    Instead of Valentine’s Day chocolates, give your child the magic of Zoonicorns which they can revel in through the new Zoonicorn app. Now your child can connect to the digital world of Zoonicorns in a unique way.

    The must-have kids’ app of 2017, the Zoonicorn app takes a unique approach to teaching compassion, kindness and helping children learn valuable life lessons. The Zoonicorn plush toys phenomenon prompted the Zoonicorn makers to expand the concept into a series of exciting, interactive apps designed to keep children entertained for hours. This app helps kids feel better connected to their new best friends while being amused and educated.

    Designed for players of every age and skill level, children can read interactive stories about the Zoonicorns’ great adventures and participate in fun and educational games. There is a variety of different apps to choose from:

    • Watch the brave Zoonicorns in The Tag Along face their fears and help Mia the Fisher learn to cope with growing up and changing relationships.
    • Your child can help the Zoonicorn Valeo through the world of dreams while collecting stars and avoiding dangerous creatures in Valeo’s Adventure.
    • Your youngster’s memory skills are put to the test to see how many pairs they can match inEne’s Matching Game while the clock ticks away!
    • Help red panda Jomi overcome his fear of thunderstorms in Friends Through the Storm, where your child can solve riddles from the wise Madam Bigsby to help conquer Jomi’s fears.

    Join the Zoonicorns on these interactive adventures and more. You and your child can enter the “zoorific” world for FREE! These kid-friendly apps can be used on both Android and IOS and are available through the Apple App Store and Google Play. The plush Zoonicorn animals are available through Amazon, as well as the Zoonicorn site, www.zoonicorn.com.

    About Zoonicorn

    Zoonicorns are a collection of four adorable plush toys, each with their own unique and loveable personality. In addition to the plush toys, Zoonicorn offers a children’s app, online games, stories that make the perfect gifts to stimulate your child’s mind, sharpen critical thinking skills and discover prominent life lessons through magical adventures. Parents will find everything they need to order the digital stories, games and plush toys online in the Parent Zone at www.zoonicorn.comFind them on Facebook and Twitter.

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    PlayMonster To Empower A Generation of Boys with Wonder Crew Buddies Hitting Shelves January 2017


    Company to Launch Line of Buddies that Inspires Boys to

    — Go Anywhere, Be Anything —

    It is great that your boy can have a little companion when he is growing up. I really wonder why boy cannot play dolls because it is true that I did not see a lot of doll toys in the market for boys. But as we know how important it is for boys to know how to express their emotions and feelings. Sometimes, parents love buying the boys car toys, machine toys, some stuffs seem more kind like a man. I think it is the time to let parents know what else they should get for boys. It is Wonder Crew Buddies.

    I have one for my nephew. Yes he is Asian, so I choose this Asian one for him. Of course, there have other three choices.

    They are Superhero Will, Superhero Eric, Superhero James and Superhero Marco!

    It is so sweet to let your boys, nephews or little brothers feel they are the bigger version of these superheroes! Let them know that they also have the right to express feelings no matter boys or girls.

    Wonder Crew Buddies are from PlayMonster LLC , which is designed to empower boys to connect, nurture and build empathy through friendship, imagination and adventure. Wonder Crew is turning the table on the conversation about gender stereotypes and toys, which has largely been focused on presenting more options for girls to play. Combining the adventure of an action figure with the emotional connection of a stuffed animal, the 15″ Wonder Crew buddies have coordinated role play accessories for their kid owners.

    “We are thrilled to bring Wonder Crew into the PlayMonster portfolio,” said Bob Wann, Chief PlayMonster of PlayMonster LLC. “We know from consumer research that boys ages 2 – 5 are already playing with dolls, yet there is a distinct hole in the marketplace for them. We believe it’s the perfect time to introduce this important toy line to mass market as big retailers and our industry are together breaking down gender stereotypes to help boys develop their emotional maturity including compassion and kindness.

    As a result of PlayMonster’s commitment to Wonder Crew, the line will hit retail shelves early 2017.  Wonder Crew, targeted to boys ages 2 – 5, includes four buddies of different races each wearing Superhero gear, and packaged complete with a matching cape and mask for the child. Adventure Packs in the themes of builder, explorer and snuggler (for bedtime) will be sold separately and also come with matching gear for the child.

    About PlayMonster LLC

    Beloit, WI-based PlayMonster is a toy and game company that believes in the power of play to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Delivering great play value by designing, manufacturing and marketing quality products like the award-winning The Game of THINGS…®, 5 Second Rule®, Mirari®, Stinky Pig™, Yeti in my Spaghetti®, Farkle, Chrono Bomb®, OK to Wake!®, Lauri®, Stratego®, Roominate™, My Fairy Garden™ and Wooly Willy® is how PlayMonster helps keep play alive for all ages.

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    Craft Memories This Holiday Season With Paper Punk

    per Punk is the perfect stocking stuffer and gift for family and friends alike this holiday season.

    I got these two gift sets, one is for my nephew, another is for myself and my boyfriend. This is definitely the perfect holiday gift choice, because people can playing this no matter they are young or old.

    So let’s be busy doing this “paper work” with fun! This holiday season take matters into your own hands with Paper Punk – the best new gift for the creative on your list! Exercise your creativity using colorful 2D flat shapes that can transform your holiday get-up into a bold, 3D geometric shaped display. Paper Punk is a creative tool that helps bring the tangible world to life using your own hands.

    Keep your little ones busy creating robots, unicorns, puppies, kittens and more while dinner is being prepared or even use these toys as a family bonding activity.

    #MakeSomething with Paper Punk, an innovative paper-based building toy that provides endless imaginative and creative play for kids and the kid at heart.

    With a few simple folds, colorful 2D flat shapes transform into bold 3D geometric pieces to create spectacular looking paper toys and art forms. Create and personalize your own magical unicorn, fold your way to a cool robot or Paper Punk yourself a cute little pet. Includes over 170 fun stickers so you can boldly transform your paper creations . No scissors or glue required. Available kits include Ape, Robot, Unicorn, Pup and Kitty.

    More Ideas:


    For boys and gentlemen, RIDE001 or URBAN FOLD .

    Buy them from: http://paperpunk.com/.