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    In the Biz: DABBA


    I had a chance to interview Laura and Janis, founders of DABBA at Cosmoprof Asia to find out more about them and their brand’s inspiration. Millennial Entrepreneurs all have one thing in common, they really go for it! No excuses, no greediness, no shortcuts and 100% putting something into the universe that matters and has a message.

    DABBA are fine, nuanced, genuine plant extracts – created for different people and different events. Souls of northern plants enticed out of their meadows at the perfect time, hour of the day and temperature and transformed into blossom water to enrich, satiate and harmonise your life and sing the beautiful and profound story of this land, Latvia.

    DABBA floral waters are always made of fresh, certified organic, powerful plants, juicy fruit, colorful flowers and wild tree leaves according to the ECOCERT standard for organic cosmetics*. DABBA floral waters are made with 100% natural ingredients, 99% of which are from organic farming.

    I have been using and loving my Apple Water from DABBA since we met a few weeks ago! Thank you for your time 🙂

    Where are you from/where do you live?

    After university years in Rīga and few more years traveling around the globe I have settled in Cēsis which is a small and charming historical town in Northern Latvia.

    If there was a theme song in your life, what would it be?

    Hard to pick one song and call it a theme. My playlist is changing constantly but if I have to choose one let it be Les Enfants du Paradis by World’s End Girlfriend.


    What advice would you give to someone who wants to do what you do?

    This is something that you may have heard many times before but you have to love what you do to be the best at it. This is how you judge each step you make, think of it in terms “I love it” or “Not”. If you don’t love your designs, your ideas, your products, blog posts.. no one will.


    What is the key to being successful/to stand out in your industry?

    I guess you have to start with some smaller things than the whole industry. For example I do feel that DABBA range of Floral Waters is successful and sets the standard to many other producers which is due to the uncompromising quality level and the story behind the concept. This is all about taking your own experience your own ideas and reflecting them on your brand and products.

    What is your favorite quote?

    I do believe that even the most unfortunate things (seemingly) are bringing you towards something better, something that you may not be able see from where you stand at that moment.

    Where can people find you online?


    facebook: www.facebook.com/dabbacosmetics

    instagram: www.instagram.com/dabba_cosmetics/


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    All Shades of LOVE @HourglassMakeup @Sephora

    The beauty industry is flooded with ‘me-too’ products with only subtle differences like packaging, price or name. But once in a while, a true innovator comes along and we are totally enamored! Hourglass is one of those brands that I fell in love with and just watched grow into a beauty addict’s favorite with products that win numerous awards and are to die for.  I received an email from Carisa’s mom a few years ago about voting for Hourglass on some beauty award. What I love the most about Hourglass is their unique lipstick bullet and their premium weighted packaging. As a bonus, the gunmetal finish makes it really cool.


    This morning I received some Hourglass products for review and with the sunshine and delicious lunch I had – it made an ordinary Thursday pretty amazing. The three lipsticks are the Hourglass Velvet Creme Lipstick Femme Rouge.

    Hourglass Femme Rouge Ballet, Muse, Edition (l to r)
    Hourglass Femme Rouge Ballet, Muse, Edition (l to r)

    A lustrous, luxurious and richly pigmented cream lipstick with a velvety finish. Loaded with antioxidants, Femme Rouge creates a plush cushiony effect and offers an eco-conscious refillable cartridge.

    1. Edition – it is a light wearable natural pink that looks good for everyday. It is casual, sweet and perfect for just hanging out! It is paraben free, sulfate free and phthalate free.


    DSCN4112Waterproof and Kiss proof for Valentine’s Day

    2. Ballet – a blue based creme pink that is just scrumptious!  This is definitely an Yvonne type color and I’ll wear it a lot.

    DSCN4116 DSCN4117

    3. Muse – an orangey coral that is so hipster and cute!  It is a current update on the traditional red lipstick. As if you were the muse of, let’s say, Terry Richardson!

    DSCN4118 DSCN4120

    Love love these colors! These go for $30 a pop and are available at Sephora.

    Next up!  One of my favorite lip products that only HOURGLASS does right. The top long one is Extreme Sheen high shine lipgloss in SIREN and the one below is the Opaque Rouge in Empress.

    No other brand has been able to the liquid matte long wear the way Hourglass can. My favorite product hands down for photoshoots, weddings and long days – it really kicks butt.  The Hourglass Opaque Rouge is a liquid lipstick with 14 hour long wear and Matte finish.

    Empress – Deep Aubergine


    A richly pigmented, exceptionally long-lasting and dramatically matte lip color that seals in moisture. The proprietary blend of advance polymers in this silky smooth liquid lipstick delivers up to 14 hours of continuous wear without flaking or dryness. Skin-conditioning emollients antioxidant fruit extracts, Cili Fruit and Goji Berry and Vitamin A, C, E work to nourish and protect lips throughout the day.

    Finally, the EXTREME Sheen. This lipgloss is pure pigment, pure shine, pure luxury. Intensity and micro shimmers that make you look twice. From the bottle to your lips and it looks just like how you expect it!  More than a lipgloss – This is like heaven in a tube.


    You can layer this or wear it on it’s own.  I am wearing Siren the Metallic Red.

    Created by renowned beauty expert Carisa Janes, Hourglass brings timeless extravagance and style to the über-chic beauty junkie, all in one clutch-worthy collection. From lush shades to incredibly luxurious packaging, makeup has never been so pretty—or perfecting. Every product in the Hourglass line is formulated with the latest in cosmetic technology. Cutting-edge ingredients work to smooth and soften the skin, while innovations in packaging give the line its super chic appeal. Hourglass opens your eyes to a beautiful new reality: style and substance can coexist.

    “I feel makeup is the most feminine form of creative expression,” Janes said, “and it’s also one of the great luxuries of being a woman.”

    Find out more about Hourglass at www.sephora.com 


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    In the Biz: Ron Robinson

    Tuesday’s entrepreneurship class is always a delight… engaging lectures, interactive learning and dynamic guest speakers!  I had the pleasure of meeting Ron Robinson, the president of Apothia at Fred Segal and a ‘Sartorialist’ in my books. Ferragamo Manila Sneaker Patent Calf kicks + fragrance entrepreneur who knows no bounds = super dose of inspiration.

    Fly kicks

    Apothia is the fusion of apothecary and utopia. Rob has been discovering brands for over 35 years.  He specializes in fragrance and style objects for the home, as well as children and men’s fashion. 

    25 years ago, fragrance and skincare items were only sold at department stores, beauty supply shops and drugstores. Apothia changed all that by incorporating the ‘buy’ concept from the fashion retail world. The selective buys created a new boutique setting for unique and underground beauty brands to flourish. 

    Award winning Interior Scent of the Year: Apothia Aromatic Candles

    The first fragrance created by Ron is IF.  When he created this fragrance, he wanted to make sure it and it’s packaging would stand the test of time and trends and still remain relevant. It sure does. This is why he is a commercial artist. 

    It comes in both pure essence and also in a eau de parfum.  Its heart notes consists of 4 white flowers with top notes of zesty grapefruit and sparkling yuzu. It is hip, fashionable and elegant. It’s simplistic, timeless and genderless. IF has unique packaging!  It is a roll on and has a silicone coating that makes it bounce when dropped.  

    Apothia IF

    Another great story he shared with us was for the creation of the scent Velvet Rope. The package again is brilliant in its tactile experience and visual design.

    The scent itself was inspired by a very dry vanilla martini with a twist of grapefruit. A vanilla bean is dropped in the drink and the oil from the bean creates the perfect vanilla aroma in the cocktail.  This is that scent.

    Ron Robinson asks: “What’s the box we create for ourselves?”  

    Underground fragrance triggers imagination and is boundless in its amplification. So come and be in limbo with us between the tangible (go to Fred Segal) and the intangible (the feelings these fine fragrances evoke) where we fall in love on the wet and we buy on the dry

    ::Perfect Valentine’s Day present::

    Find out more on YouTube and RonRobinsonInc.com
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    In the Biz: Chivas Skincare

    Lauren Johanson is the co-founder of Chivas Skincare – a free-trade skin care line that’s made from goat’s milk!  This company is the brainchild of Lauren + her mom + goat milk soap. Chivas is the Spanish word for… Goat!

    As a part of our entreprenuership class at FiDM, we always have guestspeaker that are inspiring – sometimes with the simplest stories. Lauren’s mom made these soaps and sent it to her when she was in college as a part of a care package. She and her friends loved it and soon after a few years of globetrotting, Lauren and her mom launched this business.

    Lauren says, when you are a business owner, you think you are the authority on what is ‘cool’ and what is ‘in’. All because YOU like it, it doesnt mean it will be a best seller. 

    Her advice: Sell what sells!

    You can get Chivas Skincare at Fred Segal, online and at various giftshops and tradeshows.

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    Isle of Eden

    O-EM-GEE! I found Isle of Eden researching for my Beauty Chemistry final project and I am in LOVE!

    They are a company based out of Merritt Island, Florida. The brainchild of this fantastic line is Alexa – Here’s her MySpace. They make beautiful and scrumption bath and body products that are to DIE for. This is what I want for my birthday, for Christmas, for Valentines day and for every occassion from this day forward! Each and everyone is custom made and made to order to check out their TAT (Turn around time… if you are buying it for a present). There are only a few thing in life that make my heart sing! And Isle of Eden is one of them. LOVES

    This is true creativity and you can just tell how adorable, fun, cheeky and lovely the creators must be. Just check out some of their newest scents. Just reading the list makes me giddy.

    7 Strawberry Lane
    Our Best Selling Strawberry! Nothing but Pure, Juicy, Strawberry Bliss here! Succulent and Sweet!

    Banana Rice Crispy Treaties
    O.k., who doesn’t love those Delicious Marshmallow and Rice Treats? Add a little Banana Frosting, and it’s total yum!

    Be My Sugar!
    Sugar Overload! Fresh-Cracked Coconut Milk, Swirls of White Sugar, Light Brown Sugar, Brown Sugar, Madagascar Vanilla Beans, White Cake infused with Puffed-up Giant Marshmallows, and a slight whisper of Creamy Pink Sugar.

    Birthday Party’s Forever!
    Let’s have an everlasting party! Sparkling Fruit Punch, with Vanilla Ice Cream floating on top, sprinkled with Grape Pixie Stick Sugar. What else for this party? How about a slice of Yellow Cake with Creamy Frosting and tons of Candy-Colored Sprinkles? This will surely get the party started!

    Blood Orange Cotton Candy
    A Summer Favorite! Italian Blood Orange, and Sweet Cotton Candy. Best Seller!

    Blue Ballgown
    Before you head out the door, slip into this combination of sensual dark blue sugar, fresh baked white cake and sultry warm vanilla pods. Your chariot awaits, beautiful!

    Brown Sugar, Granola & White Chocolate
    Sweet Brown Sugar, Delicious Granola and a Drizzle of White Chocolate.

    Bunny Crack
    Dreams come true for all Bunny Rabbits with this Fanciful Treat! Loads and loads of Sugars, Fluffy Carrot Cake, Coconut-Lemon Buttercream Frosting, Juicy Lemon Slices and Orange slices covered in Huge Sugar Crystals.

    Can’t Sleep, Cherries Are After Me!
    A Dark Twist on a Sweet Treat! Freshly-Spun Pink Cotton Candy, Funnel Cake with Powdered Sugar, and Dark, Delicious, Candied Black Cherries!

    Can’t Sleep, Marshmallows Ate Me!
    An amazing twist on our best selling Can’t Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me! Imagine sugary-sweet Marshmallow Cotton Candy, Marshmallow Funnel Cake, and Candied Marshmallow Apple. You’ll want to devour it in just one bite!

    Indulge here: IsleofEden.com