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    Fran Wilson’s MOODMatcher Lipstick

    This weekend, I was definitely in the mood for a lil something. A huge Duane Reade opened on 7th Ave by my house and it has a ton of makeup.  Drugstore brand makeup is awesome because it give you a chance to have fun, try new products and experiment with colors without breaking the bank.

    So I have never heard of Fran Wilson before but I did notice these really different lipgloss tubes.  They were sold out last time I checked and they just replenished.  It just might be one of those ‘best kept secrets’ no one ever told you about.  Oh how I love discovering dope stuff.

    I got the MOODMatcher in yellow and I just love it.  There is no scent/taste and it feels like lip balm and wears like a lip stain. No transfer, doesn’t kiss off and subtle enough to look nature.  I am a fan.  There are 6 shades and the intensity of the ‘pink’ it turns into depends on your body chemistry.  Pretty cool right?

    From my research, I found out this MOODMatcher came out 20 years ago and is still one of the best seller. I have tried all those lip markers, stains by tarte and every other brand out there.. This is the truth! I really love it  :):)

    It seems so 90’s I know, to go along with your mood ring and your leg warmers. For your information, I am wearing both today 🙂  Now I got my MOODMatcher lipstick to match. I’m feeling groovy!  For my Canadian friends, I am coming home in 2 weeks so if you want me to get one for you, just ask!

    I looked high and low all over the internet to find some more info about this brand.  So far, I know that it is a private company, over 30 years old based in NYC and has about 7 employees.  Here is the best swatch I found online!

    My conclusion is, they were so hot in the 90’s and those people who knew about MOODmatchers are not beauty blogging.  The beauty bloggers who are writing, will focus on what PR companies send them – they obviously missed these badboys cuz they slid right under their radar.

    Good thing I am the Tom Cruise of Beauty Mission Impossible.

    You can get them at drugstores on online from $1-$3.  Wow wee!

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    The Makeup Show NYC Day 1

    My favorite thing about the make up community that it is creative, dynamic and filled with beautiful people who don’t give a $(%*.  Expression is in everything they do, they way the move, the things they say and the way they live.  Artist are not defined by what they do but who they are. They live an artful life.  That is why I am so drawn to being around them. That’s why their energy makes me so happy. It was buzzing at the Metropolitan Pavilion on this rainy Sunday.

    I wore a faux turban, OCC LipTar in Lo-Fi, Make Up For Ever Flash Palette Silver, Lashes from Nigels and Inglot Cream Eyeliner in Black. If the screen was scratch and sniff, you will know I wore Harajuku Sunshine Cuties in Gwen.

    I love these 2 girls! Check her J.Campbells. Love love love

    Asian girl with dreadlocks. dope

    Michela Wariebi @thelmasvanity

    Ran into Melissa Shum of CoverFX

    Lauren, Miss Queen of Blending!

    Girls just love to have fun


    A leopard cannot change its spots! Thanks @xotic_eyes

    Bamboo Brushes

    @Danessa Myricks of www.Imakeyoubeautiful.com

    The boys of Signature Hits Mag

    Team Purse Buzz!

    More coming tomorrow, see you @theMakeUpShow