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    Join the Ride with Robby The Dyslexic Taxi: A Children’s Book Celebrating Differences

    Did you know Dyslexia influences as many as 1 in 5 people and is a genetic difference in an individual’s ability to learn and process information? As a result, dyslexic individuals have differing abilities and differing strengths in creative, problem-solving, and communication skills such as spelling, reading, and memorizing facts.

    Introducing Jonathan and Lynn Greenberg and their latest children’s book, The Creative Cab Company Presents: Robby the Dyslexic Taxi and the Airport Adventure. Written and illustrated by Jonathan Greenberg, a dyslexic man, and his mother, Lynn Greenberg, Robby the Dyslexic Taxi and the Airport Adventure not only entertains but also celebrates neurodiversity and promotes empathy and understanding. This charming story will inspire young readers and their families to embrace their differences and the differences of others while also reminding them of the power of kindness and determination.

    With over 30 million Americans living with the power of dyslexic thinking,  Robby the Dyslexic Taxi and the Airport Adventure is a must-read for anyone who loves a good adventure and a happy ending. So, buckle up and join Robby on his unforgettable journey! 

    Jonathan and Lynn’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity extends beyond Robby’s story. They plan to continue creating stories representing the breadth and depth of the neurodivergent community. The idea of using the Creative Cab Company as a hub to connect the characters and their stories was born out of a desire to create a rich and nuanced universe that reflects the community’s diversity.



    Born with dyslexia, Jonathan could not read and write like many other children his age. So instead of giving in to frustration, Jonathan used his struggle as a catalyst for creativity by expressing his ideas through art. Having overcome his learning difficulty, Jonathan has fallen in love with reading. Robby the Dyslexic Taxi and the Aiport Adventure exemplify Jonathan’s passion for writing and illustration. Together with Lynn, his mother, and his writing partner, they are already thinking of other stories that complement this book. To learn more about Jonathan and his work, visit Creationaire Arts.


    Lynn is the happiest wife, mom, and grandma. A very retired attorney who loves to cook, exercise, and read, she has seen how positivity with feelings and differences can allow children to grow into happy, productive adults. During COVID-19, when many families were living together with an abundance of unscheduled free time, Lynn and Jonathan began to work on the concepts and ideas for Robby. As ideas developed, they became increasingly invested in the character, his story, and the impact this endeavor could have on others.

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    ABCs of Beekeeping Spelled Out in Lively New Children’s Book

    Suburban beekeeper Justin Weiss aims to inspire the next generation of bee enthusiasts and environmentalists with his vibrantly illustrated new children’s book, B is for Beekeeping: An Alphabet Book.

    With concise, easy-to-understand language, such as “C is for comb,” and “H is for honey,” Weiss introduces young audiences to the ABCs of beekeeping and the critical role that honeybees play in the ecosystem.

    “Did you know one-third of the food we eat gets pollinated by honeybees?” asked Weiss, who started beekeeping a few years ago on a whim. “While at first I was afraid of handling honeybees, it turns out having thousands of them buzzing around is quite therapeutic. This hobby has lifted my spirits when I’ve most needed it, and I’ve enjoyed sharing it with my friends and family.”

    In B is for Beekeeping, Weiss uses each letter of the alphabet to teach a beekeeping term and idea, and each fascinating new fact is brought to life by a bright, playful illustration.

    Perfect for parents, grandparents and teachers, B is for Beekeeping intends to encourage children to explore the “un-bee-lievable” world around them and to respect some of the smallest, but mightiest, creatures.

    About the Author

    Justin Weiss is a husband, father and hobby beekeeper. He loves to explore the world with his family and try new foods.

    Born and raised in California, he currently lives outside of Dallas, Texas, on a small suburban homestead. He and his wife have a garden, keep bees, raise quail and chickens, and have an orange cat named Leo. He is fluent in Spanish, having also lived in Chile, Easter Island and Spain.

    Weiss serves his community as the assistant city manager and also as a board member for the local school district’s education foundation.

    It has always been a dream of his to publish a book — a special gift for his children that he hopes they will want to pass down one day, too.

    A portion of all sales of this book will be donated to organizations such as Pollinator Partnership, the Bee Conservancy and Project Apis m. For more information, visit www.bisforbeekeeping.com, or follow the author on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BeekeepingBook.

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    Gaby’s Latin American Kitchen – an appreciation of Latin cuisines and offers young chefs a hands-on experience creating recipes from other cultures

    Have you ever tried empanadas? Made cheesy arepas for your family? Or shared homemade sprinkle-covered chocolate brigadeiros with your friends? Celebrity chef Gaby Melian brings you into her kitchen to teach you her favorite recipes from all over Latin America. From desayuno (breakfast), to meriendas (snacks), to cena (dinner), to postre (dessert), you’ll be a pro in no time.

    America’s Test Kitchen Kids, the most trusted cooking brand for kids, announced the launch of Gaby’s Latin American Kitchen – an innovative new cookbook by author and celebrity chef, Gaby Melian. Available now on Amazon, the new title combines America’s Test Kitchen Kids’ rigorous recipe testing method with Gaby’s expansive culinary  background and fun, inviting style to create an inspiring new resource for young chefs around the country. Gaby’s Latin American Kitchen invites kids to travel the world of Latin America with 70 recipes, incorporating Gaby’s take on dishes from across the region like completos chilenos (Chilean hot dogs),  Cuban ropa vieja (shredded beef stew), Argentinian empanadas de pollo (chicken turnovers) and more.

    Growing up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Chef Gaby Melian began cooking at just eight years old. From crimping empanadas with her family to enjoying her grandmother’s “la pizza rapida,” Gaby has always  had a passion for cooking and teaching others how to develop confidence in the kitchen. Once she  moved to the United States, Gaby’s interest in food grew into a career and she climbed the culinary  ladder, from selling empanadas as a street food vendor to becoming a test kitchen manager with more  than 20 years of industry experience. Now adding cookbook author to the list, Gaby goes back to her roots with Gaby’s Latin American Kitchen, which features recipes and anecdotes from Gaby’s childhood  through her many travels and experiences.

    Aligning with America’s Test Kitchen Kids’ mission to build a new generation of empowered cooks and  engaged eaters, Gaby’s Latin American Kitchen fosters an appreciation of Latin cuisines and offers young  chefs a hands-on experience creating recipes from other cultures. The new title is divided into six chapters: desayuno (breakfast), almuerzo (lunch), meriendas y bebidas (snacks and drinks), cena (dinner), guarniciones y salsas (sides and sauces) and postre (dessert). From cheesy arepas to sprinkle covered chocolate brigadeiros, each recipe includes the country of origin, recipe history, and tips right  from Gaby’s own kitchen. Spanish language phrases and cooking terms are also translated throughout the book and highlighted in an educational Spanish glossary.

    Like all America’s Test Kitchen Kids cookbooks, the recipes in Gaby’s Latin American Kitchen were tested  and approved by a group of over 15,000 kid testers, so each dish is guaranteed to set young chefs up for success.

    About the Author

    Gaby Melian is a professional chef with almost twenty years of industry experience and a lifetime of personal knowledge about food and all its many wonderful flavors. She shares her deep love of food and vast kitchen know-how across multiple food media outlets. Her life in food has led her to many roles, including street vendor, culinary instructor, official Food Revolution ambassador, Bon Appétit test kitchen manager, cooking video host—and who knows what’s next! Gaby completed her culinary training at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City with degrees in Culinary Management, Culinary Arts, and Pastry Arts. Find her on Instagram @gabymelian.

    Editor: America’s Test Kitchen has been teaching home cooks how to be successful in the kitchen for 25 years. The mission of America’s Test Kitchen Kids is to build a new generation of empowered cooks, engaged eaters, and curious experimenters. ATK Kids’ kid-tested, kid-approved recipes and hands-on STEAM activities inspire families to spend quality time together in the kitchen, and a lifetime of cooking. Learn more at www.americastestkitchen.com/kids.

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    I Am Coco: The Life of Coco Chanel – by Isabel Pin

    Every girl dreams of a COCO Chanel handbag when she turns from a girl to a real lady. Same here, Chanel bag is a life goal to achieve when I can proof myself to be an independent woman. I know Chanel bag is so luxury, but the story of COCO Chanel is so legendary. No matter you are a fashionista or not, you know her name for sure. This book is the best way to tell you the life story of COCO Chanel. It is fun and cute with Isabel Pin’s lovely story-telling illustrations.

    This portrait of a fiercely independent creative thinker is filled with whimsical pictures and informative texts to depict the entire arc of Coco’s life and career, from schoolgirl rebel to haute couture icon.

    Young Gabrielle came from a poor family, was orphaned at age 12, and learned to sew in a convent school. She worked as a seamstress and sang in cabarets, where she was given the nickname Coco. This story—and the remarkable career that followed—is exuberantly told in Isabel Pin’s simple yet detailed illustrations. Young readers will learn about Coco’s beginnings as a hat designer, and how her earliest creations presaged the concept of sportswear.

    They’ll learn about her iconic designs—the little black dress, the impeccable suit, the squared-off perfume bottle, and the acclaimed logo. And they will learn how a freethinking young artist who freed women from the corsets and extravagant ornamentations of the early 20th century grew into a ferociously ambitious designer who staged her own comeback at the age of 70.

    Whether they are interested in the history of fashion, or looking for encouragement to pursue their own dreams, young readers will find this entertaining biography both fascinating and inspiring.

    About the Author

    ISABEL PIN is an award-winning illustrator who has published more than 40 books, received numerous awards, and was nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award in 2011 and 2012. Born in France, she lives in Berlin, Germany.

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    Ninja Kitties are hoping to bring hope and positive thoughts to children in 2022 and beyond

    Fox Chapel Publishing is pleased to announce a new character-driven children’s book series and brand: Ninja Kitties. Packed with messages of goodness, kindness, and empathy, the Ninja Kitties—seven royal kitties who transform into ninja kitties to save the day—make their debut this year.

    Fox Chapel Publishing worked closely with award-winning creator Kayomi Harai to introduce an empowering book series for young children. Harai originally envisioned Ninja Kitties to inspire children to believe in their inner strengths.

    The psychology of play was also a key factor during the creation of Ninja Kitties. Brand advisor Sujata Luther, a former EVP of Nickelodeon Consumer Insights, was on the creative board to map out characters and situations that would make a strong impact on children and their families—especially during today’s environment.

    “As kids and parents are navigating today’s complicated and nuanced landscape in their journey through childhood,” says Luther. Ninja Kitties is the perfect stage for teaching valuable life lessons.”

    Fox Chapel Publishing will launch several books in 2022 with more to follow in 2023. I’d love to send you a sneak peek of the books!

    Meet Zumi

    Zumi is the oldest kitty. She is super kind and smart. Zumi is a black belt super ninja, and she can jump super high!

    Sometimes Zumi doesn’t remember to listen. She also wants everything to be perfect. Her brothers and sisters help her remember to listen and include everyone’s ideas.

    This uplifting picture book combines an empowering story with engaging play that teaches kids the valuable lesson of listening to others! Activity pages for kids are included, each themed around working together, from crossword puzzles and word searches to mazes, trivia, and seek-and-find games—plus tons of cool stickers!

    About the Author

    Award-winning professional artist Kayomi Harai worked as a commercial art illustrator and animal portrait artist in her native Japan before moving to California. Known for her watercolor paintings of bright-eyed cats in precarious situations, her lifelike artistry has captivated collectors for years. Her works have been exhibited around the world, and are licensed in collectible plates, figurines, puzzles, t-shirts, prints, posters, and greeting cards.