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    Find inspiration in the everyday with DRAW EVERY LITTLE THING

    Learn to draw and paint
    more than 100 of your favorite everyday items!
    Step-by-step projects and creative inspiration make it fun and easy.

    With Draw Every Little Thing (Walter Foster / October 1, 2019 / US $19.99), the first book in the new Inspired Artist series, you can learn todraw and paint your favorite everyday items. From learning to capture plants, flowers, and bicycles to the neighborhood café and the contents of the kitchen cabinet, this contemporary drawing book demonstrates just how easy it is to render the world around you with little more than a pencil, paper, and paint.

    Following a brief introduction to the joys of simplistic drawing and painting, Draw Every Little Thing familiarizes you with a range of drawingtools and materials, including graphite pencil, pen and ink, colored pencil, marker, and gouache, before offering a quick overview of basic color theory. Each subsequent chapter is then devoted to a specific theme—kitchenalia, hobbies, neighborhood haunts, and much more—and packed with simple step-by-step drawing projects.

    This accessible book encourages you to jump around so you can draw what immediately inspires you. Interactive prompts, creative exercises, and inspiring ideas make the process fun and engaging. Easy techniques and helpful instructions show you how to develop your own personal style, as well as add color to your drawings using acrylic, watercolor, and gouache. Crafty projects round out the book, allowing you to use your newfound drawing and painting skills.

    Filled to the brim with whimsical artwork and loads of creative ideas, Draw Every Little Thing encourages artists of all skill levels to draw any time inspiration strikes.

    The Inspired Artist series invites art hobbyists and casual art enthusiasts to have fun learning basic art concepts, relaxing into the creative process to make art in a playful, contemporary style.

    Flora Waycott is an illustrator and artist in Perth, Australia. Her art has appeared on book covers, including The Anne of Green Gables Cookbook; children’s bedding and decor; stationery; greeting cards; and within books. She co-authored Creative Folk Art and Beyond. Flora is inspired by Japan, where she lived for five years as a child, as well as everyday objects. Learn more at www.florawaycott.com.

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    Living with Coco Chanel

    Living with Coco Chanel

    The homes and landscapes that shaped the designer

    Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel was one of the most influential and ground-breaking fashion designers of the twentieth century. Living with Coco Chanela beautifully illustrated biography, tells her remarkable story in a unique and accessible way, examining how the homes and landscapes of her life relate to her work. From her childhood at the convent at Aubazine to her boutique and apartment on Rue Cambon in Paris and her villa, La Pausa, on the French Riveria, Chanel’s style was inspired and influenced by her environment. Emerging at a time that allowed women to be more independent, she designed clothes that let them be free. As she found fame, love and success, she used the memories of her past, and the way that she lived, to forge her own independence.

    Featuring designs, drawings, archive imagery and contemporary photography, Living with Coco Chanel provides a fascinating insight into Chanel’s life, work and legacy.

    Gabrielle Chanel kept many facts about her childhood secret. She only offered hints about the poverty and the abandonment she had suffered, of the cloisters and chestnut trees of the Auvergne landscape that formed a backdrop to her early life. She was born on 19 August 1883, under the Leo star sign. Being superstitious, she chose the lion symbol for many aspects of her life – in her apartment in rue Cambon, Paris, on her creations and as a marker on her headstone in the cemetery of Lausanne. ‘I love everything that’s up high,’ she said. ‘The sky, the moon, and I believe in the stars. I was born under the sign of the Lion, like Nostradamus. I’d rather have a touch of the invisible than roast mutton every day.

    If there was one time and place that defined Coco Chanel, it was Paris in the 1920s, that exciting, frivolous era, known in France as les années folles. After the First World War, the city became a mecca for the beautiful and the talented looking to forget the horrors they had experienced. Coco was the fashion vanguard of the era, capturing the mood of the time and shaping the way women dressed. ‘I was working towards a new society,’ Coco said. ‘Up until then they had been clothes designed for women who were useless and idle, women whose lady’s maids had to pass them their stockings; I now had customers who were busy women; a busy woman needs to feel comfortable in her clothes. You need to be able to roll up your sleeves.’

    Towards the end of 1918, Coco Chanel signed a lease for 31 rue Cambon, where she registered for the first time in Paris as a couturière rather than a milliner. The building was set over five floors and it featured a boutique, a workroom, a salon for high-profile clients and Chanel’s own private apartment with three rooms – a hall, living room and dining room. Later on she would add a mirrored bathroom. Scented with Chanel N°.5 and traces of cigarette smoke, it would be a gathering place for the most influential people in Paris, all keen to experience Chanel and her style.

    From its position looking out over the green, rocky coastline of the northernmost Côte D’Azur, with the glittering, moneyed Monte Carlo in the distance to the west, the Italian border to the east, and the foothills of the Alps as a backdrop, La Pausa was Coco Chanel’s magnificent French Riviera sanctuary, located in Roquebrune Cap-Martin. With its painted shutters and terracotta roof tiles baking in the sun, it was an idyllic retreat that looked out towards the endless horizon. Chanel created the villa from the ground up, holding within its design the secrets of her childhood in Aubazine.

    Beautifully illustrated, the book features designs, drawings, archive imagery and contemporary photography to provide an insight into Chanel’s life

    About the author, Caroline Young is an Edinburgh-based writer and fashion journalist. She is the author of Classic Hollywood Style(2012), Style Tribes (2016) and Tartan and Tweed (2017).

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    The Essential Guide to Using Plant-Based Ingredients for Health, Wellness, and Personal Skincare

    Introducing Plant-Powered Beauty: The Essential Guide to Using Plant-Based Ingredients for Health, Wellness, and Personal Skincare, by Amy Galper, a long-awaited resource for those who are ready to harness the power of plant-based energy to maintain their natural beauty and promote health and well-being. The book includes over 50 easy-to-follow recipes to make their own plant-based skincare and beauty products. With tips and guidance from two aromatherapists and natural beauty experts, authors Amy Galper, the Co-Founder of New York Institute of Aromatic Studies, and Christina Daigneault, her former student, also show readers how to deconstruct beauty labels, parse ingredient lists, make informed decisions about the products they use, and better understand how their skin works. Galper says, “I want to continue to educate and celebrate plants as well as use them for health and wellness purposes. We can become better people by having a better sense of smell.”

    The benefits of essential oils include:

    Increase Productivity & Improve Focus 

    The sweet smell of success! Interested in founding out what and how essential oils raise levels of norepinephrine, a brain chemical linked to executive decision-making and motivation? In this immersive workshop, we’ll dive into the essential oils that provide an instant boost in productivity and focus. From relaxing an overactive mind, to improving memory retention and clarity of thought, participants will explore what oils make us laser-sharp.

    Reduce Stress

    Looking to banish stress and anxiety the natural way? Take action to relieve stress for good health and well- being and learn what essential oils immediately induce the feeling of peace and relaxation, bringing a sense of calm to whatever challenges you might face. In this hands-on experiential workshop, participants will learn and explore how the simple act of smelling can reduce our stress and promote mind-body healing.

    Expand Creativity

    Have the desire to create, but experiencing that all-too-familiar writer’s block? Aromatherapy can help get the creative juices flowing and increase clarity and vision. Even Leonardo da Vinci is thought to have used them to induce inspiration! In this applied workshop, learn what essential oils stimulate the brain and enhance relaxation and positivity to conjure a mental environment where imagination can flourish.

    Sleep Better

    Not getting enough shut-eye and feeling even more tired in the morning? Sleep deprivation can lead to a host of issues such as a weakened immune system, cognitive impairment, increased risk of accidents, and poor work performance. In this workshop, learn which essential oils can help get you back to feeling energized and refreshed from a great night’s sleep, so you can tackle that big project or presentation as a renewed you!


    Amy Galper, the pioneering educator, entrepreneur, and advocate behind the New York Institute of Aromatherapy, now rebranded as the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies; has provided third-party consultation in aromatherapy and natural beauty for over 10 years. Having worked with many of the top media outlets, Amy lends her expertise to beauty, wellness and lifestyle brands who need an unbiased specialist for media interviews, desk- sides, and events about wellness, essential oils, natural beauty, and ingredients. Amy has appeared as a featured speaker at the Indie Beauty Expo, Women in Flavor & Fragrance Conference, and EcoSessions. She has been a guest lecturer at NYU, and is currently part of the Visiting Faculty at Arbor Vitae School of Traditional Herbalism in New York City. She has been featured on FOX NEWS, CUNY TV, and FAT MASCARA, and has been quoted as an aromatherapy expert for dozens of articles and posts about essential oils as seen in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Dr. OZ, Prevention, Well and Good, Mind Body Green, People and many more. Her book, “Plant Powered Beauty,” launched March 2018 with great response.

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    Teaching Kids #AdoptNotShop with Hand-Painted Book

    Companionship and the importance of adopting rescue animals are the main themes in author and artist Donna Carr Roberts’ adorable new story, “The Adventures of Mr. Fuzzy Ears.” The first installment in a series, “The Adventures of Mr. Fuzzy Ears: Searching for a Furry Friend” tells the story of a furry small dog called Mr. Fuzzy Ears, who is lonely in the house by himself and goes looking for a companion to play with.

    Mr. Fuzzy Ears begins his search in all the wrong places and finds animals that aren’t quite right for him until his owners finally take him to the Humane Society. There, he meets a variety of animals and listens to their stories about how they came to live at the society. In the end, Mr. Fuzzy Ears gets to go home with not one, but three new friends to play with at home. The book is based directly on Roberts’ own pets at home—the main one being Scamp the dog, who inspired the character Mr. Fuzzy Ears.

    One of the most intriguing parts of this book are the traditional watercolor paintings it boasts, which were hand-painted by Roberts herself. “Unlike most children’s books today, I created all the artwork in this book in original watercolors,” says Roberts. “I hope these bring back an old-fashioned feel to the story that will enchant young and old alike.”

    Kirkus Reviews describes “Mr. Fuzzy Ears”: “A beautifully illustrated, informative tale with a plucky, likable protagonist… Roberts aptly weaves the important work of the Humane Society into a sweet, engaging story.”

    Readers are sure to fall in love with the characters in Mr. Fuzzy Ears’ adventures and eagerly await their new adventures in future books.

    “The Adventures of Mr. Fuzzy Ears: Searching For a Furry Friend”

    By Donna Carr Roberts

    ISBN: 9781532061707 (softcover); 9781532061721 (hardcover); 9781532061714 (electronic)

    Available at the iUniverse Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

    About the author

    Donna Carr Roberts is an award-winning, classically trained artist in residence at the Slane College of Communications and Fine Art, Bradley University. Her work includes life portraits and still life images. Roberts regularly works with some of the nation’s best artists developing new techniques and perfecting her style to keep her work fresh. She is a member of the Portrait Society of America, Oil Painters of America and a Member with Distinction with American Women Artists. She splits her time between Peoria, Illinois and Indianapolis. To learn more about the book please visit https://mrfuzzyears.com. To learn more about Roberts’ art, visithttp://donnacarrroberts.com.

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    Anywhere, Anytime Art: Illustration — the perfect portable resource for art on the go!

    Whether you’re traveling abroad or exploring near home, Anywhere, Anytime Art: Illustration, publishing in May from Bay Area artist Betsy Beier, shows you how to employ creativity as a means to document your experiences, capture your memories, and dream of new adventures.

    With the approachable instruction and contemporary approach to drawing featured inAnywhere, Anytime Art: Illustration, aspiring creatives of all backgrounds can learn how to make illustrative art on the go using pencil, pen, colored pencil, and more. 

    Learn how to make art inspired by your immediate surroundings, wherever you are—whether traveling abroad or exploring at home. Use your art and creativity as a means to document your experiences, capture your travel memories, and dream of new adventures.

    After an overview of the suggested tools and materials, explore essential drawing techniques, such as mastering line art and gesture drawing, making quick on-location sketches, and working with color media to complement illustrations. Helpful tips include information for packing and traveling with art supplies, drawing in the open air, and working from photographs. Finally, easy-to-follow and customizable step-by-step projects show you how to creatively express yourself by combining color, pattern, texture, typography, and cultural experience with a variety of projects.

    Packed with a plethora of fun and creative exercises, Anywhere, Anytime Art: Illustration is the perfect portable resource for creative types on the go.

    Format: Paperback / softback, 128 Pages
    ISBN: 9781633226999
    Illustrations: 271 color illustrations
    Size: 6.5 in x 9.5 in / 165.1 mm x 241.3 mm

    In Anywhere, Anytime Art: Illustration you’ll find:

    • 12 fun and creative projects to tell the stories of your adventures at home and out in the world
    • Instruction for a variety of media including graphite, watercolor, markers, collage, and more!
    • Tips on creating “on-the-go” including how to pack and carry your supplies and how to stay comfortable while sketching.

    The author

    Bay Area-based artist Betsy Beier creates illustrations, patterns, and lettering that celebrate places, people, experiences, foods, and cultures from around the world. Her career as a designer has allowed her to explore a wide variety of artistic opportunities, from creating interactive games, software, and museum installations to illustrating puzzles, books and home products. She has worked with clients that include HarperCollins Publishers, Budweiser, Apple, Shutterfly, and ABC Studios. Learn more about Betsy at www.wanderlustdesigner.com.

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    Travel with My Travel Journal

    Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Whether you do it for pleasure or business, there’s no denying that part of the joy of traveling is thinking back on your memories. Travel journals are a great way to not only plan your trip, but look back on your memories with.

    With summer around the corner, I’d like to introduce you a lovely book which you want to pack in your traveling bag –  MY TRAVEL JOURNAL, launching in May from Quiet Fox Designs. Part trip planner and part travel journal, this traveling companion includes a day-by-day log that prompts you to preserve your most memorable experiences.

    My Travel Journal keeps track of everything today’s traveler needs to know—in one handy place!

    Keep note of your:

    • Most memorable experiences (with a day-by-day log)
    • Reservations
    • Departure times
    • Vaccinations
    • Emergency contacts
    • Prescriptions
    • Packing list
    • Trip budget
    • Destination bucket list

    Inside My Travel Journal, you can archive all the essential information you’ll need before your next trip.

    Keep track of your reservations, departure times, and vaccinations. Record emergency contacts, prescriptions, and phone numbers. Plan your packing list and trip budget, and check off your destination bucket list.

    Part trip planner and part travel journal, this traveling companion includes a day-by-day log that prompts you to preserve your most memorable experiences.

    Printed on acid-free archival paper in a convenient 6×8 size that fits easily in purse or carry-on bag, My Travel Journal is the perfect gift for the road warrior who has everything!