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    Harvey Stripes ft. Captain Hooks “Must Be The Money”

    I love opening my email and getting some new music from up and coming Canadian talent. I have always loved music, and to hear such talented Canadian artists, it’s an inspiration. Here is a new artist by the name of Harvey Stripes. He is truly an inspiration and treats everything with a confidence, not arrogance, and with an honest and real perspective with himself and his fans. The sky is truly the limit for Harvey Stripes. Check him out at Harvey Stripes xo Tanya

  • Toronto,  WorldWide

    Up and Coming Toronto Talent

    Jeffrey “Vargas” Vallejo is a Toronto-born beat maker, rapper, engineer, and producer.  Vargas graduated from Recording Arts Canada on a government grant helping him gain new skills and crucial studio experience. Vargas brings versatility that can be heard in his musical creations often allowing for an eclectic mix of genres and styles allowing him to relate to people of all cultures and backgrounds.  Vargas being his grandmother’s maiden name serves as a symbol of gender equality and for him a reminder of the less fortunate struggling classes of the world. Upon completing the Recording Arts Program, Vargas put his new skills to work in the community working with Literacy Through Hip Hop, The…

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    In an ABSOLUT world opportunities always pop up!

    I am SOOOOOO EXCITED! Tomorrow I will be attending the Media Sneak Preview of the ABSOLUT Art Installation event, where I will be interviewing successful Canadian Artist, Justin Broadbent! Justin Broadbent, a successful graphic designer, web designer, illustrator, and photographer has been commissioned by ABSOLUT vodka to transform the lower BAY subway station (An unused TTC line that was built in 1970s), to his vision of what an ABSOLUT world where opportunities always pop up might look like. His mission is to bring the phrase, “In an ABSOLUT world opportunities always pop up.” to life! Justin was one of the feature artists at this year’s AGO MASSIVE Party. His recent…

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