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    Event LOVE: Passion For Fashion Awards @PassionFashion


    A few of us gathered at the Toronto Fashion Incubator for the fourth annual Passion For Fashion Awards. It was an intimate evening that started off with a cocktail reception, where we all got to sip on cocktails, snack on hors d’oeuvres and talk fashion naturally lol. Then it was time for a presentation which featured the Passion For Fashion finalists, and the announcement of the winners of the Fashionista’s Den Competition.


     some of the finalists

    “Born from a partnership between two-cutting organizations, Passion For Fashion marries Youth Employment Services’ (YES) expertise in youth entrepreneurship with the Toronto Fashion Incubator’s (TFI) success in inspiring new fashion talent between the ages of 16-29…This exciting program gives youth the opportunity to explore the world of entrepreneurship in the fashion industry for free. “





    20130422_182209 The men of AEON Attire! 20130422_182438


    20130422_182852 aaawww 🙂20130422_183005

















    AEON Attire Eyewear… SO DOPE!20130422_185249

    20130422_185337more AEON Attire




    The winners!20130422_191757

    Congratulations ladies 🙂20130422_191800





    Congratulations to the all the finalists and to the winners for all their hard work, and all the best in making your fashion dreams/goals come true 🙂


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    The Great Exploration: @Muttonhead_Co AW13


    “our focus is ‘slow design’, a counter-movement to ‘fast fashion’.”- Muttonhead

    Muttonhead recently revealed their A/W13 collection and I’m loving it. After taking a look at it, I’m all kinds of mad all over again for missing their pop-up shops/sales last year ( I was out of town. It won’t happen again) For those who are unfamiliar with Muttonhead, it’s a unisex, sportswear line ethically manufactured right here in Toronto, and it’s dope!


    I’m normally pretty colourful and girly when I dress, but I have my days where I just wanna keep it simple and chill in something comfy, but still look good, and if it’s made in Canada, even better! This is wear Muttonhead comes in. I love how everything is so well made, the hoodies are EVERYTHING, loves the crew-necks, feeling the accessories, and the best part is that it’s unisex, so I can rock the entire collection!


    I’m more of a fedora kinda girl, but I’d totally do it!


    love everything!


    Simple. Functional. Stylish. YES.

    A big thank you to Paige for sharing this with us. Head over to the Muttonhead website to check out the rest of the collection, oh and they’re having a sale!!!!

    peace and love


    “our clothing is designed to outlast trends.”-Muttonhead

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    Video Love: LGFW- Meet Arti Gogna

    I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with fashion designer Arti Gogna (Owner/Pres. Arti Gogna), this past week at LGFW. She’s super cool, down to earth, and oh so pretty. I managed to get her in front of of the camera for a brief interview, while we were waiting to go into the next show.

    Arti and I- Closing night LGFW (Thanks to Chantel B. for this pic! xo)

    Meet Arti…

    Don’t forget to check out her website, and show her some L-O-V-E!

    peace, love, and health


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    A night with Penicullus Bellum part two

    The lovely Gail McInnes and myself.

    More pictures!

    Vanessa you totally rock because you saved me from melting! xo

    The lovely ladies of Two Girls in Fashion– Renee and Nicole

    Septembre A and friends 🙂

    The greeting…lol

    party people

    are you looking at her skin?! jealous lol

    always a good time with Septembre A

    So nice to meet you Karen- Sway Magazine

    Can you tell the wine was getting to me? Lol. So nice to see you again Christie!

    Julio-Fashionights and myself, he’s so fun!

    Hey it’s Anita!

    More party people!

    @MrFASHION you are wonderful!

    I laughed and smiled so much that my cheeks hurt by the time I got home… A sign of a very good night!

    Thanks again Gail, and to everybody else for being so wonderful!!

    peace, love and health


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    An evening with Penicullus Bellum part one

    Last night myself and many others attended the Penicullus Bellum Fall/Winter 2011 presentation at the spoke club on King. There was music, food, drinks, and everybody was chatting, laughing, smiling, hugging; it was so awesome. It was nice to run into some familiar faces, with the highlights of the night being the fashion show of course, not to mention all the new people that I met and now love!

    A little about Penicullus Bellum: The line is described as a young avant-garde outerwear line for both men and women, and it’s defined by detailed design and construction. The line is locally designed and produced in Toronto and strives to maintain a high standard of artistry and luxury in the Canadian design world. The brains behind Penicullus Bellum, are design duo Partricia O’Connor and Claire Warwick, who quickly became friends while studying at the Academy of Design in Toronto. For more info on Penicullus Bellum, visit their website. Time for some pictures!!

    Many many thanks to the ladies of Penicullus Bellum and Gail McInnes for putting together such a great presentation last night.

    peace, love and health


    part two coming soon!

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    ela by ela

    Are you familiar with Ela by Ela? I recently found out about designer Ela Kowalewska through Charise from Kaeru, and now it’s time for you to get to know her 🙂

    I like this, but I’d love it in a bright colour!

    Introducing the first capsule collection by Ela Kowalewska. The idea behind the collection is “humble luxury where refined and sophisticated silhouettes strive to showcase, rather than upstage the wearer.” The collection consists of a predominantly neutral palette that is complemented by bright hues of smaller items of the collections.

    Click here to see more colours!

    So what do you think? Like it? Love it? Not so much?

    Thanks to Charise from Kaeru Communications for sharing this with us!

    peace, love and health.