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    America’s largest candy retailer, IT’SUGAR, is giving America the chance to bite back at Trump – literally. The candy retailer known for its outlandish sweets launched 3D-printed Trump gummies, which feature a shockingly lifelike replica of the president. The new sugary snack, which is fittingly big-headed, small-handed and oddly orange, is exclusively available at IT’SUGAR stores and www.itsugar.com.




     IT’SUGAR, the cheeky experiential candy retailer, is bringing Americans together in a seriously sweet way.

    Known for its outlandish candy and irreverent merchandise, the world’s largest specialty candy retailer launched an exclusive line of 3D-printed Trump gummies — and they’re going to be yuuuge.

    The sugary snacks — which feature a nearly lifelike replica of the U.S. leader’s face — are orange in color and flavor. But buyer beware: as the package indicates, they may leave a bad taste in your mouth.

    “Candy is universally loved, regardless of what side of the political fence you may sit on,” said Justin Clinger, Director of Product Design & Marketing of IT’SUGAR. “Our new 3D Trump gummies are one way to make the country a bit sweeter, and perhaps give everyone a laugh.”

    The 3D-printed Trump gummies are available only at IT’SUGAR retailers nationwide and onwww.itsugar.com.

    About IT’SUGAR

    Founded by Jeff Rubin in 2006, this sweet experiential retail experience has become the largest specialty candy and gift retailer in the world. The IT’SUGAR Empire consists of over 100 retail locations in U.S. hotspots such as New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Denver, San Diego, and Palm Beach. Known for their absurdly wonderful sugar innovations that celebrate lighthearted rebellion, IT’SUGAR aspires to a future where everyone has access to the pure joy that comes from indulging in a world with fewer rules and more sugar.

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    The British Candies Are Coming, The British Candies Are Coming @LondonCandyCo

    If there’s one thing I know best, it’s candy. Give me a sticky, gooey, chewy mixed bag of candy over a hot dinner any day! So it was with great childlike excitement that I attended London Candy Company’s grand opening event in NYC’s West Village this week.

    It goes without saying that this place is chock full of British candy, and if you think all candy tastes the same, you’re wrong! Candy connoisseurs (I like to think I’m one) will know that there’s a huge difference in the taste, texture and overall yumminess of British sweets. From the smooth, velvety texture of the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bars to the extra peanuty flavor of M&Ms—these candies are bound to knock your socks off and leave you craving more.


    The London Candy Company doesn’t just sell sweet munchies—this place also has a dedicated section of Brit groceries for ex-pats and adventurous foodies. I made a beeline for the Coco Pops (an adult childhood favorite) and the Ambrosia rice pudding, but there’s also the regular faves, such as Marmite, Heinz salad cream and Sarson’s malt vinegar. And “crisps,” loads of delicious crisps.

    Stop in to pick up sweets, groceries or even Brit-themed party favors, or swing by for a cuppa—this place has a full coffee bar, too. And what’s even better, everyone who works there is just as friendly as they are in Ye Olde London Town!

    The London Candy Company doors are open 7 days and located at 267 Bleecker Street, just a short walk from 7th Ave.


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    Israeli Chocolate Paskesz Klik

    Israeli chocolate is soooooooo tasty an kosher under rabbinical supervision so says my Jewish neighborhood store. Taste great and not waxy like American chocolate. I got the variety pack and the pillows are so crunchy and airy. The sweetness is similar to that of Kinder or Ritter Sport. Found a new favorite of the day!

    Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 4.56.57 PM

    Read all about Klik on this Candy blog http://www.candyblog.net/blog/item/paskez_klik/

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    Astro Pops are Back! @LeafBrandsllc @NoUglyDuckling

    This weekend, I went down to Dylan’s Candy Bar for the relaunch of Astro Pops!

    These vintage candies were discontinued in 2004 and now 8 years later with a ton of hard work, they are being relaunched!

    For over 40 years, Astro Pop®s have been a favorite among people all over the world. Millions of the famous pops had been sold in countries such as Italy, India, Canada, Mexico, UK and Israel. There are many websites and Facebook™ Fan Pages, touting the unusual cone-shaped pop with three different flavors as well. People are always looking for nostalgic brands that bring them back to their childhood and Astro Pop® is one of those brands that people remember, and now want to share the experience with their children.

    “I’m receiving calls from all over the country as people find out Astro Pops® are coming back. It really makes their day”, Ellia Kassoff comments. “In tough times, people revert to what makes them happy and candy, (especially nostalgic candy), fill the need.”” We’re also receiving calls from candy stores everywhere, saying they still get many people walking into their store every day, asking for an Astro Pop®!” They can’t wait to stock them back on their shelves.

    Astro Pops were first made in 1963 after two ‘Rocket Scientists’ working on the space program in El Segundo, Ca decided to quit their jobs and create the Astro Pop®, modeling the pop after a three-stage rocket. Being actual ‘Rocket Scientists’ they built special equipment to make the cone-wrappers at high-speed along with other equipment made by hand.  Astro Pops® were very unusual to manufacture because the cone-wrapper became the mold for the candy.  Hot candy was poured directly into the wrapper, then a paper stick was added and capped off with a layer of wax.  Astro Pops were created at the perfect time in history when the ‘Space Race’ was in full force, kids were drinking Tang® and eating Astro Pops®, dreaming of going into space. Millions and millions of Astro Pops® were sold!

    Me and Tricia (VP of Marketing for Leaf Brands)


    This was one of the fastest selling relaunches that Dylan’s Candy Bar has ever seen.  If you wants to share your favorite Astro Pops memory in the comments below, you can win a Astro Pops Yo-Yo!

    Find out more on http://www.astropopcandy.com

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    Everyone Must Try #DessertBites!

    Mmmm…who out there has a sweet tooth? The Allan Candy Company released its latest treat – Dessert Bites™. For $3.99 you will get a soft and chewy bite-size candy that’s available in four dessert-inspired flavors: Strawberry Shortcake, Key Lime Pie, Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake and Apple Pie. (*Drool) 🙂

    Classic desserts are consistently popular in the food industry. Our consumers told us this dessert concept was of interest, and we noticed that there wasn’t anything in the candy aisle that mirrored this,” said James Benson, Director of Marketing and Innovation, The Allan Candy Company. “We pride ourselves on developing products that are delicious, innovative and convenient. Our consumer will love the authentic dessert flavor and bite-size portions of Dessert Bites.”

    Buy these for when you have guests over, or just buy them for yourself! It’s a treat for anytime and anywhere.

    Dessert Bites™ delivers on indulgence while offering portion control, the best of both worlds.

    Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

    These will soon be available at most grocery stores (mass merchandise & convenience stores) – Loblaw, Giant Tiger, London Drugs, etc. You can find them now at Wal-Mart, Sobeys Ontario, etc.

    ‘Like’ Allan Candy on Facebook and if you’re on Twitter, mention #DessertBites!

    Who’s hungry now?

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    In the Biz – David Klein

    You may not know his name but you sure know his products!

    Most entrepreneurs would be thrilled to create a product that generates millions of dollars and garners national media attention. My guest, The Candy Man David Klein, has done just that. He’s the inventor of Jelly Bellies, the sweet gelatin candy that changed the jelly bean market and got the endorsement of President Ronald Reagan. Ironically, Mr. Klein is not associated with the Jelly Belly Company and is not benefiting financially from its success. We’ll discuss how this and the film that tells his story in more detail. “Candy Man: The David Klein Story”. Mr. Klein currently operates another candy company, Sandy Candy, with his daughter.


    You can listen to the entire radio interview here