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    Happy Friday beauties!

    This morning, I got to join a slew of beauty bloggers and model/actor Molly Sims on the unveiling of the Nexxus Color Assure line and her brand new strawberry blonde hair color! Molly explained how women love a little transformation in the form of a new hair style or a new hair color. She debated chopping her locks to a long bob but opted for this fresh new color instead.  Using the Nexxus Color Assure will prolong her red hue.



    Nexxus_MollySims_BTS_0349 crop


    This line, like all Nexxus products smells divine!  The fresh scent and iridescent packaging is fitting for a super high performance product like Color Assure.  The primer creates a barrier shield from water penetration to eliminate frizz and protect and prolong the life of hair color. It is in a easy to use pump and you apply it before your shower/shampoo.


    The Nexxus creative director and head of R&D explained the process of developing this line and Molly Sims and her stylist talked about general hair trends and their experience with Molly’s color makeover.

    The beautiful Glasshouse in Chelsea is the perfect setting for this breakfast presentation. We had fresh juice, pomegranate yogurt parfaits and mini fruit skewers.  They also served vanilla french toast and frittatas. Along with getting the full range of products to take home to try, Nexxus also gifted us with a sparkly gem cuff bracelet!  Nice touch.

    After the presentation, the Nexxus was available to demo how the primer worked. By creating a barrier from water penetration (simulating virgin, pre dyed hair), we used markers to write our names on the paper before dipping it into water. So when you put the primer on your dyed hair, it still has the same protection as pre-dyed hair.

    See the difference?

    Next time you are at your local drug store, make sure to pick up the new Nexxus Color Assure line and test out the products featured here!

    Nexxus Color Assure Shampoo, $9.99, Conditioner, $13.99, Tonic, $17.99, Primer, $17.99, drugstore.com