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    New PetBath with No Mess

    unnamedAtlanta, GA. Washing your pet can be a painstaking process with messy results. Problems such as: Chronic back pain, and discomfort; Being bitten or scratched while washing; Concern over pet safety and a contained environment; Bathing during inclement weather; Getting the water & mess all over. PetBath single handedly solves ALL of these problems! The PetBath provides a safe and clean bathing environment for the pet, it is an innovative and one-of-a-kind, yet simple approach to bathing your pets, indoors or outdoors.

    PetBath Key Features:

    • Multiple rows of water jets on the inside, gently spray water on your pet. You apply shampoo and/or conditioner via the control valve
    • Wide doors give you easy access to scrub your pet while keeping you free of any mess. Once cleaned simply close the doors and let your pet shake off the water.
    • Bathe pet indoor or outdoors
    • Drain catches hair for easy removal
    • Non slip floor for safety

    “PetBath is easy to use, no mess and no fuss. The pet parent can finally bathe their pet and not themselves.” – Derrick Anderson, President & CEO

    Over 62% of households in America have a pet which equates to  73 million homes with over 164 million registered dogs and cats and 84% bathe at home. PetBath will save money, time and inconvenience for millions of Americans.

    The PetBath will be produced in five different sizes, and made of durable heavy duty plastic, yet it is lightweight and portable. The innovative and practical design has generated interest from national retailers and distribution channels,  anticipating a mid 2015 product launch.

    The crowd fund campaign on Indiegogo starts on October 15, 2014… PetBath is offering unique perks and rewards as well as huge discounts on the units (CLICK HERE)


    PetBath America is an Atlanta, GA based design, manufacturing and distribution company that specializes in pet grooming solutions and customized bathing devices, body wash, conditioners, accessories and more. PetBath America is committed to manufacture in the U.S.A., doing its part to Help Keep America Working.  For more information call 800-676-2035 or visit at www.petbathamerica.com