• My Dog Jacob

    Koala Collar by Kinn Inc.

    Jacob is the kind of dog that likes to be ‘naked’ and free. Since I had almost always lived in buildings, he was able to live that way for quite a long time with no collars, tags except for on walks.

    He is the most content when we are at home, by the pool and hanging out.


    Since we left New York and moved into a house here in Vegas, we were in search of a comfy and elegant collar for Jacob. KINN INC makes the Koala Collar that is plush and and easy to put on for maximum comfort. When he wear this, he doesn’t realize it’s even on and he doesn’t try to scratch it at all!


    Jacob loves this collar and gives it 2 paws up! Check out this collar and other great pet products on Kinninc.Com.


    Koala Plush-Comfort Collar (MSRP: $14.95-$19.95):

    ·          Fashionable dog collar made with 100% super soft fleece liner for unsurpassed comfort—a perfect gift for the style-conscious pet owner.

    ·          Provides peace of mind to the pet parent, knowing that their dog is comfortable with no nylon, plastic or metal parts to irritate his skin or pull at his/her fur.

    ·         Available in four sizes, the Koala also employs a unique adjustable buckle that keeps the collar in the desired position so it is less likely to slide off the dog’s neck as well as a clever tag silencer which prevents the tags from clanking together.

  • My Dog Jacob,  New York

    Easy Walk with @CoLeash

    It is probably accurate to say that 90% of dog products are invented by dog owners who thought:

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have ____________.

    The Co-Leash was founded in 1999 and has achieved many awards over the years. One were most proud of is The Co-leash being used on the military dogs overseas with our troops protecting our freedoms on the front lines.  It is essentially a collar and leash in one so it makes walking your dog or training your dog easier!  Since Jacob really enjoys walking off leash, this is a great tool to have.

    The leash easily extends by a velcro attachment that is perfect for crossing the street.

    It is glow in the dark and also 3M reflective. The cute star patterns make it fun.

    The Coleash Kryptaglow Dog Collar comes in a variety of colors and we will be using ours a lot! The Coleash features a short control leash which neatly wraps around the collar and attaches with strong velcro. Its made with super strong nylon, a Big Dog Buckle for added strength, and wielded D-rings that can be used in conjunction with a regular leash as well.

    It retails for $23.99 and can be found on http://coleash.com

  • My Dog Jacob,  WorldWide

    I want it @Bluebloodpups

    I think I found the J.Crew of doggy apparel. I found Blue Blood Pups when I was looking for a present for Jacob for Christmas…

    What do you think of this? So ‘All American” right? I think it would be preppy and oh so cute.