• My dog Cami

    Pet Nose Pendant Kit

    Precious Metal Prints has the cutest new ‘kit’ available for pet parents!  A custom gold or silver nose print pendant. I have been obsessed with wearing this and I love how unique and meaningful it is. I have been wearing it as a ‘lucky’ charm!

    First they send you a little kit with 2 polymers. One is blue and one is white. Separately they don’t do much and feel a bit like oily Play-Doh. Once you combine it, it makes a ‘moldable compound’ that will harden. So quickly mix the 2 together and press it on your dogs dry and clean nose then let it set. Next, I sent the nose to Precious Metal Prints and 2 weeks later, I got my neckace.

    How cool is that!  Support this small business by clicking http://www.preciousmetalprints.com/