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    New Dove Shower Foam

    I got a fun mailer today from Dove! It’s all about the light and airy feel.  Skipping spring and heading straight to summer, it is so important to have a moisturizing body wash to combat the Las Vegas dryness. I got a huge box from Dove today that contained a sample of the new Shower Foam, a secret Snapchat filter and a helium balloon!


    This is the first time Cami has ever seen a balloon in her life so I let her play around with it! She had a ton of fun. There are lenticular clouds today in Las Vegas (They are really cool) and it was the perfect day to get into the light and foamy feel. Can’t wait to try the Dove Shower Foam tomorrow first thing in the morning in the shower!

    As the brand’s first foaming body wash, Dove Shower Foam transforms into an instant lather that rinses quickly and provides the light feel you want, with the care skin needs. The weightless formula combines our signature NutriumMoisture technology and gentlest cleansers, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth.

    About NEW Dove Shower Foam Dove Shower Foam is a new way to cleanse skin in the shower from Dove for the light feel you want, with the care skin needs Dove has a 60 year heritage in skin cleansing and is now giving women more body wash options that provide the care skin needs. New Dove Shower Foam is the first caring, foam body wash from Dove that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

    •  With the simple press of a pump, the lightweight foam is released for easy application by hand.
    •  The foam rinses quickly, leaving skin feeling clean and smooth. The weightless formula combines our unique NutriumMoisture technology (our nourishing complex made up of skin natural lipids and moisturizers) with our gentlest cleansers, traditionally used in facial cleansers, to provide the care you love from Dove in a foaming format for the first time.
    •  Dove with NutriumMoisture™ technology deposits skin-natural nourishment deep* into the surface layers of the skin supporting the skin’s efforts to maintain the hydration needed for skin that looks and feels healthier.

    Be sure to check Snapchat on Feb. 22nd for more exciting things from Dove!



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    Limited Mother’s Day Dove Bar

    Just in time for Mother’s Day, Dove has transformed its iconic Beauty Bar for the first time in nearly 60 years to celebrate the women in our lives. For a limited time, the words love, real, kind or care will be engraved into the Dove Beauty Bar so that you can honor a woman who has made an impact on your life. Additionally, Dove is launching limited edition packaging on select body wash, hair products and deodorant featuring inspirational quotes from real women.

    My mother always told me I was smart, funny and beautiful…in that order. And I say the same thing to my daughter every day.” – Tara R., Chicago, IL

    If your definition of ‘beauty’ doesn’t include you, rewrite it.” – Caitlin K., West Roxbury, MA

    We often underestimate the potential of our words to make a positive impression on the women in our lives. Dove invites women to exchange these words with a special woman in their life as an expression of the bond they share this May.



    NEW Limited Edition Engraved White Beauty Bar

    –          Only Dove uses the gentlest cleansers to reveal beautiful, radiant skin

    –          Contains DEFI technology, a unique blend of cleansers and moisturizers and leaves skin soft and smooth – proving to be less irritating than soap

    –          Replenishes nutrients lost during cleansing and helps skin to feel more firm and elastic compared to ordinary soap

    –          Renowned for its signature ¼ moisturizing cream

    –          Contains natural skin lipids that deposit onto skin

    –          Leaves skin soft and smooth

    –          6 bars / SRP $8.39; 8 bars / SRP $10.49; 14 bars / SRP $14.49 (at clubs); 16 bars / SRP $15.99 (at clubs)


    NEW Limited Edition Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Wash*

    –          Mild body wash formula has even more of the brand’s gentlest cleansers, Glycinate and DEFI, combined with NutriumMoisture™ technology

    –          Improved later rinses cleanly and quickly

    –          Provides softer, smoother skin after one shower

    –          Ideal for dry skin

    –          22 fl. oz. / SRP $6.99


    *Also available: NEW Limited Edition Dove Sensitive Skin Nourishing Body Wash and NEW Limited Edition Dove go fresh Body Wash, Cool Moisture  in Cool Moisture and Sensitive Skin

    NEW Limited Edition Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner*

    –          Contains Pro-Moisture Complex:

    o   Infused with a blend of essential amino acids naturally present in hair

    o   Penetrated hair to help replenish lost proteins, depositing where hair is damaged most

    –          Hair is silky to touch and easy to manage every day

    –          Does not weigh hair down with excess residue

    –          Provides up to 5x smoother* hair

    –          12 fl. oz. / SRP $3.49 each; 25.4 fl. oz. / SRP $5.87 each


    *Also available: NEW Limited Edition Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo & Conditioner

    ** Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner system vs. non-conditioning shampoo.

    NEW Limited Edition Dove Advanced Care Deodorant, Original Clean*

    –          A light, clean fragrance

    –          Offers 48-hour odor and wetness protection plus the added skin care benefits of NutriumMoisture™.

    –          Provides softer, smoother skin in just three days

    –          2.6 oz. / SRP $4.99 – $8.48



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    The Lovely @Dove Bar

    Since 1957, Dove has been providing real women with real beauty benefits. With our signature ¼ moisturizing cream and mild cleansers, the Beauty Bar actually helps skin feel more firm and elastic compared to ordinary soap – just one of the many reasons we’ve been recognized by beauty experts like you and women everywhere for our care.
    Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 3.55.46 PM
    In honor of this continued support, we have created the Dove Beauty Chain, which uses unique technology to bring together the beautiful faces of Dove. Go to DoveBeautyBar.com to create your own personalized Dove Beauty Chain!

    Here is mine—> Join the celebration of real beauty with Dove Beauty Bar.