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    How I Survived 2 Weeks Post LASIK

    As a lot of you know, I got LASIK a few weeks ago X_X.  I have been wearing glasses since 4th grade and contacts since 7th grade. After 20 years of impaired visions of almost -7.50 I couldn’t even image every seeing clearly. It is crazy. I virtually wear contacts from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep and glasses only in emergency situations. When my sister and best friend decided to do it within the last 6 months, I took the plunge too.

    I went to Manhattan LASIK center and they were able to match any Groupon deal or discount I could find. The price depends on your vision and also if you can do bladeless or not based on cornea thickness. I had to do bladeless and the procedure is like this.  No contacts for 3 days prior and you have to use 2 different eye drops. Then on the day, the put some other drop in your eye to numb it. Then you go into a cold room and lie down. The put a blanket on you and give you a teddy bear. You are under the machine first with a little suction cup on your eye it presses down on your eyeball til your vision goes black. Then the laser makes a flap, the Dr lifts that up and then moves you to the second part. This part there is a fork like prong that holds your eye open. The laser corrects your eye by zapping it – there is a small fan that will blow air at you and you will smell kind of burning (like when you run the magic bullet too long and their weird burnt smell). Then the Dr puts the flap back down, puts eye drops in and has tiny little brooms that sweep the water back and forth til the flap is flattened. I imagined it like those brooms they use in curling but really microscopic.  Then they do the same thing to the other eye. All in all it took around 15 mins and I was done.

    I had to wear these futuristic goggles and was not allowed to touch my eye or take the subway.

    When I got home and the numbness wore off my right eye felt like someone threw sand into it. It was tearing up like crazy and it was really annoying. It hurt and I felt like I was crying even though I wasn’t. I had to put drops in my eye every 2 hours and I could taste it at the back of my throat it was nasty. I took Advil and Nyquill and finally fell asleep. When I woke up I was 60% better than the day before. Same eye drops routine and sunglasses at all times. I could see but it was still uncomfortable. I wasn’t allowed to wear any eye make up and touch my eye or rub it. How annoying.

    I wore my OFRA Liquid Lipstick in Hollywood and it made me feel better.

    Finally now after 2 weeks I feel normal, I can wear make up and I can SEE!!!  If you want to get LASIK it will change your life!! But you will have to pay a bunch of money and deal with 2 weeks of feeling weird… I am glad I did it but wish someone told me about the aftermath.