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    Clean it up with @NeutrogenaTweet

    Clean skin is a must-have for a fresh face this spring, and NEUTROGENA® Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes are my go-to face wipe after a long day in the city. These convenient, portable wipes are proven to gently remove 99% of makeup, dirt and oil for clean, fresh skin in one easy step. In one clean sweep, all the makeup and contaminants that get deep into my skin are wiped away, leaving my skin feeling refreshed. After using these, I found that other similar products can be rough and don’t remove makeup and dirt as thoroughly as Neutrogena’s does; it even cleans away eyemakeup and mascara!

    We all can agree that after 8 hours in the office, the last thing on our mind is washing our face, but we can’t deny the importance of clean, healthy skin. With NEUTROGENA® Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes, a nightstand essential, there’s no reason to be too lazy to wash your face 🙂


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    Natural Makeup with @SueDevittBeauty

    Inspired by nature, Sue Devitt makeup is exceptional, advanced skincare. With products formulated to improve and protect your skin, Sue Devitt Cosmetics is hydrating and rejuvenating makeup that treats while enhancing. These are a few products that I especially liked from Sue’s extensive line of cosmetics and skincare products

    SILKY SHEEN EYESHADOW–in “Ayers”, this orangey-gold eyeshadow color glides on beautifully with a saturated pigment that also blends well. The application also leaves, as the name says, a shimmery sheen that adds depth and dimension.

    TRIPLE C-WEED PRESSED POWDER–in “Tanami”, this was an instant favorite. I love the light-weight formula and natural, yet full coverage. The powder does not dry the skin, and is great to carry on the go.

    E-Z EYE ROLLERBALL EYESHADOW–in “Bambari”, this product is rightfully named, “E-Z”, because it truly is just that. In this shimmery brown color, the rollerball eyeshadow could not be easier to apply 0r more convenient to carry! A simple glide over the eyelid is all it takes, and, unlike some other lines of rollerball eyeshadow, the powder doesn’t get stuck or come on too concentrated. This product goes on smooth and evenly.

    LASH INTENSIFIER TREATMENT AND LENGTHENING MASCARA–in “Golden Triangle”. I’ll admit, I was especially interested in this mascara for its dual purpose and forest green color. I’ve never used or even seen green mascara, so I was excited to give it a try. The formula appeared dry at first, but the curved brush allows for an even and clump-free application. And, the green tint intensified my brown eye color! NOTE: this mascara does not lengthen or volumize; it simply darkens and separates your lashes. However, on the other side of the tube is a lash treatment that does! Who doesn’t love a two-for-one deal?

    EYE INTENSIFIER PENCIL–in “Zaire”, this incredibly smooth jumbo eyeliner with smudge brush helps achieve the perfect brown smokey eye. Plus, I like to use it as an eyebrow filler! The smudge brush on the end is perfect for distributing the color to match the natural shape of your eyebrows. Another one of my personal favorites.

    To find these and more, visit www.suedevittbeauty.com

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    Wearing Dark Fantasy

    Kanye West. Can enough be said to describe him?

    Set to debut for purchase today (Monday April 9/11) are Kanye West’s limited ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ – inspired scarves.

    Ballerina. Face. Phoenix. Power. Priest. The titles of each piece of art created by Kanye in collaboration with Parisian graphic design studio, M/M; as well as George Condo, who painted the original art on the album. Unsurprisingly, there are a limited 100 of each silk design at a price tag of $364, to purchase visit mmparis.com or colette.fr.

    We can all recall Yeezy’s hiatus when he went into (what seemed like) underground mode, while interning at the fashion house of Fendi. After a sneaker line for Louis Vuitton and his own Pastel clothing line, not to mention his undeniable eye for personal clean lines, its been obvious that Kanye’s passion for fashion and art are no less than real. The scarves are meant to be worn in layers, so the limited quantity and heavy price tag will encourage exclusivity to the individuals who rock them as intended.

    I probably won’t ever forget the emotions I experienced the first time I watched Kanye’s movie, Runaway. It was the evening of it’s premier and it seemed like the world was in anticipation. Staying clear of twitter and any other mediums, I was prepared to watch and discover my own review before hearing anyone else’s take. Private time growing up often involved some book or another, favorite authors would include Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, Yaan Martel. One thing in common of each piece was their use of imagery in subliminal messaging. Anyways, I was submerged in Runaway for this same reason, if you deny that it was anything less than epic… another ‘go at it is in order. Press play.


    Poetic. Creative. Talented. Artistic. Exclusive. Mention one characteristic that doesn’t apply. The ever-so talented Mr. West graces us with (yet) another Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.


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    EnPointe Renewal Serum

    For the past few weeks, I have been using Dr. Christine Rodgers EnPointe “Encore Renewal Serum” ($85).  Now, this is actually an anti-aging serum and aging is not really one of my concerns at this point, but when I read the label it sounded like something that could be beneficial to me:

    “Transforms skin’s appearance with natural brighteners, powerful anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants to help decrease melanin production, reduce pigmentation and minimize the appearance of age spots.”


    Who doesn’t want smooth, hydrated, radiant skin and improved texture and tone??  All I can say is that this product definitely delivered!  I noticed results the first time I used it.  It decreased imperfections and darks spots and made my skin much smoother.  And believe me, my skin can sometimes be quite disagreeable!!  The test was when I went to Cancun—normally a trip to a hot and humid location is a promise that my skin is going to go haywire, but nothing happened!!  It even stood up to those couple nights I was naughty and fell asleep with my makeup on (tsk, tsk!) I am hooked!!

    The surprise verdict is, don’t dismiss anti-aging products because you’re not at that point yet.  Some of these products can be beneficial to you at any age!!


    About EnPointe Skin Solutions:  Fights the signs of aging and stress on multiple levels while also promoting the health of the skin and body in a very safe way. It is a skincare line that is truly effective in reducing the visible signs of aging in the face, and one that works to maintain the future health of the skin. 

    For more information visit www.enpointeskinsolutions.com

    kisses, Olisa