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    Review: New @Facebook Timeline

    The other night I began telling my roommate about my Cover Photo on Facebook’s new Timeline (which I got early through the developers’ page) and was met with a blank stare…

    She’s pretty up on things, so I was surprised that she hadn’t heard about the major changes to FB, which are set to launch publicly some time this month (exact date is unknown due to FB’s ongoing court battle with Timelines.com).

    Many people may have thought the recent changes to the News Feed and the addition of the real-time “ticker” that began rolling out on September 20 were the extent to what FB had in store for us–but indeed, our friends at FB have much bigger plans up their sleeves!

    The new Timeline is a completely redesigned FB page, which chronologically lists all your activity on FB since you joined and even allows you to fill in your life story all the way from birth (in case you have a massive amount of idle time on your hands).

    At first I was annoyed when I heard the news.  Who is FB to dredge up the past several years of my life and put it on display for all to see?  But after perusing my new Timeline, I was pleased with my relatively conservative ways on FB–basically, I’ve never posted anything I wouldn’t want my friends, family, “not-my-real-friends,” and colleagues to see, anyway!

    However, if perhaps you were an over-sharer and one point and have since tightened up your sharing habits, you might have a bit of cleanup to do once you get the new Timeline!

    I really like the Cover Photo, which is a combination of your profile photo and a larger cover photo.  This allows increased creativity and options for personalizing your page. Mashable recently highlighted some really cool Covers Photos.

    And here’s mine!

    If you’re an early adopter, you’ll have to do it by hand, but I’m sure that within a couple weeks of the public launch there will be tons of Cover Photo generators to do the work for you.

    Overall, I think the new Timeline is pretty cool.  It has a neat, sleek layout and it was actually quite nice to take a stroll down memory lane.  It is a little more complicated, but you do have control over the privacy settings for just about every individual post (and settings from your current page do not change with the new Timeline).

    What are your thoughts?  Does anyone have the new Timeline?  If so, feel free to share a link to your Cover Photo in the comments section.


    kisses, Olisa



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    Twitter Vs. Facebook


    Sup Cole World :0),

    As many of you know heydoyou.com is cool ok that actually had nothing to do with what i have to blog about :0). Im curious, which one do you use more? Facebook or Twitter?? Feel free to add myself and the rest of the Heydoyou.com team on Twitter :0). My twitter name is >> @craigallen7615.



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    7 Things to Do Today

    Let’s relax ladies and gents, and actually not worrying about the minimal things today. Let’s ‘forget’ about these things today.

    1. Saying YES when you actually mean NO. – Say NO today. Do IT. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (such empowerment)

    2. Slouching. Ladies and Gents stand up tall and strengthen your core muscles. Do not slouch anywhere, not even on the toilet or sitting on your bed.

    3. Rolling Your Eyes. This is a big one for me, as I get annoyed easily. What can I say, I’m an aries. *shrugs*. Don’t roll your eyes at me.


    5. The headphones that block out the entire WORLD! Talk to someone on the train, bus, or on the street. Hey you never know that person can become your best friend.!!!!

    6. Processed food.  Try to get on a health kick, and DO IT .. NOW !!!

    7. Procrastinating. Start planning things and get them done. Get a great friend who will push you to accomplish this.





    What other things are on your to do list for today??

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    Art Exhibit:Because The Kids Don’t Play ~ Bryan Espiritu

    “They must see before they watch. They must hear before they listen.” – Bryan Espiritu

    I am so excited about this event! For the longest time I admired the workings of Bryan Espiritu (pronounced Eh-Spirit-tu) & knew nothing much more than how to properly pronounce his name. The clearest conclusion I came to was that he was involved in a multitude of different creative projects (including The Legends League)… & that he is so cute ‘for an asian guy’.

    When I received an invite to this event I was not only excited but engaged. Thoughts of what I’m going to experience when I get there circulate, I am enthused and entertained.  Even in all of my unpunctuality, I’m bound and determined to get into this event. See below for the event trailer. If you enjoy art, creativity, talent and humanity… I’ll see you there. Don’t miss the ‘Wishery – Disney Remix’, pulled from The Legends League Blog.

    BTKDP Teaser from JC on Vimeo.

    99 Sudbury’s GLASS FACTORY

    99 Sudbury Street

    Toronto, ON

    Musical Score by Dj’s Mensa, Wristpect, Lissa Monet & Kaewonder

    Performance by The Airplane Boys

    Click HERE for more info on Facebook


    “Behind the wishing well…”

    I am so excited! xo

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    The Day I Met Dune

    Opening the first store in London, their humble single store beginning in ’93 has now grown to 44 standalone stores and 163 galleries (in stores like Selfridges) throughout the UK and Ireland. Dune is now also standing on the international stage, debuting in over 13 countries, predominantly in the Middle East.

    The subtle details and unique arrangements are what caught my attention and is doing so, increasingly, in a market near you.

    Click HERE to visit the Dune website

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    (T.O)Proud of The Anthem

    I love this Toronto track by Mr. Kardinal!!! In case anyone missed the video debut on Much Music’s RapCity w. @t-rexxx, I had to post it here for you all, The Anthem is Kardinal Offishall’s newest single!!! Directed by Kardinal himself, the video gives a clear taste of Toronto, with the overall response across twitter and other social networks of how proud it makes us to be from Toronto!

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    For more visit The Offishall Facebook Group

    The Anthem