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    Breakfast with @taftfoods Vegetarian Seitan Gryo and Sausage

    Vegetarian Seitan Gryo and Sausage sounds yummy!  I finally had the chance to try these meat alternatives products and I was really surprised!  The biggest difference from meat is the actual texture but the taste and how easy it was to prepare made me really happy!

    DSCF0062 DSCF0063

    Seitan {say-tan}, although made from wheat, has little in common with flour or bread. Also called the “meat of wheat,” seitan becomes surprisingly similar to the look and texture of meat when cooked, making it a popular meat substitute. Seitan is also high in protein, making it a popular protein source.

    Seitan comes from the Japanese words “sei,” meaning “to be, become, made of,” and “tan,” as in tanpaku, which means “proteins.” Freely translated: “made of proteins.”

    More than 1,000 years ago, seitan was prepared by Zen Buddhists in China as a substitute for meat or fish. Although seitan was first developed in China, it has historically been very popular in the cuisines of Japan and other East and Southeast Asian nations.

    Since the mid-20th century, seitan has been increasingly adopted by vegetarians in Western nations as a meat substitute. Seitan is quickly gaining popularity, particularly in mainstream restaurants, due to its ability to take on the texture and flavor of meat.

    As more people are looking to improve diet, seitan is becoming a healthy alternative for non-vegetarians as well.

    Taft’s seitan is made by hand and seasoned for today’s international tastes!  It comes to you frozen and already cooked; literally, a heat-and-eat item.  Simply heat our seitan to serving temperature and to add texture.  All of our products heat in less than 60 seconds on stovetop, or in 15 seconds by microwave.  Our products are available through direct shipping or via distribution.

    With blueberry pancakes – this was the perfect breakfast!

    Get more info on http://taftfoodmasters.com

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    All Natural @Better4U Pizza

    Every season at Food Fete, you can be sure to find some delicious snacks and foods that are tasty and good for you. One of the latest discoveries is BETTER4U pizza. It boasts of full flavor and can makes frozen pizza a fast and easy way to still eat healthy!

    This is the wood fired pepperoni pizza we had!  Looks scrumptious and tasted so good.

    phone april 1428 phone april 1429

    • Five varieties of Multigrain Gluten Free Pizza (Certified by the GFCO)
      • One of which is Vegan (Dairy Free/Gluten-Free)
    • Four varieties of Multigrain Wood Fired Thin Crust pizza
    • Two varieties of Ultra-Thin Multigrain Sprouted Grain Pizza (which will become our newest products when rolled out in late Spring)

    Even though I don’t have a gluten allergy, I loved these pizza and would definitely get them again because they are lower in calories, sodium and fat compared to ‘regular’ frozen pizza available.

    phone april 1190Find out where to get some on http://www.better4ufoods.com/


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    Decadent and Delightful @CucinaFresca

    City-dwellers know first hand how hectic life can get, and sometimes all you need is a relaxing evening in, with a big bowl of comfort food–mac & cheese anyone? Cucina Fresca’s line of gourmet mac and cheeses have me drooling, with an assortment of flavors including Sharp Cheddar, Smoked Gruyere, Tangy Gorgonzola, and Creamy Fontina. After trying the Smoked Gruyere flavor at Food Fete this week, I wanted to run to my local Whole Foods grocery store and stock up my freezer!

    After a long day, the last thing I want to do is cook myself a meal from scratch. I love the  home-cooked taste of Cucina Fresca Mac and Cheese after only 10 minutes in the microwave or the oven. It’s even a great base for flavorful skillet recipes and casseroles! I’m excited to try this Asparagus and Corn Skillet Recipe that I found on the website >>

    1 Cucina Fresca Mac and Cheese Entrée
    2 Tbl extra virgin olive oil or butter
    1 bunch fresh asparagus, chopped
    2 ears white corn or 1/2 cup frozen
    1/2 red bell pepper, diced
    1 clove garlic, chopped
    salt & fresh cracked pepper, to taste

    Thaw the Mac and Cheese in the microwave until warm, about 4 minutes. Place olive oil in sauté pan over medium heat, add asparagus, corn, red bell pepper and garlic. Sauté for about 5 minutes until all vegetables are cooked, mainly the asparagus. Stir in the Mac and Cheese.

    4 – 6
    Top with crabmeat or shrimp!

    The ultimate guilty pleasure, frozen dinners never tasted so good 🙂