• New York

    24 Hours in Soho

    As some of you know I have been working with Sturm und Drang throughout this year in Geneva and also Frankfurt. This past week, they held their very first workshop in NYC and right in the heart of Soho. It was an amazing experience to pow wow with trend experts, hair stylists and of course the product development team from P&G.

    Day 1 consists of a brain monsoon (not just any storm) and lots of creative drawings from the Brooklyn based artist Joshua David Mckenney aka Joshua David.  He made a lot of our fast & funky ideas come to life and helped get our wild thoughts out of paper.  Here is some of his work.

    We ended Day 1 at the delicious The Mercer Kitchen and went home with our heads spinning and our bellies full.

    Scallops and Lentils and the first time I had fried sage!

    On Day 2, we had a fiesta (not just any party) that solidified our ideas into tangible, ready to market products for professional salons worldwide. Complete with a Mexican inspired lunch. It was a great 2 days.

    Our very international and diverse group consist of people from Canada, Australia, US, Hamburg, Paris, South America, Italy and Israel.  The venue was historical, cool and inspiring. Hope I will get a chance to be back at Soho Soleil again.

    What a fantastic experience and hope some of our ideas come to fruition in 2014.

  • WorldWide

    36 hours in Frankfurt

    I had an eventful week!  On Monday night, I flew to Frankfurt to attend a beauty workshop for P&G and Wella for an international brainstorm.  Sali came from London, Donald came from Hong Kong and I came from New York to discuss various trends in hair, beauty in our local markets.

    It was a full day of beauty pow wows with STURM und DRANG, a German-based research institute and strategic consultancy!

    Here I am with the crew

    Yvonne Kai, NYC / Media Marketer & Beauty and Cosmetic Blogger / www.yvonnekai.com

    Donald Chiu, Hong Kong / Stylist, Make-Up Artist and Photographer / http://www.donaldchiu.com

    Sali Hughes, Brighton / Journalist, Writer and Beauty Columnist / www.salihughes.com

    Andrea Hecker, Munich / Stylist, Colorist / www.haarfaerberei.de

    Here are some cool things I saw while walking around the Zeil

    The Zeil is a a super duper mall with a glass swirl right through the middle

    Kanye was right! I found a lot of mayonnaise color benz… aka miracle whips! They are the TAXIS!

    I had a bratwurst

    I saw parts of the light festival with art installations (Luminale 2012)

    Til next time… Back in NY now and jet lag like a mug 🙁