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    Get The Look: Baywatch Beauty Kelly Rohrbach

    The NYC “Baywatch” Premiere was one for the books! Kelly Rohrbach made waves with her effortless Loose Glamour a la Lauren Bacall look by Schwarzkopf Celebrity Stylist, Peter Butler.  Below, find the step by step guide on how her style was completed with Schwarzkopf GLISS and Schwarzkopf got2b!

    Kelly Rohrbach

    How to Get the Look

    1. Prior to styling, Kelly prepped her hair with the Schwarzkopf GLISS™ Ultimate Repair Anti-Damage Mask which brought back shine and smooth texture to her hair
    2. Next, her hair was blow dried  prepping with Schwarzkopf got2b Guardian Angel Flat Iron Balm
    3. Make sure ends are in perfect form, just dusting on the end ends with a light trim
    4. Curl and set hair adding in Schwarzkopf got2b Mess Merizing Texturizing Hairspray for texture.
    5. Create a low side part and brush out waves for a very modern feel
    6. Complete the look with Schwarzkopf göt2b Volumaniac Hairspray for body and Voila the Hollywood Chic effortless look is complete!

    Schwarzkopf GLISS™ Ultimate Repair Anti-Damage Mask

    GLISS™ Ultimate Repair Anti-Damage Mask uses a high-performance formula with 3X liquid Keratin to precisely repair damaged hair and replaces lost Keratin leaving your hair restored and combable.

    Key Benefits:

    • Deep reconstruction of hair structure with Keratin
    • Up to 90% stronger hair

    Schwarzkopf Stylist Tip: For maximum results, cover treated hair with a bath cap and wrap head using a warm towel. Leave on for a maximum of 15 minutes for intense treatment. Rinse with cool water to close the cuticle locking in the caring ingredients provided by this nourishing deep treatment. Use 2-3 times per week.

    $5.99; mass retailers

    Schwarzkopf göt2b guardian angel flat iron balm

    In a world where women battle with heat styling appliances daily, it’s reassuring to know that divine intervention is now available from göt2b guardian angel.  Developed with heavenly hair in mind, göt2b unlocks the secret to superior heat protection plus advanced styling support.  Each product is formulated with an innovative patented heat-activated polymer technology that delivers proven 425°F heat protection with a glossy finish.

    $5.99; mass retailers

     Schwarzkopf göt2b mess-merizing texturizing hairspray

    The texturizing hairspray is the ultimate styling tool to achieve touchable textures with a causal natural finish. How to use: Hold 8-10 inches from hair. Spray over dry hair, tousling hair with your fingers to create desired style, then spray again on dry styled hair to hold finished style.

    $5.99; mass retailers

    Schwarzkopf göt2b Volumaniac Bodifying hairspray

    This volumizing spray immediately locks in volume with enough hold for that drama that you crave. How to use: Hold 8-10 inches from hair. Spray evenly over hair for an all over hold or spot spray and use hands to create extra volume. Re-spray after styling to hold dry finished style.

    $5.99; mass retailers

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    TRESemmé at Misha Nonoo SS’17 Runway Show

    ‘Keep your roots matte and apply gloss only to your ends, this will give you natural healthy looking hair and shine where it matters.’ 

    – CHRIS NASELLI, New York Fashion Week Ambassador for TRESemmé


    Get the Runway Look At Home with TRESemmé

    STEP 1: Start by washing your hair with TRESemmé Botanique Nourish & Replenish Shampoo and Conditioner to restore body and shine. 

    STEP 2: Apply a few drops of TRESemmé Botanique Damage Recovery Oil Elixir from the mid-shaft of the hair through to the ends.

    STEP 3: Use a hairdryer to rough dry hair to create natural looking body and movement.

    STEP 4: Part hair in the middle to work in your natural texture. Pull one inch sections of hair at random from the crown of the head and use a curling iron to create zig zag bends.

    STEP 5: Break the zig zag sections apart with your fingertips and spritz generously with TRESemmé Botanique Nourish & Replenish Hydrating Mist for texture and added shine.

    STEP 6: To finish the look, spray the hair with the TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Firm Control Hairspray.

    TRESemmé Products Used: Botanique Nourish & Replenish Shampoo and Conditioner, Botanique Damage Recovery Oil Elixir, Botanique Nourish & Replenish Hydrating Mist, TRES Two Extra Firm Control Hairspray 

     The Tools Needed to Achieve the Look: Blow dryer, Curling iron, Wide comb
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    Summer Weekend Hairstyles – DreamDry

    Head into summer with a DreamDry inspired hairstyle! Whether you’re going to the beach, heading on a tropical getaway or going out at the local rooftop bar – you can achieve the perfect bohemian, summer chic hair-do that’s warm weather approved thanks to DreamDry! Sonia David, Lead Stylist at New York and Chicago’s premier blowout destination is giving you the tips on achieving the DreamDry style that works for your summer weekend occasions:

    Scan 270

    For the beach – The Fishtail is messy with volume, your “mermaid” inspired braid . A fishtail braid can be intimidating, so for beginners I suggest sticking to a regular braid with added texture. Start by teasing your roots for volume at your crown. Gently secure hair into a low ponytail with a hair tie. Braid your ponytail all the way to the bottom securing in place with an additional hair tie. Lastly, separate pieces of the braid for an effortless, undone look!


    For a tropical getaway – Bianca is the ultimate crown braid, that goes from day to night. Easily achieve this look by separating your hair into two parts. Create a braid on each side and secure them in place with hair ties. Wrap one braid around the front of your crown securing in place with bobby pins. Then, wrap the second braids in the opposite direction securing with bobby pins as well. Finish your look by gently separating pieces of the braid for a relaxed, bohemian chic vibe.


    For a night out – Juliette is soft and romantic side-swept glamour with a braid. You can create this look with hair that’s straight or wavy, by taking a section of hair at the crown. Create a braid securing it with a hair tie, and wrap it around the side of your head. Keep it in place with bobby pins for a look that’s casual yet stylish.


    More hair inspiration by visiting DreamDry’s Style Menu, on www.dreamdry.com.

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    BACKSATGE BEAUTY: TRESemmé at Marissa Webb A/W ’16

    Marissa Webb’s Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection combines delicate fabrics and hemlines with utilitarian structures in neutral whites, blacks and greys. The flowing hemlines and girly details in playful florals and warm shades add a soft flare to juxtapose the masculine jackets. TRESemmé Stylist Jeanie Syfu was inspired to create two hair looks this season to showcase the modern, feminine feel of the collection.



          Sleek Parted Ponytail:

    1. Prep damp hair with TRESemmé Extra Firm Control Mousse, and then use a comb to create a deep side part.
    2. Blow dry in the direction of the part with a flat brush, guiding hair towards the nape of the neck for a polished look.
    3. Gather hair into a low ponytail using a comb and fasten with an elastic.
    4. Apply TRESemmé Extra Firm Control Gel along part and hairline using a hair color application brush for a sleek, refined finish.
    5. Set the look with TRESemmé TRES Two Ultra Fine Mist Hair Sprayunnamed (1)Low Loop Bun:
      1. Prep damp hair with TRESemmé Extra Firm Control Mousse, and then use a comb to create a deep side part.
      2. Blow dry in the direction of the part with a flat brush, guiding hair towards the nape of the neck for a polished look.
      3. Gather hair into a low ponytail using a comb and fasten with an elastic.
      4. Flip the ponytail up, and then down to create two loops. Fasten with another elastic around the center of the folds and secure, forming a double-looped bun. Make sure to leave the ends out for added edge.
      5. Apply TRESemmé Extra Firm Control Gel along part and hairline using a hair color application brush for a sleek, refined finish.
      6. Set the look with TRESemmé TRES Two Ultra Fine Mist Hair Spray.


      • TRESemmé Extra Firm Control Mousse
      • TRESemmé Extra Firm Control Gel
      • TRESemmé TRES Two Ultra Fine Mist Hair Spray

      TOOLS:  Blow dryer, flat brush, comb, hair color application brush, elastic.

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    Copper Core – Secret to Bouncy Hair

    I just tried 1907 by Fromm Copper Core Thermal Round Brushes! These brushes are really this amazing. It took me no time to dry my hair and it gave me bouncy, shiny hair all day long. 


    Copper technology @frommbeauty #kbeauty ☺??????????

    A video posted by Yvonne Kai (@heydoyou) on

    Available at beautybrands.com

    Faster:  Superior temperature control dries hair 30% faster, reducing hand and wrist fatigue!

    Naturally anti-microbial:  Copper destroys 88% of bacteria, preventing dandruff, itching, and flaking.

    In addition to the copper coated barrel, with a sealant to maintain ideal heat resistance over time, this collection from 1907 by Fromm features an innovative insert bar with two unique benefits. The bar uses two-in-one technology to blow-dry with ionic nylon properties, while the 100% pure boar bristle strip grips and shines hair. The waved nylon bristles latch onto locks to dry hair in less time with less damage.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 9.02.57 PM

    Facebook: @beautybrands

    Twitter: @beautybrands

    Instagram: @beauty.brands

    Hashtag: #beautybrands

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    Smooth Waves with @JohnFriedaUS

    I have been growing my hair since June and now it is almost ponytail length!  I love it when long hair has a slight curl but it is still smooth. I remember in 11th grade my oh-so glamorous friend Maria use to use these but they had complicated pins and prongs. So I am happy that now, 10 years later, they have come up with newer and easier tools.  Even though you can achieve this look in a few different ways with or without tools (like rolling your hair up while damp in a bun and then letting it out when it’s dry). Using hot rollers is one of the easiest ways.


    I recently tried the John Frieda Smooth Waves Conair Hair Setter.

    It featuring five 2-inch titanium ceramic-coated jumbo rollers, this breakthrough hair setter helps you create silky waves for a naturally sensual look. The cutting-edge, professional-grade design uses a true ionic generator to safely distribute heat throughout hair, so there’s no fear of frizz or dull strands. Hair wraps easily around the generously-sized 2” jumbo rollers, which use an extreme heat feature to heat up instantly, delivering perfectly smooth, voluminous waves in a flash.

    The best thing about this is how easy it is to use. You plug it in, it heats up and then you curl your hair around it. It doesn’t slide because of the textured surface and it doesn’t burn your fingers if you hold on to the purple part. The clip is easy to put on and then you just wait 10 mins. You will feel the heat emit from the rollers while you wait and you can think about how hot you are going to look once it’s finished 🙂

    I am sure that I will be using this a lot more when my hair gets a few inches longer!