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    With 92% less sugar than regular candy and no taste compromise… Healthy Hippo is a clear win!

    When it comes to sugar, say hello monk fruit and bye to stevia. But why you may ask? The truth is, after tried lots of different natural sweeteners when Healthy Hippo testing their candy and found that Monk Fruit was well, just the best! It has a cleaner, balanced sweetness when compared to stevia, but more importantly it doesn’t have the signature stevia aftertaste and it doesn’t overwhelm the delicious fruit flavors.

    Healthy Hippo believes in high-quality ingredients and are the only North American candy brand to use solely monk fruit juice concentrate to sweeten their candy, giving them that balanced sweetness without the junk – no sugar alcohols, stevia, or allulose! Monk fruit is gut-friendly and doesn’t have the funky aftertaste that stevia products can often have. So they chose to sweeten their candy with only monk fruit juice concentrate because after lots (and lots) of testing, they found it was the clear winner in a pretty big way. 

    Fun fact, did you know that Healthy Hippo is not only low cal, but it’s also been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries as a sore throat remedy? Well, now it’s even being researched for its anti-inflammatory properties! Healthy Hippo Candy is formulated with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives – free of artificial flavors, sweeteners, and sugar alcohols. High in fiber, fully vegan, non-GMO, and made with absolutely nothing artificial! Healthy Hippo candies are made with natural fruit and vegetable juices such as turmeric and spirulina.

    Healthy Hippo takes your tummies seriously, and they know that too high of a fiber content can cause stomach-aches. They keep their fiber content high but still balanced so kids can eat more than one bag with no upset tummies! Each bag is less than 17g of fiber, which means you can indulge safely!

    Healthy Hippo is leading the category as the only low sugar candy brand in North America to have a carbon neutral certification, targeting sustainability improvements from their ingredients to transportation, processing and packaging.

    Can’t decide which to try? Healthy Hippo has got you covered with the Variety Pack! The Hippo Gummies (2) have a sweet, soft, and chewy texture with flavors – including lemon, watermelon, mango, and strawberry. The fruit gummies also come as Sour Hippo Gummies (2), which start off sour and fade to sweet. The Swedish Hippos (2) are tangy, berry sweet and mouthwatering from beginning to end.