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    Adamandeve.com Quiz Unlocks Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response Triggers

    Relaxation. Euphoria. Tingling. These are the words used to describe the result of an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR, trigger. This newly acknowledged phenomenon, which leaves some devotees with what they call a “brain orgasm,” is the subject of adult e-tailer giant Adam & Eve’s (http://www.adamandeve.com) latest research effort – an informative quiz that can be found here: http://www.adameve.com/t-what-is-your-asmr-trigger.aspx.

    Take the survey to find if you have any ASMR triggers. ASMR stimuli include auditory, visual and tactile experiences. While decidedly non-sexual, ASMR triggers can be anything that gives a person that tingling sensation that starts in the scalp and moves throughout the body. It creates a blissful calm that many utilize for insomnia, stress or meditation.

    “Common ASMR triggers are the sight and sound of pages turning in a book, rain on a tin roof or a tickling whisper in your ear,” explains Adam & Eve resident sexologist Dr. Kat Van Kirk. “Others — seeing someone fold laundry, fingernails tapping on a table or watching and listening to painter Bob Ross — are more obscure, but still have a following.”

    A recent “Are You ASMR Prone” Hot Jar poll from adamandeve.com asked over 2,000 visitors if they have ever experienced this unique tingling sensation, what caused it and if they have or would be willing to engage in any of these triggers intimately. Fifty-seven percent said they had experienced an ASMR sensation resulting from whispering, light blowing or hand movements. Another 82% of adults polled said they intentionally engage in activities to produce this tingling sensation.

    “The scientific community has only recently delved into the ASMR movement,” explains Dr. Kat. “While many people have positive reactions to ASMR triggers, many others aren’t affected at all. And some have negative reactions to the stimuli. However, we believe there is an opportunity to take ASMR experiences to the next level, and explore how reaction to certain stimuli could be translated to the bedroom and enhance arousal and orgasm for many couples.”

    Adam & Eve’s AMSR quiz is designed to help individuals assess whether they have ASMR triggers and how they can put them to good use. For more information on ASMR, please go here: http://www.adameve.com/sex-guides/blog/what-is-asmr.aspx.

    Numerous YouTube videos have brought ASMR to light for millions of people.

    There are some holiday gift products I recommend for your and your love.

     Eve’s Bad Bad Bunny with Massaging Beads

    $129.95 at Adam & Eve.  Triple stimulators tease all your hot spots simultaneously!

    Have triple the fun with this ultra-naughty triple stimulating rabbit! As 7 functions of vibration buzz through both clitoral and anal stimulators, the smooth silicone shaft massages your inner walls with internal beads. The beads flow up and down like stroking fingers, with 7 settings that give you so many ways to play!

    • Triple stimulation silicone rabbit
    • Large 5.5” x 1.35” insertable shaft with internal beads
    • Multiple beads flow up and down for an incredible inner massage
    • Flexible bunny in front for clitoral stimulation
    • Ultra-bendy anal tickler lets you tease outer areas or insert
    • 7 function vibration in clitoral and anal stimulators
    • 7 function massaging beads
    • Use massage solo, clitoral and anal vibration solo, or feel it all at once
    • Fully rechargeable via included USB cable
    • Charges in approx. 2 ½ hours
    • 60-80 minutes of play time on a single charge
    • Waterproof and fully submersible

    Eve’s Lucky Bunny

    $29.95 at Adam & Eve.

    Many women prefer the cute bunny ears on popular rabbit style vibes over other features.

    If this sounds like you, then grab this Lucky Bunny now!

    Eve’s Lucky Bunny sports a pair of tender, flexible bunny ears designed for the clitoral hot spot. Each ear is a-buzzin’ with 7 different functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation.

    This 6.5″ tall, 1″ wide silicone vibe is easy to handle. Not only are the ears suitable for surface stimulation, it will rock your world anywhere you put them!

    • Eve’s Lucky Bunny
    • Personal vibrator designed primarily for women
    • Soft silicone ears on a firm, shaft shaped body
    • 6.5” x 1”, 4.5” insertable
    • Ears are 1.5” long
    • Uses 1 AAA battery (sold separately)

    A&E G-Bunny Slim

    $44.95 at Adam & Eve.

    Here’s a powerful, updated version of the traditional rabbit vibe designed for easier use and enjoyment.

    • A&E G-Bunny Slim
    • Angled, flexible, bulbous G-spot massager tip
    • Rabbit-shaped clit stimulator
    • 2 separate motors, one for G-spot, the other for the clitoris work simultaneously
    • Slender 1.3″ wide shaft is narrower than most similar vibrators
    • 8.75″ long, insertable up to 4.75″
    • 10 speeds and functions of vibration, escalation and pulsation
    • Crafted from high-end silicone
    • Best with water-based lube or gel
    • Uses 2 AA batteries, sold separately
    • Waterproof

    There is one more idea to make your Christmas night more shining.

    It’s officially the holiday season and time for lots of shopping! So don’t hesitate to put all your wants into the shopping cart.

    Cute bras, sleepwear and lingerie from Adore Me.

    Adore Me redefines lingerie to make beautiful fashion affordable for every body. Feel sexy, have fun, and adore the new you! Want to know more about it? Click the links below.





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    Ready for Holidays? Welch’s Christmas Fruit Snacks

    Christmas is coming, and I know you are preparing some snacks and candies for your family and guests. What I prepared is perfect and simple. Go to the store and buy this tasty and holiday-looking snacks. Most importantly, it tastes as cute as it looks.

    As the season of gift giving is nearly upon us, Welch’s Christmas Fruit Snacks also can be a great holiday gift for your friends. Who doesn’t a sweet cute Christmas gift? The Welch’s Christmas Fruit Snacks is the perfect stocking stuffers as it comes in specially designed 4-count boxes. The snacks are the perfect additional to any gift, with the fun holiday themed boxes.


    • Made with REAL Fruit
    • Fruit is the First Ingredient
    • 100% DV Vitamin C
    • 25% DV Vitamins A & E
    • Fat-Free
    • Gluten-Free
    • No Preservatives
    • 4ct box with 0.9oz. pouches / $1.00


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    Perfect Christmas gift idea from NARCISO RODRIGUEZ

    I really understand your feeling about holidays, you enjoy it but at the same time worrying what should you prepare for your loves, especially for him. Usually for guys, there are always much less choices than gifts for girls. So I want to recommend something to you. This year’s Christmas, what I prepare for my boyfriend is this gift set from NARCISO RODRIGUEZ.

    It includes a 3.3 oz. Eau de Toilette Spray, and two 2.5 oz. Shower Gels. I was attracted by the wrap first, it looks very upscale and luxury. But perfectly it has a very reasonable price.

    Narciso Rodriguez for him bleu noir Holiday Gift Set
    Celebrate the holiday with Narciso Rodriguez fragrances. The for him bleu noir gift set is perfect for themodern man and features a 3.3 oz. Eau de Toilette Spray, and two 2.5 oz. Shower Gels. 

    Suggested Retail Price: $89.00  Available at fine department stores nationwide 

    If you are like me, are addicted to Narciso Rodriguez, here has other more holiday gift choices for ladies.

    Narciso Rodriguez ‘for her’ Eau de Toilette Holiday Gift Set 
    Celebrate the holiday with Narciso Rodriguez fragrances. The ‘for her’ Eau de Toilette gift set features a3.3 oz. Eau de Toilette Spray, a 2.5 oz. Body Lotion, and a 10 ml Purse Spray

    Suggested Retail Price: $107.00  Available at fine department stores nationwide.

    Narciso Rodriguez ‘for her’ Eau de Parfum Holiday Gift Set
    Celebrate the holiday with Narciso Rodriguez fragrances. The ‘for her’ Eau de Parfum gift set features a3.3 oz. Eau de Parfum Spray, a 2.5 oz. Body Lotion, and a 10 ml Purse Spray

    Suggested Retail Price: $124.00  Available at fine department stores nationwide.

    Narciso Rodriguez NARCISO Eau de Parfum Holiday Gift Set
    Celebrate the holiday with Narciso Rodriguez fragrances. The NARCISO Eau de Parfum gift set features a3.0 oz. Eau de Parfum Spray, a 2.5 oz. Body Lotion, and a 10 ml Purse Spray

    Suggested Retail Price: $114.00  Available at fine department stores nationwide.

    Narciso Rodriguez NARCISO Eau de Toilette Holiday Gift Set
    Celebrate the holiday with Narciso Rodriguez fragrances. The NARCISO Eau de Toilette gift set features a3.0 oz. Eau de Toilette Spray, a 2.5 oz body lotion, and a 10 ml Purse Spray

    Suggested Retail Price: $100.00  Available at fine department stores nationwide.

    Narciso Rodriguez NARCISO Eau de Parfum Gift Set 
    Celebrate the holiday with Narciso Rodriguez fragrances. The NARCISO Eau de Parfum gift set features a3.0 oz. Eau de Parfum Spray and a 10 ml Purse Spray. 

    Suggested Retail Price: $114.00  Available exclusively at Bloomingdale’s

    Narciso Rodriguez NARCISO Eau de Toilette Gift Set 
    Celebrate the holiday with Narciso Rodriguez fragrances. The NARCISO Eau de Toilette gift set features a3.0 oz. Eau de Toilette Spray and a 10 ml Purse Spray.

    Suggested Retail Price: $100.00  Available exclusively at Bloomingdale’s 

    Narciso Rodriguez NARCISO Travel Spray Gift Set
    The NARCISO travel spray gift set features a 10 ml Eau de Toilette Purse Sprayand two 10 ml Eau deParfum Purse Sprays. 

    Narciso Rodriguez ‘for her’ Travel Spray Gift Set
    The ‘for her’ Travel Spray Gift Set features two 10 ml Eau de Toilette Purse Sprays, and one 10 ml Eau deParfum Purse Spray. 

    Suggested Retail Price: $50.00  Available at fine department stores nationwide.

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    New @MOSCOT Holiday Collection

    MOSCOT, a New York City institution renowned worldwide for its iconic eyewear — The MOSCOT Originals, MOSCOT Spirit, and MOSCOT Sun Collections — today announced a precious new addition to the MOSCOT family: The Jewel Tone Collection.

    Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 10.53.42 PMPerennial favorites from The MOSCOT Originals Collection, The HYMAN, LEMTOSH, and MILTZEN, are now available in jubilant Jewel Tone Colors, Ruby and Sapphire, and Emerald.

    Offered in ophthalmic, or with MOSCOT’s real Grey Glass Sun Lenses, these beautifully saturated, and festive gemstone hues arrive just in time for the holidays.

    “We are extremely excited about this unprecedented offering, and new edition to the MOSCOT Collections,” said Harvey Moscot, Co-President of MOSCOT. “Styles in our MOSCOT Originals Collection are always true to form, and faithfully reproduced from our Moscot family archives, but we decided to step out of the box, ushering in a colorful new era, just in time for the holiday season, and our 100 year anniversary.”

    The MOSCOT Originals Jewel Tone Collection retails for $240 USD in ophthalmic and $270 USD with real Grey Glass Sun Lenses. The HYMAN is available in ophthalmic sizes, 48 and 51, and 51 with real Grey Glass Sun Lenses. The LEMTOSH is available in ophthalmic sizes 44,46, and 49, and sizes 46, and 49 with real Grey Glass Sun Lenses. The MILTZEN is available in sizes 44, and 46, and size 46 with real Grey Glass Sun Lenses.

    For more information on new and existing styles from all MOSCOT Collections, and for a complete list of shops selling MOSCOT eyewear, please visit moscot.com.