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    Do your Christmas shopping in comfort! Which muumuu is behind your Christmas Wishlist?

    Focus on your family and the Holiday, or so you can treat yourself first. All the sparkle and all the fun! All in the most comfortable dress she’ll ever own. Give yourself, your sister, your best friend, your mom or your little princess Lounge & Liv’s loungewear and they’ll love it!

    I always love wearing mom & daughter and bestie outfits. Showing your love inside the Christmas gift box. Lounge & Liv offers various sizes, you can choose one style and fits all!⠀⠀⠀

    Gift for yourself, your bestie, your sister and your mom

    One size does NOT fit all! That’s why Lounge & Liv offers 3 sizes. Lounge life is the best life. These dresses are oversized by design! If you want a more tailored fit, size down. If you want more flow and extra room, size up! Each size up adds about 2 inches in length to the dress. That makes a difference too!

    Like the waves of the ocean, this dress has all the best Summer vibes!  It even leans toward an animal print design, which everyone loves!  Perfect for the pool out running errands, this dress will become a all season staple! There are other styles that you can choose from Lounge & Liv.

    It’s almost here! Do you have your matching jammies? Lounge & Liv still got them and they’re great for after the holidays too. The most comfortable dress in your wardrobe.

    Gift for your little princess 

    Give your little minis this little mini! The Red Plaid Mini Joey is versatile enough for your minis to wear during the summer months. A buttery-soft dress combined with a kangaroo pocket in front, this Mini Joey is made for comfort. She will be able to wear this everyday and no matter how many times this mini is washed, it will still look new!

    Perfect for all the upcoming Holiday gatherings. If they happen to fall asleep on the way home, they can sleep in this comfy dress too!  That’s a real Holiday gift!

    The Details
    • Buttery soft Brushed Poly/Spandex DTY
    • Wash and wear 100+ times and still looks new
    • No wrinkles = no ironing!
    • Front Kangaroo pocket for cozy hands
    • Crew neck styling
    • Slight A-line cut

    Life would be “ruff” without dogs, which is why Lounge & Liv’s Reversible Dog Bandanas would make a cute holiday gift for the pups in your life! They slide easily onto your dog’s collar and are delicate enough that your dog won’t even notice they are even wearing one.

    Paw-fect Bandanas for your pup

    The Reversible Dog Bandanas are made from the same buttery soft fabric as Lounge & Liv’s Dresses!  Soft & light – your pup won’t even know it’s there.  Reversible with 2 coordinating fabrics, they are sure please any fashion loving pup. Designed to slide onto your pet’s collar, these Bandanas will fit your dog perfectly! If you’re lucky enough to snag a matching Housedress, you and your pet will be the envy of the town!


    • Reversible for 2 ways to wear
    • Slides onto the pet’s own collar for custom fit
    • 3 sizes to fit any pooch
    • Made from the same fun fabric as our Housedresses
    • Proudly Designed and Manufactured in the USA

    Fabric: 95% Rayon 5% Spandex 180 GSM

    Care: Machine wash with like colors. Lay flat to dry.  Do not bleach.

    About Lounge & Liv:

    Lounge & Liv has the best modern Housedress for women. A modern day muumuu dress. The most comfortable dress you’ll ever own! The most versatile piece in your wardrobe. Lounge & Liv’s dresses are designed for comfort and ease. This is not your form-fitting, body-con dress! They are comfortable and flowy by design. (No gut crushing shapewear needed!) All fabric is personally handpicked to guarantee the perfect amount of softness, stretch, and recovery. Lounge & Liv prioritize comfort and softness!

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    There’s Nothing Better Than The Gift of A Good Night’s Sleep

    Not only do you want sheets that are soft, inviting and comfortable so you have a good night’s sleep, but you also want to help your bedroom look its very best. While you could purchase sheets blindly online or from a local store, you may never find that perfect shade — nor will you know exactly how those sheets will feel.

    Luckily, PeachSkinSheets offers free swatches so you can see our vibrant colors and feel our soft, comforting sheets before you commit to the purchase.

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    Soul much love in each cookie!

    SOUL much is launching the holiday gift boxes again this year and they are available on the website now! If you’re sending a box to a loved one, you can write a custom note in the notes section. With each box SOUL much also includes the positive environmental impact: how much food was rescued, water saved, and C02 diverted.

    This box is 100% plastic free! SOUL much worked REALLY hard to ensure EVERYTHING is as eco friendly as possible. That means even the tape, shipping label, and cookie wrappers are all made from plant materials and compostable!

    Holiday Cookie Box

    Regular price$29.95 USD
    This Holiday Cookie Box contains:

    Petite: 15 mixed assorted mini cookies

    • 3 mini Chocolate Chip Cookies
    • 3 mini Chocolate Espresso Cookies
    • 3 mini Red Velvet Beet Cookies
    • 3 mini Carrot Ginger Cookies
    • 3 mini Chocolate Mint Cookies

    Deluxe: 30 mixed assorted mini cookies

    • 6 mini Chocolate Chip Cookies
    • 6 mini Chocolate Espresso Cookies
    • 6 mini Red Velvet Beet Cookies
    • 6 mini Carrot Ginger Cookies
    • 6 mini Chocolate Mint Cookies


    Each box:

    • Rescues 1/2 lbs of food from going to landfill
    • Saves 150 gallons of water
    • Diverts 0.35 metric tons of C02 from our atmosphere

    Choosing holiday gifts that create positive environmental impact will do SOUL much more than bring joy to the people who receive your presents.

    Chocolate Chip

    Since day one this has been our top seller! The delicious blend of flavors balances your inner child’s craving for that classic chocolate chip flavor for a sweet treat with your mature desire to indulge without splurging. A healthy twist on the traditional favorite will leave you craving more. The first bite is filled with surprise. There’s something fluffy, almost like a cookie/cupcake but so much more filling.

    • Snack on SOUL much classic cookie after your morning run, yogi session, or as a breakfast cookie!
    • Freeze your cookies for optimal freshness.

    Chocolate Espresso

    This is for all you chocolate fans. SOUL much double chocolate espresso cookie packs the impressively rich flavors of organic cocoa with a decadent familiar taste of espresso. The high protein and caffeine boost will satiate any chocolate cravings while providing a little pick me up.

    • SOUL much espresso cookie pairs great with a cool glass of your favorite milk choice! Oat milk is our favorite!
    • Freeze your cookies for optimal freshness.

    Mint Chocolate

    Refreshing and satisfying, SOUL much mint chocolate cookies masterfully balance the rich flavors of organic cocoa with the coolness of mint. This powerful duo of rich and cool flavors can have you feeling rejuvenated on a warm day. SOUL much considers this a healthy 2.0 version of your classic girls scout thin mint.

    • Devour this mint chocolate cookie after one of your meals to fulfill all your chocolate mint dreams!
    • Freeze your cookies for optimal freshness.

    Red Velvet Beet

    SOUL much takes on the classic red velvet cookie blends wholesome and nutritious upcycled beets with a rich cocoa. This cookie is the perfect balance between a sweet and rich, decadent treat! This flavor fusion leaves your taste buds craving more!

    • Snack on this red velvet cookie as a midday pick me up or after your dinner to satisfy your sweet tooth craving!
    • Freeze your cookies for optimal freshness.

    Carrot Ginger Turmeric

    In the mood for carrot cake with a warm spicy kick? SOUL much carrot cookie mimics the flavors of classic carrot cake the sweet but spice packed flavors of your favorite carrot cake by utilizing the warm taste of cinnamon and nutmeg but with a fun twist of fresh upcycled ginger, turmeric and carrot pulp to add a wholesome taste that will leave you feeling energized and satiated.

    • Enjoy the carrot ginger cookie in the morning with your favorite coffee or tea!
    • Freeze your cookies for optimal freshness.

    All of SOUL much cookies comes packaged in a biodegradable cellophane sleeve. People constantly ask them, “How can you be an eco-friendly product when your cookies come packaged in a plastic sleeve?” First, SOUL much wants to say THANK YOU for caring! Second, the truth is, it’s NOT PLASTIC, it’s biodegradable cellophane! Cellophane is a great alternative to plastic. It has many of the beneficial properties such as clarify and structural strength, however, cellophane can biodegrade. Unlike plastic, cellophane is made from a plant based material called cellulose which is fully compostable. This allows for the packaging to break down over time, leaving no remnants. Plastic on the other hand, breaks down into tiny plastic micro-pieces that ultimately end up polluting our earth and oceans.



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    The Timeless Love Inside Timeless Skincare’s DIY Beauty Box

    Holiday season is officially here. Do you start your holiday gift shopping yet? I know everyone is busy and trying to work harder during these difficult days. But Holiday gifting is still important to show your love to the people who you really care about. If you can’t meet your family at this special year, how about mailing them a sweet gift box?

    The Timeless Skincare’s DIY Beauty Box is the perfect gift for your mom, your sister, your bestie, or just for yourself. You don’t need to compromise yourself to the normal skincare gift box set in the shopping malls. For example, there are 5 products in the gift box, but you only love 3 of them, you don’t need the other two, but the price is too good to refuse the “offer”. I agree it is a trick question, do you buy it or not? No, please don’t say yes. Because all you need is to choose a DIY beauty gift box!

    Timeless Skincare

    The Timeless DIY Beauty Box allows you to choose which five items you want inside. Use the drop-down selectors down below to personalize the Beauty Box for yourself or as a gift.

    These are what in my box:

    Q10 Serum With Matrixyl 3000 & Hyaluronic Acid, is made with 3 wrinkle fighting superstars and is the ultimate weapon to fight the visible signs of aging. Q10 is a powerful, naturally occurring antioxidant that energizes skin cells to re-build collagen & elastin. Matrixyl 3000™ is a safe alternative to most anti-aging product, maximizes the synthesis of collagen in the skin. Hyaluronic Acid increases & retains moisture for skin that looks and feels hydrated. This anti-aging trifecta works overtime to replenish and repair while smoothing fine lines & wrinkles.

    Recommended For:

    All skin types, particularly those with visible aging

    • Powerful Antioxidant Defense
    • Prevents the visible signs of aging
    • Helps restore skins firmness + texture
    • Repairs environmentally damaged skin
    • Protects against future damage


    Vitamin B5 Serum is a light-weight, oil-free multi-tasking serum that helps soothe, calm and repair troubled skin. Boost your skin confidence by healing blemishes, reducing redness and minimize scarring. Helps restore the skin’s natural barrier. Expertly combined with the smoothing benefits of Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and balance for a healthy glow.

    Recommended For:

    All skin types, especially oily, troubled and sensitive

    • Helps stimulate your skins natural healing process
    • Calms break outs
    • Soothe Redness
    • Helps minimize scarring

    Help rehydrate skin and boost skin’s moisture levels by keeping skin healthy & hydrated with Timeless Skin Care Hyaluronic Acid Serum 100% Pure. Hyaluronic Acid can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, making it the number one, go-to ingredient for hydration. This serum contains 1% pure Hyaluronic acid, the highest concentration in maintaining the skin’s moisture.

    Recommended For: All skin types

    • Boosts skin’s moisture levels
    • Keeps skin healthy & hydrated throughout the day
    • Relieves the appearance of tightness
    • Helps dehydrated skin
    • Assists in the delivery of active ingredients across the skin


    The perfect pick me up for your skin! This Hydrating Sprays instantly absorb to give tired, dull and dry skin a boost. This lighter version of our best-selling Hyaluronic Acid Serums includes Matrixyl 3000 + Aloe Barbadensis to re-hydrate, soothe and protect throughout the day.

    Infused with gentle Rose Oil to help re-focus and center yourself. Rose oil has been utilized for centuries for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties which makes this one a must have for Winter skin.

    Recommended For: All skin types

    • Instantly hydrates and refreshes skin
    • Provides protection from the environment
    • Helps refresh your makeup during the day


    Give your eyes some extra TLC with this ultra-hydrating eye cream. Hyaluronic Acid and Matrixyl 3000™ work overtime to repair, plump and smooth fine lines around the eyes. Algae extract combined with soy rice peptides and watermelon help reduce puffiness, while boosting elasticity for to leave the eye area lifted and refreshed.

    Recommended For: All skin types

    • Hydrates skin around both upper and lower eye area
    • Reduces Puffiness
    • Reduces the look of dark circles.
    • Supports skins elasticity for a firmer appearance

    This DIY Gift Box has everything that I want. But there is one product I want extra. It is the 20% VITAMIN C + E FERULIC ACID SERUM that I use everyday currently, need one more to “refill my beauty storage”.


    Give your skin a mega dose of Vitamin C. Our 20% Vitamin C + E + Ferulic Acid serum brightens skin, builds collagen and evens out tone. Enhanced with Vitamin E & Ferulic Acid, this serum is a great pick me up for dull, discolored and stressed skin, while providing 24/7 protection against environmental pollutants.

    Recommended For: All skin types.

    • Brightens dull complexions
    • Corrects hyperpigmentation and discoloration
    • It provides protection against environmental stressors

    Target.com now carries the full range of Timeless products including all nine serums, two eye creams and the groundbreaking HA Hydrating sprays. TimelessSkin Care is renowned for using high concentrations of active ingredients, such as Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, CoEnzyme Q10 and Matrixyl 3000 in clean formulas.

    About Timeless Skin Care:

    Timeless Skin Care was founded in 2009 by Alex and Veronica Pedersen with a mission to create advanced skin care solutions that are effective and affordable. Today, Timeless Skin Care has grown into a globally recognized brand known for their scientifically advanced ingredient serums and specialty products. Operating out of a 70 000 square foot facility in Rancho Cucamonga, Timeless formulates and manufactures all their products in-house, with a corporate office in Newport Beach.

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    I believe this holiday is the most different one for a lot of families. No matter you will celebrate holidays with your family or not, it is still important to send your care and love to them. AirPop is the world’s first “air wearables” company. It has been building masks since 2015, and it’s aimed at building masks that fit well, filter better, and retain breathability. At the heart of it all is AirPop‘s lab-certified filter, which keeps out over 99% of particles and droplets. These filters offer 40 hours of wear time, and can be replaced without having to replace the whole mask.

    Engineered for long-wearing comfort, exceptional fitted filtration and unparalleled breathability. Finally, the consumer version is available for everyday use. The foundation of AirPop entire range of masks is class-leading filtration that works 2 ways. Every breath inward through AirPop masks is >99% filtered of particles and droplets and importantly today, every breath outward is filtered just the same.

    AirPop wants to give consumers more control over the air they breathe and their health. What you eat, drink and breathe are key factors to maintaining good health, yet the focus is so often on everything except air quality. AirPop’s mission is to use science, technology, and design to create smart products that provide an effective barrier for you and others against airborne particulates.


    • Patented Innovative Design

    FIT | AirPop’s Unique cushioned TPU nose seal supports easy positioning and anti-fogging with eyewear. Ergonomic wing design and adjustable ear loops deliver a custom fit for every face and comfortable feel for every activity.

    • >99% Efficiency

    FILTRATION | 99.3% particle filtration (PFE) and 99.9% bacterial filtration (BFE) plus fluid resistance. Exceeds Community face coverings CWA 17553:2020 guidelines.

    • Unparalleled Breathability

    FUNCTION | AirPop’s unique 3D structure creates a canopy of air that keeping the mask off the face for effortless breathability. Paired with low resistance materials the Light SE Mask delivers unrestricted airflow for easy breathing.


    Features only found on AirPop:

    • Cushioned Nose Seal | Ultra-soft, cushioned seal, conforms around the nose and provides a perfect seal. Reduces fogging for people who wear glasses.
    • Ergonomic Wing Design | Patented wing shape wraps around the cheekbone, re-balancing and easing tension on the nose resulting in less pressure on ear lobes.
    • Engineered For Comfort | Contoured 3-D shape, with patented nose seal gives a lighter experience. Adaptable fit for a wide range of adult sizes and shapes
    • 40 Hr. Wear Time | Designed for cumulative use of one week or no more than 40 hours. Please visit our FAQ to see how you can reuse the Light SE mask.

    At AirPop, every breath counts. 

    Drawn from global insights and based on the most up-to-date material science AirPop combined a fitted face covering and a lightweight fluid barrier to create a totally new, filtration and breathing experience that is effective for up to one week.

    AirPop delivers superior performance by solving the 3 critical issues: fit, filtration, and function (breathability). Each of these factors plays a key role in ensuring a reliable, two-way barrier by keeping a tight enough seal around facial areas, without suffocating or being too uncomfortable to wear. Breathe clean, breathe safe, breathe easy.


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    The Best Tasting and Cleanest Coffee Ever! Biodynamic Coffee uses Regenerative Farming Practices

    Your morning cup of joy just got better tasting and cleaner. Biodynamic Coffee by Holistic Roasters is making a difference and coffee lovers reap the benefits. It’s the cleanest and tastiest coffee on the market, grown using Biodynamic farming practices that enhance the natural fertility of the soil and prohibits the use of chemical fertilizers. It’s healthier for farmers who grow the beans, the environment, and consumers alike. It makes a great holiday gift as well.

    Did you know that coffee is one of the most heavily sprayed crops? Healthy soil free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers is the best atmosphere to grow coffee plants. The recent popularity of documentaries such as The Biggest Little Farm and Kiss the Ground where Biodynamic farming is brought to the forefront is proof of the growing importance of brands such as Holistic Roasters.

    Great coffee comes from healthy soil

    Biodynamic farming doesn’t use pesticides (natural or otherwise) and encourages biodiversity. Holistic Roasters is certified by Demeter USA and assures Biodynamic integrity.

    The company offers a sustainably grown, minimal-waste Biodynamic Coffee packaged in 100% compostable packaging. Three whole bean blends are available and tested in California labs for molds and contaminants.


    • Delicate and subtle showcasing the natural aromas of the bean
    • A light roast is to kickstart your day with a fresh, clean cup of coffee
    • perfect for a pour-over and when you’re ready to focus your mind & body
    • Contains higher levels of chlorogenic acid, a polyphenol that has been shown to protect against many chronic health conditions
    • Price: $19.95 for a 12 oz bag

    Rise and Shine

    • Rich, balanced, bold, and… straight to the point!
    • This medium roast is great for espresso, french press, and for those who like a tasty cup of sustained energy
    • A great source of caffeic acid and antioxidants, compounds that have been shown to decrease  inflammation and can prevent premature aging
    • Price: $19.95 for a 12 oz bag

    French Roast

    • The classic dark roast, with a smoky, bitter chocolate flavor and low acidity
    • A great choice for automatic coffee makers and espresso
    • A source of phenylindanes, a set of compounds that have been shown to protect the brain from neurodegenerative conditions
    • Price: $19.95 for a 12 oz bag

    About Holistic Roasters:

    Holistic Roasters is a Demeter USA certified coffee roaster. The company sources its coffee directly from family-run, biodynamic farms and cooperatives. With its Biodynamic Coffee line, consumers are getting clean, healthy, coffee that tastes great and that helps regenerate the environment. Follow them on Instagram @biodynamiccoffee.