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    Warm 60, Hot Mess and Funk Ballet @sacredbrooklyn

    One of the most common resolutions are to ‘get to shape’, lose weight or exercise more for the new year.

    So it comes as no surprise that it is of course one of mine too! A lot of you know, I tried 3 months at Crunch and hardly went at all (30 mins walk) and did a few uninspired classes at Mark Morris Dance Studio. My effort was lackluster and the results were just about the same. I don’t want to ‘guilt’ myself into going or not going. Just want to find something fun to do again.

    How do I get back into this shape???

    Even though I live in New York City and walk practically everywherem everyday – with or without my dog or groceries (AND live in a 6th floor walk-up) it is still not enough. Yoga has been so ‘hot’ for the last little while and a lot of my friend’s lives have been changed from inside out from practice. I am looking for a really unique place and something that works with my schedule. With the pin-up motif, the premium prices and close proximity, I am really excited for this studio I walked by 1000 times but have not set foot in called Sacred.

    Pole Dance Class! Yipee!

    Through Yelp and a friend of a friend, I decided to check out Sacred – A top rated yoga studio just 2 blocks from my house! Woohoo!  They offer a variety of classes at a premium rate and I can’t wait to try out what they have in-store. From their website, I can see drop in rates are $20 per class. I  think I will buy a set of 10 classes and see how well I do. They also have a great deal that is $20 for 2 weeks of unlimited classes. A sampler pack if you will. I definitely want to get into the habit of sweating, stretching and dancing on a regular basis again!

    This is Dara, the owner of Sacred

    The hot yoga, hot pilates and ballet classes are just the tip of the iceberg. They also have bodyworks, acupuncture, kid’s classes and free sessions every Saturday at noon for the community.  I can’ t wait to meet the people, funky instructors and my sexy summer bod.

    Stay tuned to see my progress 🙂

    197 Clifton Place
    Brooklyn, NY 11216

    phone: (347)715-4112

    email: dara@sacredbrooklyn.com