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    To say I have a love affair with Africa would simply be an understatement. After doing my undergrad in Comparative Literature in African and Asian Cultures… I am mesmerized and truly believe that everything comes from the Motherland. Through love of this entire continent and the soul of its people, my eyes light up and I can say I have a true love for black people.  A beautiful performance by Dede last night reminded me of my love for artful, vivacious people in my life.  In order to create art, music and inspiration, you have to experience and gone through life. I am a true believe that deep pain spawns true beauty. This is the meaning of African Beauty.

    Iyadede is an independant artist born in Rwanda raised in Belgium and currently based in Brooklyn New York!
    Her sound is eclectic wide as the galaxy she gracefully evolves in.
    it is definetely new music you gonna dig and want to play for your friends…

    Dede spirit and artistry made me miss my Bella so much! As you guys know Bella is from Zambia and her swagg in on a hundred trillion. Dede is from Rwanda and though these 2 ladies have totally different stories, come from different countries and backgrounds, being in her presence reminded me of what a blessing it is to be around SOULFUL women.

    Electro-pop, Afri-pop, a breath of fresh air. More Dede for Days on her Tumblr!

    “You owe it to God to share yourself with the world”

    Get her Mixtape HERE