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    Welcome To The Egg House

    This is the last month The Egg House stay in New York. Let us grab the last chance to check this very cool place out!

    What is The Egg House?

    The world’s beloved breakfast food found a new home in New York City! When his friends ask him why NYC, Ellis replies, “I have a dream that I could be a part of something greater here.” He has opened up his humble home in the Lower East Side, where together we get to interact with his hopes and dreams in a place called The Egg House.

    Embark On A Journey with an ambitious egg living in the Lower East Side. As a new eggling arriving to New York City, Ellis hits the concrete jungle and visits the bright lights in Times Square. With little money, Ellis goes window shopping in Soho and visits the Met. On nights and weekends, Ellis works at a modest restaurant to keep the big dream alive of becoming a part of something greater.

    New York City is the playground to find yourself but coming to a new place with dreams sometimes can feel lonely. The Egg House is a place where we can come together and celebrate our dreams & aspirations and see what great things New York City has in store.

    The Egg House starts when Ellis lays down to rest and the magic begins!


    Interact with the background to find a delight sunny surprise.


    Nest up with your friends to find a cozy spot together.


    Come play together! We swing when we play!


    Life isn’t always caviar and candy but when it is…last one in is a rotten egg.


    Another word for “speakeasy”. You really think we would tell you 😉

    Let’s go for an Eggventure with me!

    So many cool people come to have fun, including the Victoria Secret models! What are you waiting for? Let us have a fantasy dream together in Ellis’s dream.

    Eggloo and The Egg Shop are collaboration with The Egg House, providing some special foods at there.

    The cutest soap – Come Clean is selling at the Egg House! People are crazy about this super cute and fun soap!

    Youji x LULU’s NYC series postcards are available at The Egg House.

    The Egg House’s special event – Illustrator LULU was invited to be The Egg House drawing live portraits for the guests.

    This is the last month for this wonderful adventure! Because next month, The Egg House is going to be in Shanghai! I believe the people in Shanghai will love this beautiful pop up show too. Come to have the last chance to join in Ellis’ adventure. Here is the link to get the ticket.

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    Featuring Yueming Qu’s “Young and Beautiful – Something About New York” Project

    The graduates in illustration MFA Program at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) will be presenting their works in Gallery FIT located in the Museum at FIT on Seventh Avenue at 27th Street in New York City. The exhibition runs from June 13th to the end of the month. The Museum is open from Tuesday to Friday, 12pm to 8pm, and Saturday, 10am to 5pm.The exhibition is titled “Thirteen Stories”, as there are thirteen students in this class. Fashion artist Yueming Qu will be showing her artworks from her book, titled:” Young and Beautiful – Something About New York”.

    “Young and Beautiful – Something About New York” is a guide book of New York City using illustrations from some young girls’ perspectives. They are seventeen girls who live in New York City, whose age range from twenty to early thirties. The girls came from different countries, working in different fields, and looking extremely different, but now, all of them are living in the same city – New York. Yueming gathered these seventeen girls by friends’ introducing, Craigslist, Instagram, and even in the subway. All the girls are young, and beautiful no matter outside and inside. Yueming found the attractive points of these girls and interviewed with them. She asked questions about these girls’ lives in New York, and let them to introduce some good spots in the city, such as their favorite restaurants and the best nightlife places. Then Yueming would go to the spots to check out and illustrate them. At the exhibition, Yueming makes her work an interactive work. She printed her illustrations on nice paper and handcrafted them into magnets which the people attending the exhibit can interact with.

    “New York is the most international city in the world. People here are comimg to chase their dreams from every corner of the earth, of course including these young girls. They are young, ambitious, hard working, but sometimes they feel tired of busy New York lives. I interviewed with them and get to know the real lives in this city, what they answered is what I drew on the paper. It is all real.” Yueming stated, “I know there are already thousands of guide books about this city, but the one I make is just from these young female New Yorkers’ perspectives.” Yueming loves doing live location sketches in the city because she thinks New York is the city that keeps changing but at the same time has a timeless beauty. Watercolor, gouache, ink and pen, she uses these materials to illustrate these fashionable girls with their suggestions about the city.

    The two things make Yueming’s art style impressive are she originally came from China and majored in Chinese painting. She graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and got a Master of Art degree. Three years ago, she came to New York to be a fashion illustrator. Her artwork has been exhibited in museums and galleries internationally and published in many magazines such as Interiors + Sources magazine and Woman’s Day magazine. She was invited to draw live sketches in New York Fashion Week every season.

    Yueming still keeps using traditional Asian brushes to draw the color, and she uses pen to make fine lines. She says fashion illustration is not only about pretty girls, and it can go deeper than surface appearance. For more information contact Yueming Qu at quyueminglulu@gmail.com.


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    Follow @JessMindful

    Who: Jess Mindful
    What: LA based illustrator and artist with Etsy shop (http://www.etsy.com/shop/MissMindful)
    Why: She is dope and her baby Narwhal makes me giggle
    Where: Get at her Instagram (MISSMINDFUL) and Facebook
    When: Cutest in charge, all day everyday
    How: Support her art!  Buy something on Etsy  or say hi on Twitter @JessMindful

    I feel like this looks just like me ^_^

    I think her art is Harajuku cute with a mix between French Fafi cuties and Kawaii Japanese Gyaru girls. When I launch my makeup line, I’d hire Jess to do all the campaigns!  My wish for Jess. 1> for her amazing success with her art!  2> do a collabo with some beauty brand 3> get on Pinterest and have cookies and cupcakes made of her art 4> stuffed animals and iPhone cases! 5> become the next tokidoki.

    Sooooo as I went through her illustrations, I felt this uncanny feeling of familiarity… When my friends tell me I look like a cartoon, I never realized that it was true. Thanks JessMindful for confirming my true identity. I am actually a cartoon!

    Side swept bangs, dress with large bow, heart ring

    Pile of pandas, i mean puppies

    Oversized glasses, suspenders, freckles, lashes (All i need is a squid!)

    Black and white stripy shirt, white dress, long necklace, cutest knee caps ever

    Pink flower, lashes, sleepy panda opps i mean puppy


    Ruffles, pink bow, lashes

    (all illustrated images are via MissMindful)