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    A Unique Luxury French Extrait de Parfum New Collection without the Markup

    Next month will be my good friend’s wedding. I am always struggling about the wedding gift. As you know, there are so many choices on the market, but everything seems so similar. I don’t want to the one can be everyone. The gift I choose should be a great memorable thing for my friend and I. I will select the gift only for her, which tells her personality, show her beauty and of course, lets her think of me!

    And here is my gift for her

    – The Precious Collection by OLIBERE

    Let me tell you why. First, I know my friend, she is a very pretty girl but has a strong personality. She works very hard in the fashion field, she knows so well about all the fashion brands. She has a special taste of outfit styles, a dress with floral patterns but in a very geometric shape. Yes, this is her. She is cute, as the same time she can be a tough boss in the work.

    Being able to experience what a true haute parfum should be like, is something truly unique. All of your senses react unknowingly creating excitement and wonder unlike the parfums you can buy online or retails stores like Sephora. @olibereparfums just went live on Indiegogo to introduce their brand new collection of extrait de parfums (highly concentrated fragrances starting with 25%).

    Yes, I can say OLIBERE is a luxury indie brand. Which I can feel, this is my friend’s style! I feel very confident that she will love my pick!


    98,00 – 145,00

    Eau de parfum, Unisex

    Green, Fresh and simply Elegant


    Among the top notes, the milky, aqueous freshness of Bamboo sap and Sandalwood, reminiscent of Asia. Peppery spices convey a nascent passion.
    Transparent floral notes delicately envelop the nose. Full-bodied Orchid petal, soft Jasmin, milky green Sambac…

    The fragrance ’ s heart is utterly harmonious. Then comes the caressing sensuality of the soft, subtly musky base notes. A hint of Myrrh and Vetiver perfects this essence of Bali.

    Perfumer : Bertrand Duchaufour

    The Precious Collection is the new fragrance collection by OLIBERE. It is made of 4 unisex extraits de parfum, inspired by unusual and strong characters from the mythical movies “Out of Africa”, “Dracula”, “Scarface” and “Nikita”.

    What is an extrait de parfum?

    Extraits de parfum are highly concentrated fragrances, starting from a 25% concentration, compared to a 14% concentration for an eau de parfum. Extraits are long lasting and will give you this exceptional sillage.

    The Precious Collection is a gender neutral scents, can be shared for her and for him.

    • STAND OUT OF THE CROWD, as Olibere fragrances are original and will exude your uniqueness
    • MAKE AN IMPRESSION, as Olibere fragrances will offer you great sillage
    • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE, as Olibere fragrances are highly concentrated and long-lasting

    The four extraits de parfum are available in 50ml and 100ml.

    About OLIBERE:

    OLIBERE: the union of Cinema and Perfume

    OLIBERE fragrances offer a real multi-sensory experience, awakening the senses and memories alike. Each perfume showcases its own scenario and olfactive personality, and the two echoes to each other.

    OLIBERE, une Ô de liberté, une ode à la créativité

    Thanks to the international contest OLIBERE Awards, Marjorie Olibere offers the public the opportunity to create their own interpretation of OLIBERE perfumes, by creating an original short film.

    Beautiful, Elegant And Timeless Design

    ​Marjorie Olibere prides her self for having designed the bottles, the zamac caps,
    the labels and the perfume boxes. Every detail has been reflected in order to ensure perfect harmony between all elements.

  • Toronto

    LYNQ – More ports for your MacBook

    LYNQ is designed to bring the ports you’re used to back to the new MacBook or ChromeBook. It connects to your computer’s USB (Type C) port and gives you all the ports you’ll ever need! LYNQ will even let you charge your MacBook and mobile phone at the same time while using both.



    LYNQ gives you all the ports you need to connect to the devices you love.


    LYNQ gives you 3 extra powered USB ports that lets you connect printers, portable hard-drives, keyboard, MIDI instruments, thumb drives and more! Plus, you can charge your iPhone.


    LYNQ has a standard SD and a micro SD card reader built in. You can access high capacity (HC) and extra capacity XC cards up to 2 Terabyte.  You can also keep your high-capacity micro-SD card installed and turn LYNQ into portable USB-C backup drive for your laptop.


    Get smooth, full screen HD (1080P) or Ultra-HD (2160P) with LYNQ. It mirrors or extends the video from your MacBook’s USB C port to any large screen TV or  projector. It’s the perfect way to share videos, presentations and more.


    Connect to your work’s secure wired network or administer network devices such as modems and routers with LYNQ’s built-in Ethernet high-speed port. IT supports speeds from 10BaseT to 1000BaseT and is always there in case you ever need it.


    When connected to your MacBook, LYNQ can charge and sync your iPhone, iPad or Android devices.


    LYNQ doesn’t get in the way of you charging your new MacBook. It’s USB Type-C port also allows you to connect your wall charger to recharge your laptop. You can continue to use connected drives and peripherals without skipping a beat.

    WHY LYNQ ?

    ARE YOU READY FOR THE USB-C REVOLUTION? The latest and upcoming models of Apple’s MacBook, and other PC’ Laptops are getting thinner and manufacturers are moving away from the larger USB (Type A) connector to the smaller, USB (Type C) connector. This makes many of the existing devices we own unable to easily connect to the newer computers. Plus, these thinner laptops lack many of the extra ports we need like SD card readers, video output and more. LYNQ is design to ease the transition to the newer USB Type-C equipped computers and give you all the ports you need to connect with the devices you already own.

    Dollar for dollar, LYNQ offers more ports than the Apple AV Multi-port adapter designed for the MacBook 12″. Plus, early bird supporters can take advantage of LYNQ early bird pricing at only $75!

  • My Dog Jacob

    HurriK9: The 100+ Foot Ring Launcher for Dogs

    Do you exercise and play with your dog at least once per day? If you are a busy person like most people, you may not get around to it every day. But your dog deserves a happier, healthier, longer life, and daily exercise is critical to achieving that.

    Meet the world’s first gravity defying 100-foot flying ring launching fetch toy for dogs. In just minutes, after a couple of ring launches, your dog has run over the length of a football field! And it’s fun for both you and your dog. Slobbery tennis balls are boring and no human or dog actually wants to catch a hard frisbee with their teeth.

    Your dog deserves time with you every day, and I’m guessing that you would love to spend more time with your companion in the first place. Now you can!


    Can’t wait to try this out with Jacob!