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    Newest fragrance from Katy Perry – Mad Love


    Introducing Katy as the flirtatiously mischievous cupid. She shoots an arrow and casts a spell on everything around her. Whimsical and fun, her powerful love potion is irresistible with Katy Perry’s Mad Love.

    Addictive from the start, this playfully sexy floriental fruity fragrance opens with the succulence of Lady Apple Sorbet and Mara Strawberry blended to perfection with freshness of delicious Pink Grapefruit.

    Middle notes of Peony Petals, smooth Sun-Kissed Jasmine, and the hypnotic pull of the Bleeding Heart flower captivate the senses.

    Indulgent warmth builds in the background with the allure of Coconut Wood, Skin Musk, and ever so sensual Sandalwood.

    The essence of the Bleeding Heart flower is said to purify and strengthen the Heart Chakra, bringing an open-hearted attitude, soothing emotions, and and re-inviting the spirit of love into one’s body and soul.

    Katy Perry’s Mad Love is now available at Kohls.com for $29.98.

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    Top 10 Beauty and Fashion Stocking Stuffers

    Last minute shopping is always stressful. The lines, the options, the sales, the options!  Let me make it easy for you. Here are my top 10 Beauty Stocking Stuffers that will make you come out like a hero.

    1. Julep Instant Warming Foot Scrub – This cucumber mint scented scrub warms up on contact like magic.
    Packed with natural pumice to exfoliate, chili pepper oil to stimulate circulation, and vitamin E to nourish. $14.99

    Bonus points if you actually give them a foot massage too!

    2. Fiafini Skincare Delicate Cleansing Emulsion with Desert Botanicals and Marula Oil

    Could be the best $28 you ever spent on a face cleanser. It removes dirt, makeup, oil and even toxins from the environment.

    3. Luvmybox for her or for him – Like so many subscription gifts, these are a bit of discovery, with a naughty twist and a lot of fun.

    For only $19.95 you can get something that vibrates, you can eat off, last longer and play with. Sexy little secrets can be a great gift for anyone! It is so flirty and fun that it can give spark to a relationship or ignite a new one!

    4. Pure Ice Velour Finish Colors

    A great variation on all the nail polish explosion out there from matte to crackle to chrome.

    This is a fun fool-proof polish that only costs $1.97.

    5. Vardagen Ugly Sweater T Shirt

    Such a funny holiday present for $24.00. An ugly sweater is not so bad when it isn’t itchy, smelly or ugly!  This variation on what we all know and love comes in vintage soft, ringspun hand printed cotton t-shirt that can be worn year ’round!

    6. Joey New York Correct A Line for Face and Eyes

    Aging is an absolute and with the new year around the corner, one year older means more more line. A coconut water based beauty line that can help minimize the appearance of pores and lines is a MUST for any lady in your life over that age of 23.

    It’s $36 and can be use over or under make up.

    7. SlingShots for your G-Shock

    A soft squishy silicon watch strap that gives your G-Shock a fashion edge. It makes the watch way more comfy than it’s original watch strap. The pop of color makes it fun and for $25, you can give your watch a whole new look without getting another watch. Genius right?

    8. Purr Perfume Gift Set by Katy Perry

    If you want to rock a new scent, you should layer it. Use the body wash, wear the lotion, top it off with the perfume! This is $28.50 but will leave you smelling like a million bucks.

    9. Santalia Exfoliating and Balancing Cleanser

    Unfortunately acne is not just a problem for teenagers and any kind of stress can even cause break outs in rent paying adults like me. The Santalia cleanser is unique because of it’s foam dispenser so you don’t have to scrub. It has all the good stuff in it like the antibacterial Myrtle Lemon and Kakadu Plum for Vitamin C. For $20, it must work better than drug store brands right?

    10. EmerginC Spirulina Toner

    Want to know if you still have make up and dirt on your face after you washed it? Use this alcohol free toner to find out. It has green tea, white tea and grape stem cell in it to make your skin free more zen then ever. For $30, it is a steal for a product that is 70% organic.

    That’s my 10 for all you last minute shoppers!  

    If you want to win any of these products, put this

    on your Instagram and tag it @HeyDoYou I want to try ________________. 

    *Winners will be selected Dec 20th.

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    Patricia Field x Barbie

    I got a bunch of Tweets and emails asking me about the bag I used at the GShock event… So here it is…

    I rock mine with a Barbie pink ribbon and a pheasant feather I got on Venice beach. It represents prosperity and resourcefulness. Both of which is a constant reminder of what I do and who I am. The pheasant is a native bird of China where it is revered for its beauty, its feather represents yang energy and so it carries attributes of fire, life, summer and action. They are the cousin of a peacock but not quite the same. Their energy stimulates sexuality, encourages creativity, and enhances energy. Now you know why I have it right?

    It’s the Pat Field x Barbie LUXE Limited Edition Hobo in Black Croc that I got in 2009, wasn’t expensive but definitely a statement piece and one of my favs. Every day practicality with piazzas!

    Katy Perry has the white one, but you know me. All Black Everything!


    Paris Hilton has one too

    A real Barbie? Yup!

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    OPI Shatter


    I was so excited to try the new OPI Shatter nail polish after seeing it in Teen Vogue and everywhere online… You over lay this on top of any color and as it dries, it separates and shrinks to make this turtle-crackle pattern. Serena Williams and Katy Perry are the endorsers of this collection. I though it would be fun to try. Those who know me know that chipped nail polish is my biggest nightmare and I am known to have sent girls home at work who have chipped nails. This looks so unique and I think I can live with it.

    What do you think?

    Here is mine!  Word on the street is if you buy liquid latex it does the exact same trick.

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    You Should KNOW

    Love, love, LOVE Katy Perry!!! If you don’t know who this songstress is by now, you need to ask somebody… she’s Amaaazing!!!

    Being on again/off again girlfriend of Travis McCoy, band member of Gym Class Hero’s (a fav of mine at the time), Katy’s music first caught my attention with the single “You’re so gay”. Her controversial approach to the man that attempts to stay on the ‘down-low’ with his sexual preferences was a song basically saying…“RELAX”! Anyone I know (including 5 year old family members) can chime in to the lyrics of “I Kissed a Girl” and are dancing in their boots to her newest single “Hot & Cold”, Katy has blown up and left a mark… not only is her music insanely fun but it’s subject matter gives us something to think about!!!

    Now lets talk fashion…

    There’s no surprise of recent tabloids stating that Katy & Rihanna have hit off a great friendship because looking at fashion sense alone, they totally fit. Both women test fashion limits without going to the extent of tackiness… and come out on top and unique. Catching the eye of designers such as Betsey Johnson & Karl Lagerfeld, Katy’s fashion is a cross between sexy and innocent with a retro 50’s buzz. The majority of her attire can be found in vintage markets, but not only is Katy’s style ‘vintage’ it’s got a pop of punch when she wears fruit-inspired accessories from earrings to shoes.

    You’re So Gay Video, Katy Perry