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    R&B Rappers?

    I was reading anotha blog site and they had some remixes that some R&B artist put out.They had some folk comment on some of the material and say R&B cats should’nt be rappn, but i disagree. Trey makes it hella clear his lane cant be F&ckd with. NOW! heres the thing, if you know music then you will understand what i am about to tell you. there were NO, ima repeat, there were NO R&B singers that would rap and sing and kinda slay both of their talents.

    The only reason i really like Trey Songz is because alot of his street underground mixtapes back when he was with the 804 boyz. Of course bein a R&B guy i naturally went wit some of his slow stuff also. But now we see alot of other R&B cats tryna follow the same pedegree, is it swagga jackn?? hmmmmm :0) #YouBeTheJudge

    P.S Trigga murked this Kreayshawn Gucci track 🙂

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    New Kreayshawn

    LOL… between the FIDM mention, the Spice Girls reference… what’s not to love. Can’t wait for the vid!

    @Kreayshawn aka Kreayshawn.

    1. What do you want to be when you grow up?

    Well, When I was in the 2nd grade me & this girl got in trouble for telling the teacher we wanted to be strippers when we grow up.. LOL! But, as far as I can remember I always wanted to be a Host/DJ on the radio.

    2. If you had a magic lamp what would be your 3 wishes?

    My first wish would be to spread understanding throughout the whole world. My second wish would be some kinda magic powers to make anything I want in my hands. My third wish would be everlasting happiness for myself.

    3. At what point will you feel that you’ve accomplished something?

    When I’m dead & my funeral is selling seats.

    4. Do you fart in public?


    5. What was your last dream about?

    My last dream was about me killing someone then using their dead body to kill someone else. Then I went back under my street tent & made songs with my producer.

    6. What does money mean to you?

    Money is something that we need to get by but, I find happiness in the things I do not in the things I buy.

    7. Favorite toy as a kid?

    Man anything electronic was my shit.. walkie talkies, tamagotchis, yakbaks, talking diaries, electronic planners, basically any random electronic bullshit under 20 dollars. I was on it tuff.