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    Metallurgy Liptar from @OCCmakeup

    There are new liptars in town and they ready to rock!  Pigmented with a metallic sheen – I don’t know why I am so magnetically attracted to them. I am so interested in trying the Gold, Coral, Pink… All of them basically.

    Pic from Beautylish.com

    Just reading through the list, I know that OCC Yaoi Lip Tar is a must and will be my 2nd favorite after Anime.

    The Metallurgy collection contains a well-rounded group of likeable and lust-worthy shades including Super NSFW—a gold-sparkling red, Yaoi—a glittering, silver-based Barbie pink, Authentic—a pennywise copper, Triptych—a neutral gold, Iced—an opaque silvery white, and Electric Grandma—a metallic version of their best selling coral shade, our favorite if not for the name alone.

    The finish is subtle but reflective with a pearl-like shine and the subtlest hint of glitter, noticeable only if before a kiss under the mistletoe. The shades wear just as long as their matte counterparts and leave behind a light coating of sparkle when wiped away. (repost from Beautylish)

    Can’t wait to try these!