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    Beauty in motion, breathing deep and feeling wonderful in Aktiv Sustainable Yoga Wear

    From the ocean to the mountains and everywhere in between. We all deserve clean water, clean air, and so do our heirs. What will you change to make our planet a better place? Meditation. Mindfulness. Exercising deliberately with purpose. Engaging your core and maintaining proper posture while you move is much more difficult than most people realize. Leggings, while the height of comfort, are truly designed so you can check your body’s alignment. Of course, there’s no reason why you can’t do all of this while wearing Aktiv’s sustainable, sumptuous fabrics too!

    Illustrated by Lulu Qu.
    More art at lululiveart.com

    Shop Aktiv collection of yoga wear. Sustainable workout clothing for your yoga, barre, or pilates practice. Bra tops, crop tops, tees, leggings, and shorts. High-performance Scandinavian athleisure wear.

    Core Charge Racerback Singlet by Craft

    Core Charge Racerback Singlet is a tight-fitting training singlet suitable for most types of workouts. The singlet is made of soft and functional recycled polyester and elastane jersey. Multi-training concept – Charge is a multi-training concept that fuses high-intensity workouts with street fashion to make a bold statement at the gym, in the urban nature and elsewhere.

    Advanced Charge Perforated Tights by Craft

    ADV Charge Perforated Tights are advanced training tights with high waist and wide waistband for optimal comfort during intense workouts. For even more comfort, the tights are made of soft, peached polyester and elastane jersey with great pullback. Perforated details offer enhanced ventilation.

    New and exclusive in the US to Aktiv, the Vanilla Shanti Yoga One-Piece Bodysuit is an eco-friendly second skin unitard with a flattering high waist. Playful and feminine with a touch of adventure, this yoga bodysuit easily goes from the yoga studio to the office to a night out.Made of 100% ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon, a light, breathable and moisture-wicking material with a touch of stretch.

    Ane Half-Zip by Kari Traa

    The Kari Traa Ane Half-Zip is a women’s training jacket with light insulation and a comfy brushed inside. Feeling the heat? Then take down the stylish asymmetric half-zip to ventilate – the mesh insert stops it from getting too chilly. Slip your thumbs into the thumb holes for a reassuringly snug hold and to stop wind gusts sneaking up your sleeves. The dropped back hem has your bottom covered.

    Verner by Sandqvist

    A durable backpack that is perfect for the gym or short trips, made from recycled fibers.

    • Zippered external shoe compartment
    • Hidden external access to 13″ laptop sleeve
    • Removable sternum strap
    • Multiple inner zip pockets
    • Key loop
    • Side zippered pockets for items you want to get to quickly


    Deep Shade Bra Top by Moonchild Yoga Wear

    The midnight blue of a star chart, this Deep Shade Bra Top by Moonchild Yoga Wear is a delicate, low-impact cross-back bra. Designed in Denmark and made in the EU, the Oeko-Tex™ silky Italian fabric is safe to wear next to your skin. This as close as you can get to not wearing a bra.Moonchild Yoga Wear, the beautiful design coupled with an intense dedication to responsibility and sustainability are the hallmarks of this great company!

    Citadel Printed Leggings by Moonchild Yoga Wear

    Citadel Leggings from Moonchild Yoga Wear feature a white anemone flower with stripes. Energy and sincerity radiate from these breathable, second-skin leggings that are quick-drying even in the hottest of studios.

    Designed in Denmark and made in the EU, the Oeko-Tex™ silky Italian fabric is safe to wear next to your skin. The Citadel printed legging is a mid-rise – comfortable without being restricting. We particularly love the inner thigh gusset, cleverly designed to restrict chaffing.

    These leggings are perfect for yoga (hot yoga), Pilates, bar (barre if you love French), sculpt or any activity where you need extreme freedom of movement.

    Aktiv is your view into different aspects of Scandinavia. You will find Scandinavian clothes from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden that are above all, excellent quality, beautifully designed, responsibly produced, and durable. This is not disposable clothing, it is warmth, or coziness, sometimes fitted, sometimes relaxed, but always there for when you need to Exert.Explore.Exhale.™

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    California-Based Asian Artist Lulu Yueming Qu Using Her Art to Spread The Word of #StopAAPIHate

    No Longer Staying Silent About Anti-Asian Racism

    The reported shootings of Asian American women on Tuesday in Atlanta is an unspeakable tragedy. With hate crimes skyrocketing during the pandemic, it is so important that we stand up against anti-Asian racism and the ways in which you can help support the community. Stop AAPI Hate, a national coalition documenting and addressing anti-Asian discrimination during the pandemic, said it received nearly 3,800 self reports of anti-Asian hate incidents between March 2020 and last month. Women made up a far higher share of the reports, at 68% versus 29% for men. There is an intersectional dynamic going on that others may perceive both Asians and women and Asian women as easier targets.

    Racism against Asians or Asian-Americans didn’t start with the Covid-19 pandemic. The story of anti-Asian hate in the US is long and varied and, like most of society’s ills, can be linked back to colonialism, imperialism, and white supremacy. Enough is enough. We are no longer staying silent about anti-Asian racism.

    California base artist Lulu, who moved from China to US in 2014, she had 3 years graduate school study in FIT New York. When she lived in New York, she met and married with Ryan, an American man who respects and supports her. She moved to California with Ryan and decided to become a permanent resident in US. Asian Discrimination is always an issue and she also heard some stories from her Asian friends about the inequities to American Asian societies. After Covid-19 pandemic started, she is shocked that there are so many anti-Asian crimes are happening, in New York, in California, in almost every state of US. “We have to stand up this time. Using our voices to support Asian community in US.” She uses her Chinese painting art techniques to illustrate three paintings to unveil the Asian discrimination and spread out her voices.


    Phoenix – I can actually SEE you.
    Stop with the slanted-eye racist gestures.
    Different is normal. We are proud of our looks.

    Dragon – I’m not your fucking China doll.
    Stop the submissive, hypersexual and exotic stereotypes of Asian Women.
    We are not your Geisha, Dragon Ladies and Asian Baby Girls!

    There is a long history of misogyny and violence directed specifically at Asian women by men of all races. Asian-American women have long been stereotyped as sexually submissive, portrayed in popular culture as exotic “lotus blossoms” and manipulative “dragon ladies,” or as inherently superior to other women in a way that erases their individuality. 

    Tiger – I am not weak!
    Stop the desexualization of the Asian male
    We are not weak at all!

    Asians were characterized as passive, effeminate and weak. From a study, the top five stereotypes experienced by East Asian men were being good at math (79%), being good with computers (72%) and having a small penis (69%), having slanted eyes (65%), and having kung fu / martial arts skills (58%). And usually Asian men are told that they simply don’t possess the ingredients to be considered masculine or attractive. Stereotypes hurt and are not true. I have so many Asian male friends and also my dad, my cousins, they are strong, smart, positive and attractive. I agree that some of us are very good at math, and I take it as a compliment to say that we are smart. But being good at math doesn’t mean that we are not good at arts, sporting or socializing.

    RACISM is a dangerous virus can make people sick. Just like what Nelson Mandela said, “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”