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    Not All About The Women: NYFW – Darkoh SS15 @darkohmenswear

    Around this time of year all eyes are usually focused on women’s fashion but Darkoh is one of the few gems of a show to highlight the gravity of menswear. This season “the brand will introduce a smart and trendy ready-to-wear suit line made out of the finest natural cloth, for the young generation of active men,” Darkoh states.

    On Monday, September 8th at the Loft Studio 450 she proved to do just that. Ruling over a male-dominated branch of designers and tailors Joyce Darkoh has shown the power of this young brand. From the incredible color range of powder pink to sodium white and the blatant display of exquisite craftsmanship in each suit this line has me convinced that Darkoh has it going on.

    I love a well dressed guy.  Here are some of my favorite looks from the show:





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    Backstage Beauty: @Osklen Spring 2015 Show #livingAveda

    Art, nature, and human body were the underlying themes at Osklen. Inspired from an art gallery in Brazil, the line included numbers made from organic silk and straw for a very raw feeling. Also, the designer made rain forest like prints projected onto fabrics creating special designed shorts and jumpsuits. Pertruding a tropical vibe with a minimalistic sense this line made me resort ready.

    Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 11.27.16 AM

    Backstage I spoke with Aveda specialists about the hair look in which they said, “it was a collaboration with creative director Oskar Metsavaht to achieve a natural angel-like look.” To do this they used Aveda Air Control Hairspray, Volumizing tonic spray, and Pure Abundance style prep serum. They polished the look with custom headbands and left out from strands to add a certain movement as the models walked down the runway.


    The inspiration for the makeup comes from Oskars vision of, “an elegant effortless woman crosses from the tropical forest to a city through a magical gate.” This was achieved by adding MAC Natural Radiance to the temples, chin and nose for a natural glowing look. Skin was then concealed with MAC Studio Finish concealer. On the eyes artists used, MAC Urbanist and Power Player eyeshadows. A light amount of eye gloss was ran across the brows and Secret Admirer by MAC was added to the lips.

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    Backstage Beauty Maria Ke Fisherman SS15 @mariakefisher @TIGICreatives

    Inspiration: Maria Ke Fisherman’s Spring 2015 collection is inspired by the “imperviousness of innocence and youth in the fractal city.” In the  densely populated city, where criminal gangs suppose the only order, one young girl is saved by the last firefighter. With this in mind, CATWALK by TIGI Global Creative Director Nick Irwin developed a strong braided look which softens through the front, speaking perfectly to Maria Ke Fisherman’s impermeable girl.

    Overall Look: Strong, symmetric braids

    Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 11.34.19 AMHow-To:

    Create a one-inch section of hair at the center, starting at the hairline all the way to the nape (a sort of ‘mohawk’ section of hair). Secure side sections away, leaving center panel for braiding
    Braid center section of hair using a cornrow method from front to back and transitioning into a 3-strand technique when reaching the nape. Secure at the very end with an elastic and fold braid up onto itself; secure with pins
    Divide each side into two sections, spraying front section from hairline to just above the ear with CATWALK® by TIGI® Session Series Work It Hairspray to create a lacquer effect and comb through to smooth flyaways and imperfections; fasten with a clear elastic into a ponytail in front of ear and then 3-strand braid till ends; secure with an elastic
    Divide remaining hair on either side, into two horizontal sections to create triangular segments of hair. Apply CATWALK® by TIGI® Session Series Work It Hairspray and cornrow each of the four segments, starting at the hairline and eventually continuing into a 3-strand braid when reaching the part. Once braids are complete, fold them onto themselves to create your own version of a braid design pending the length of your hair; secure with pins
    Finish by spraying CATWALK® by TIGI® Camera Ready Shine Spray
    Products Used:
    CATWALK® by TIGI® Session Series Work It Hairspray 
    CATWALK® by TIGI® Camera Ready Shine Spray

    To go with this statement hairstyle a very graphic eyeliner so that you can see a bold line across the lid as the models walk the runway but yet a very light blush and soft pink lip for the touch of innocence. To really capture the adolescent look the makeup artist brushed the brow against the natural way to create an unpolished, unplucked look just like young girl’s eyebrows before they begin to shape them and pluck them as they grow older.

    As far as the collection goes…one word: pleather. Black and white Pleather covered everything from jackets, to tops to boots, to pants. A very futuristic feel with platform shoes to really top it all off.

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    Backstage Beauty with @Marahoffman #MBFW and Catwalk by TIGI

    Finally made my way to Lincoln Center on Saturday to catch the Mara Hoffman show!  As some of you know, I am working with a NY designer for Fashion Week doing their social media so I have been preoccupied. BUT this was sensational!  Nick from TIGI talked about Mara’s inspiration: 70’s, California and the desert dryness that inspired the beauty look SS15.

    My good friend JAN from the AMPTEAM came by to hang out with me! Yay!

    Mara Hoffman’s name is synonymous with her electric prints, but for Spring she set out to prove her evolution and range as a designer. “I do fabrications. I do silhouettes. I do a whole lot more than just blasting you with neon prints,” she said backstage before her runway show. “I wanted to shift the equation and create something that reflected more of my own personal aesthetic. I want my girl to grow and hope she comes along with me on the trip.” Scaling back those in-your-face graphics made for a tranquil, easier collection that ultimately captured Hoffman’s mantra: “Be light.”

    The first look out—a white linen button-down paired with matching wide-leg culottes—exemplified this season’s new, softer direction. Continuing to work with natural fabrics and a muted color palette, Hoffman whipped up relaxed pieces including a floor-sweeping terra-cotta-hued bandeau dress, and a woven shirt-and-trousers set with faded rainbow stripes. More often than not, patterns were incorporated in the form of beading (a dégradé checkerboard slip, in particular, earned high marks) or embroidery (Hoffman’s favorite group featured “electrolyte” needlework). And while the designer largely moved away from her signature prints here, she couldn’t help but sprinkle a “harvest” motif resembling cannabis leaves throughout the lineup. Hoffman took her finale bow in a cute cutout jumpsuit splashed with the mood-lifting pattern, which is sure to become a hit among her loyal, free-spirited customers. Talk about a high point.

    (via Style.com)

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    Airy #NYFW Katie Gallagher SS15 with Catwalk by TIGI

    There’s something exquisite about Katie Gallagher new SS15 Collection. Perhaps it’s make-up artist Romero Jennings iridescent face, or creative director Nick Erwin’s unruly yet airy doo.

    Better yet it’s a combination of the two, complimenting an almost ethereal collection. Ms. Gallagher’s inspiration this season is sad romance. Think ghostly yet beautiful, pieces range from flowy to fitted to just a little bit of funk and fun, wrapped in tool. Highlights on the skin accentuate the cheek and brow bones.

    Gloss on cheek, lips and eyelids giving the skin a glass-like effect, paired with a reddish brown natural tint around the eye with nude eye pencil inside to give a little freshness create a light, delicate look almost too perfect for this world.

    Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 9.18.13 PM

    CATWALK by TIGI Global Creative Director Nick Irwin created a low-key, romantic ponytail for the Katie Gallagher SS15 presentation to complement the designer’s Fantasm collection.

    To top it off (literally) the hair is pulled back, with a little dry shampoo added to make it look a little messy, a bit of a beachy texture, giving the entire look a modern feel to it that’s off the beaten path yet beautiful

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    New York Fashion Week @AntonioAzzuolo Fall / Winter 2014 #mbfw

    Even though there was slush and snow covering all paths to the show I was determined to check out the Antonio Azzuolo Fall / Winter 2014 presentation.  The show was hosted at the Warby Parker store in New York’s meatpacking district.  I thought this was very smart location as Warby Parker provided the eyewear accessories for the presentation!

    IMG_0141 IMG_0143IMG_0146

    Anotnio Azzuolo did a fantastic job playing with the duality of slim and baggy silhouettes, but making them feel like a complete look.  This was exciting to see, it reminded me of a contemporary sportswear feel where tights are worn under shorts etc.  However, the tights were replaced by slim cut slacks with loose shorts and tops made out of dressier fabrications.  In addition, turtlenecks were worn under dress shirts to give a futuristic and modern aesthetic.  The entire collection felt very progressive and very global.

    IMG_0152 IMG_0171 IMG_0153 IMG_0158 IMG_0160w

    It was nice to see the pops of color in the Fall / Winter collection, I love pinks, violets and purples during colder seasons.  Sometimes it is nice to throw on color to brighten up your day and lift your spirits.

    IMG_0165 IMG_0161

    The styling was very impressive and right on the money!  There was a great choice in eyewear from Warby Parker in addition to amazing footwear by Santoni, a.a. for giulianoFuijwara.  The footwear ranged from classic dress shoe silhouettes to upscale sneakers that were all very appropriate with each look.


    This collection is definitely worth checking out and is a very wearable collection. Many of the pieces can be worn together or stand alone as staples for both men and women!

    All of the pictures were taken with the Verizon iPhone 5C that HeyDoYou is reviewing for New York Fashion Week.  The phone was extremely fast and responsive taking pictures quickly and exporting them very quickly!