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    The Gift Moms Really Want: Calming Allay Wellness Lamp, Helps with Sleep and Headaches Too

    It is never to early to think about a great gift for next month’s Mother’s Day. Many moms would love a gift that brings them more and better sleep, reduces stress and alleviates headaches. Introducing the Allay Therapy Lamp, a revolutionary wellness lamp that gives women the gift of better sleep and a calmer mind.

    Allay was founded by a team of migraine researchers and entrepreneurs as a way to help those who suffer from light sensitivity and headaches. The Allay team is focused on one simple mission: to help people with light sensitivity emerge from the darkness and get back to doing what they love.

    Allay Lamp is uniquely soothing to your eyes and brain, even when you’re most sensitive to light. Discovered by a Harvard Medical School neuroscientist, Allay’s patented band of light is calming during a migraine – or any time – helping you get back to reading, working, and being yourself.

    • The Benefits: The Allay Lamp was designed to help women manage nightly sleep routines, alleviate headaches in a non pharmaceutical way, and more, by emitting a soothing, natural glow that clams the brain to ease stress, reduce anxiety, and create better quality, longer sleep.  And there are also very specific benefits for moms! From the “up and down every hour” sleep patterns of newborns looking for their next meal to the sense of being overwhelmed and stressed that comes with parenting any age child, insomnia is a problem for moms and dads. However, by using the Allay Lamp in all bedrooms, expecting + new mothers and families can have a low stress, minimal sensory disruptive environment that will help every member of the family to fall asleep and stay that way. In addition, expectant and nursing moms will like the fact that the Allay Lamp offers non medicated relief from headache and migraine pain.
    • The Technology: What sets Allay Lamp apart from other colored lights, is the green light. The one band of light wave, green light, has minimal impact, as electrical signals that green light emits via the eye to the brain are much smaller and therefore much less disturbing than other colors. The green light helps create a calmer brain, which has direct implications for stress, headache pain and sleep quality, which ultimately affect a person’s ability to function every day.

    • Created with Purpose: With the help of a team of entrepreneurs and an engineer from NASA, the calming and effective green light emitting Allay Lamp was born and the big winners with this product are women. So many struggle with migraines and headaches, as well as insomnia and stress and anxiety caused by today’s hustle and bustle lifestyle. Allay is truly a difference maker.

    As you go about your life, the light you see generates electrical signals in your eyes. These signals cause a reaction in the brain, and it can be quite intense even in everyday light. While everyone squints in the bright sun, some people – often those with migraines, cluster headaches, brain trauma or dry eyes – are extremely sensitive to even small amounts of light. They end up spending much of their lives isolated in a dark room or wearing sunglasses to try to keep their pain from getting even worse. Fortunately, Prof. Rami Burstein has discovered a precise narrow band of natural light that lets you see and function without the discomfort of everyday light: the Allay band of light. Allay lamp retails for $179 and is available for purchase on the Allay Lamp website, https://allaylamp.com/

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    Every Day Should Be Mother’s Day… But Moms Are Lucky to Get An Hour So Help Her Enjoy it!

    LULU is wearing Citadel Printed Leggings

    Mother’s Day is coming around the corner. Is now too late to order a gift for her? It is never too late at today than tomorrow. Spoil her with the very best from Scandinavia. Shop Aktiv‘s new arrivals in women’s clothing. Upgrade moms’ wardrobe with the latest styles in Scandinavian fashion, athleisure, and technical wear.

    For moms who love biking

    Ella Bike Jersey Women

    Ella Bike Jersey is for you who appreciate cool design that stands out from the crowd, but at the same time want a high-performance piece that gets the most out of your capacity in the saddle. This jersey is made of an extremely soft, moisture-transporting and quick-drying material to keep you dry and comfortable even during hot high summer rides, it is also very stretchy to fit tight and safe in all positions and speeds.

    With Ella Bike Jersey, you get the whole package without compromises – the highest comfort, Italian quality and an inspiring touch of fashion.

    Blackcomb Ceramicool t-shirt

    With its seamless blend of enhanced moisture management, bold styling and heat-cancelling ceramics technology, the women’s BLACKCOMB CERAMICOOL t-shirt is an instant summer-running classic. Crafted with seamless construction for chafe-free motion, this premium runner’s crew-neck tee features ceramic compounds that actively cool the skin by up to 1°C, helping you stay cool when temperatures are soaring.

    Lightweight, moisture-wicking, fast-drying and extremely soft to the touch, the BLACKCOMB CERAMICOOL t-shirt’s reflective details keep you visible after dark, while sustainable organic-based ZeroScent tech ensures you’ll return home smelling as fresh as you left.

    For moms who love hiking

    L.I.M. Hybrid Hood Women

    There’s an ultra-lightweight L.I.M item for almost every activity and with this hybrid hoodie, Haglöfs is taking the mid layer to the next level. The L.I.M Hybrid Hood is a light, stretchy jacket that will keep you warm and help protect you from the wind. This piece is comfortable enough to be worn next to the skin but durable and protective enough to provide good insulation from the weather. It’s reinforced with shell fabric on exposed areas and body-mapped for a perfect fit.

    Body-mapped with a wind resistant and breathable lightweight fabric, and a soft fabric with micro-grid backer, for optimum wicking and warming capabilities. No shoulder seams, helping to avoid chafing and enhance durability
    Partly-elasticated hem and hood for a perfect fit.

    Signe Outdoor Pants Women

    The Kari Traa Signe Pant is pair of women’s cargo pants that put a two-tone touch on the classic cargo design. Rocking a water-repellent treatment for dealing with ugly weather, the fabric also has 2-way stretch for free-moving fun.

    There are loops for adding a belt and big pockets for stashing your stuff. The third-color snap buttons and KT logo add to the contrast-color look. There’s also an adjustable leg cuff for boots.

    For moms who loves doing yoga

    Citadel Printed Leggings

    Citadel Leggings from Moonchild Yoga Wear feature a white anemone flower with stripes. Energy and sincerity radiate from these breathable, second-skin leggings that are quick-drying even in the hottest of studios. Designed in Denmark and made in the EU, the Oeko-Tex™ silky Italian fabric is safe to wear next to your skin. The Citadel printed legging is a mid-rise – comfortable without being restricting. Moonchild Yoga Wear particularly loves the inner thigh gusset, cleverly designed to restrict chaffing.

    These leggings are perfect for yoga (hot yoga), Pilates, bar (barre if you love French), sculpt or any activity where you need extreme freedom of movement. Moonchild Yoga Wear Printed Leggings are high waisted for a body-hugging fit. They fit true to size.

    Stay Grounded Yoga Mat

    Enhance your practice with total comfort and control. The Stay Grounded Yoga Mat by Moonchild Yoga Wear is carefully designed with the perfect balance of firm grip and soft support. Natural rubber is blended with vegan friendly PU-leather and finished with a grippy texture to support your balance, even through sweaty sessions.

    Easily wipe the mat down with a natural cleanser after each practice to keep bacteria at bay. The lightweight mat only weighs 5lbs, so it’s easy to carry to class and the 4mm cushion gives your hips and joints the support you need. The center line and iconic moon phases are engraved into the surface to help you stay connected and balanced through every transition.

    Along with style and practicality, Aktiv has made a concerted effort to select companies focused on sustainability and responsibility. The companies they have partnered with share their goal of keeping the environmental impact of the clothing industry at a minimum. Aktiv’s companies also view worker conditions as the highest priority and ensure that the factory setting is one that promotes equality and fair pay.

    Aktiv is your view into different aspects of Scandinavia. You will find Scandinavian clothes from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden that are above all, excellent quality, beautifully designed, responsibly produced, and durable. This is not disposable clothing, it is warmth, or coziness, sometimes fitted, sometimes relaxed, but always there for when you need to Exert.Explore.Exhale.™

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    Madeca Derma’s Revitalizing Products to Find And Protect The Beauty of Mama’s Skin

    There is another Mother’s Day coming up. Year after year, it goes so fast. Moms are happy to watch that we are growing up to be a woman, to be a wife and even to be a mom… But she is getting old, she is not like the young girl in old photos any more. I want to hold the age for her, not let the years leave too many marks on her face. This year, a revitalizing skincare kit from K-beauty brand Madeca Derma is the gift I prepared for her.

    Do you want to add a youthful, radiant glow to mom’s skin? Madeca Derma korean face mask is suitable for normal, dry, sensitive, or damaged skin. One application will fight off free-radicals and infuse your skin with healthy radiance. Madeca Derma uses cutting-edge science to harness the healing power of Centella asiatica from the greens with power to soothe sensitive skin. With the help of Madeca Derma, taking care of the skincare will be moms’ favorite adventure yet.

    MADECA DERMA uses only the finest Centella Asiatica plants, which are handpicked from the soils of Madagascar and pass our strict quality control. Each plant mus pass over 200 quality tests and undergo a six month extraction process to ensure that the final extract meets our rigid quality standards. MADECA DERMA also try to avoid controversial ingredients, such as parabens, sulphate and scent our products using plant, instead of artificial fragrances.

    Revitalizing Mask

    A sheet mask for juicy, glowy, bright skin fast. This 100% pure cotton sheet mask helps promote the even absorption of hydrating cream into the skin. Multiple patented ingredients(White asparagus, amino acids, red algae) help purify, hydrate, nourish and lift. TECA along with Centella asiatica extract provide intense nutrition in a highly concentration. For purifying, plump and healthy-looking skin; For preparing the skin for a party event; For doubly essential the morning after, when your skin hates you; For sensational after a long flight, or no sleep.

    Revitalizing Serum

    A rescue serum to visible firm, hydrate and brighten skin. Do you want to roll back to years to radiant, youthful skin? Apply a few drops of this facial serum and watch as your fine lines and wrinkles start to fade and your skin becomes incredibly soft to the touch. You can apply this plant-derived serum to normal, dry, sensitive, oily, or a combination of anything of these skin types. The anti-aging serum is perfect for adding a nourishing layer before applying a moisturizer or make-up to give your skin a healthy glow all day. For dull-looking and dehydrated skin; For sensitive and irritated skin; For nourishing and hydrating cream lovers; For glossy and shiny skin lovers.

    Revitalizing Cream

    A multi-faced cream to gently repair dry, sensitive skin and help sooth irritations. Madeca Derma Cica cream, which is highly moisturizing, is committed to repairing and soothing the irritated skin. And this rich multi-function cream fights the signs of aging, leaving your skin firm, nourished with moisture, and beautifully revitalized. Get ready for smooth, brighter skin with less wrinkles and more radiance. This rich cream – with its skin-improving ingredients- instantly infused your skin with youthful moisture and vibrancy. It’s the perfect addition to your daily self-care ritual. For dull-looking and dehydrated skin; For sensitive and irritated skin; For nourishing and hydrating cream lovers; For glossy and shiny skin lovers.

    TECA is the life force of Madeca Derma product line – The potent, key-ingredient is produced through Dongkook’s proprietary extraction technology process. It is widely studied for its revitalizing properties and clinically proven to inhibit free radicals in the skin and stimulate the production of collagen; the most important protein building block in the body.

    • Improve Fine Lines – TECA (titrated extract of Centella Asiatica) is packed with antioxidant firming properties that help nurture and rebuild damaged skin and smooth out fine lines.
    • Strengthen Skin Elasticity – Elastic 3-Core Complex of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid help maintain the skin’s elasticity for more vibrant, healthy-looking skin.
    • Revitalizing Skin Glow – Experience hydration and firmness as the rich moisturize nourishes your skin. Instantly have a younger-looking complexion and radiant glow.
    • High Quality Raw Materials – All of Centella Asiatica must pass over 200 quality process to be cleared for use; Madeca Derma only let the good examples of their ingredients make it into their products for your skin.
    • Clean & Pure – Centella Asiatica has been carefully handpicked from Madagascan soil for its nutrient-packed vitality. The Centella Asiatica is then dried in the fresh wind of the Indian Ocean.
    • Science Technology——TECA – TECA 7-step and 6 month-long extraction process – Give you the well quality TECA every single time.
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    Cheers to Mother’s Day, She Deserves A Little Sparkling Sip of FUN!

    If you want to send a virtual hug to mom, look no further! Give her a gift that will make her feel pampered and part of the party. Mingle sustainably curated collection of gifts from female founders valued at over $90, your mom is sure to love these treats!

    Surprise Mom & support woman-owned businesses with Mingle top selling Cosmo & Bellini, rich Eu’Genia Shea Butter & blissful ADORATherapy Body Spray.

    MINGLE GIFT FOR MOM: Pamper her with this curated collection


    • MINGLE BLACKBERRY HIBISCUS BELLINI MOCKTAIL – top selling bubbly blend of juicy blackberry and delicate hibiscus for a light fruity finish
    • MINGLE CRANBERRY COSMO MOCKTAIL – popular blend of cranberry and lime juices for a light citrus finish
    • EU’GENIA SHEA BODY BUTTER – 2 oz lovely reusable tin for beautiful skin. Choose Botanical lavender or Citrus grapefruit. This pregnancy strength shea butter is perfect to soothe dry skin or minimize stretch marks.
    • ADORAtherapy MOOD BOOST SPRAY – 10mL spray in Botanical ‘Blissful’, with notes of organic lavender, bergamot and chamomile or Citrusy ‘Serene’ with layers of blood orange and grapefruit to use as room or body spray.
    • PERSONALIZED GIFT MESSAGE – custom message at checkout
    • MINGLE RECIPE CARD – serving suggestions for a fabulous mocktail
    • FREE SHIPPING in USA, except HI and AK

    EU’GENIA NUTRIENT-RICH SHEA BUTTER: nutrient-rich, premium shea butter moisturizer loaded with antioxidants to minimize stretch marks and soothe dry skin. Recognized by Vogue & O Magazine as a family-run enterprise dedicated to nurture beautiful skin while providing fair wages and educational opportunities to their female workers in Ghana. Choose Citrusy Grapefruit or Botanical Lavender (Valued at $20)

    ADORAtherapy ‘SERENE’ ROOM BOOST SPRAY: Relaxing room spray will bring a sense of serenity to any space.  Crafted with organic essential oils, your Mamma can create a spa-like retreat in her own home. Natural, vegan and cruelty free room and body spray will inspire a peaceful energy she needs during this special time.  Choose Citrusy Blood Orange+Grapefruit or Botanical Lavender+Chamomile (valued at $25)

    Citrus Package: Grapefruit Shea Butter plus Blood Orange+Grapefruit Mood Boost Spray

    Botanical Package: Lavender Shea Butter plus Lavender+Chamomile Mood Boost Spray

    ORDER NOW to give some much needed pampering treats to a loved one to celebrate her experience and honor her with thoughtful gifts that will show you care.

    0% alcohol, non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegan Friendly, natural ingredients

    Whether you are alcohol free or a social drinker, now you can be a part of the party and enjoy a delightful beverage experience with Mingle Mocktails. Mingle makes drinking occasions fun for everyone! These non alcoholic cocktails are fun, low calorie and flexible… simply chill, pour, and serve. Featuring an elegant resealable bottle, Mingle Mocktails is perfect for any event.

    The founder, Laura Taylor, is a BoozeFree Badass & her mission is to make drinking occasions fun for everyone. She launched Mingle after she struggled with alcoholism & wanted something other than seltzer to have at social occasions. She was delighted that friends enjoyed Mingle as a mocktail or mixed for a light cocktail. Enjoy your way to celebrate your sparkle!

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    Happiness Looks Like A Delicious and Steaming Cup of Tea Shared with Mom at This Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day is coming in a few weeks. Do you have anything in mind to surprise the most important lady in your life? What does she need? If your mom always says that she doesn’t need anything, then you should rethink the question, what is the most thing you want for your mom. For me, I want her to be healthy and happy.

    Did you know tea is good for your health? Our immune system is basically a security guard for our health. Its job is to catch the bad guys (viruses, infections, etc) before they can cause any harm to our body. Green tea, in particular, is filled with antioxidants that boost your immune strength.

    Tea is also good for mental health! Americans are plagued by stress and stress can really disrupt your mental health. Drinking tea can help in managing stress, as the Theanine that is found in green tea can help to suppress stress and acts as a relaxing agent. There is also just something so soothing about a hot cup of tea!

    Welcome to the wonderful world of authentic Malaysian tea. BOH’s story began in the year 1929, when British pioneer J.A. Russell transformed a tract of land 5,000 feet above sea level into Malaysia’s first highland tea garden. The fertile soil and abundant rainfall provided the ideal environment to grow lush and superior tea bushes to harvest, distinctive with their unique character and flavor.

    Now, after almost a century, BOH is amongst the finest tea specialists in the world, mastering the art of tea production, from tea bush to tea cup. As one of the few fully-integrated tea companies in the world, BOH grows, processes, packs and markets its own brand of authentic, home-grown, Malaysian teas.

    This Exquisite BOH Teas is an assortment of all-time favorite signature blends known for exceptional quality and distinctive character. It is the perfect gift for this upcoming Mother’s Day. The teas are grown 5,000 ft above sea level on the main mountain range of Malaysia. This special gift set contains 8 sachets of fine black Cameronian Gold Blend, herbal selection of Camomile, Peppermint & Lemon Myrtle and the exotic Seri Songket flavoured tea of Lime & Ginger and Lemon with Lime. There are 6 flavors with 8 tea bags each, totaling 48 tea bags.

    BOH Tea 6 Assorted Tea Variety Gift set

    • Cameronian Gold – The BOH Cameronian Gold Blend is a true masterpiece cultivated in Cameron Highlands from which it takes its name. Aromatic and delicate, this smooth golden blend uses only the tender shoots of the Manipuri and Rajghur jats.
    • Lemon with Mandarin – This tea is brisk and flavourful with the tangy, citric flavours of lemon and mandarin.
    • Lime & Ginger – The zest of lime combined with the spice of ginger make this a versatile infusion to be enjoyed iced or hot
    • Camomile – A quietening balm of camomile flowers, cut to release their apple-sweet scents, to soothe tired bodies and minds.
    • Peppermint – Infusion with its cooling flavour, makes a wonderful elixir to clear the mind and refresh the spirit. Peppermint is also reputed to aid digestion, making it a prefect after-meal drink.

    BOH’s core values – sustainability, respect, innovation and integrity continue to guide the company every step of the way. A cup of tea is where meaningful conversations are had and where bonds are nurtured. BOH is uncompromising in the quality of their teas as well as their dedication towards their community and employees.

    Today, BOH is a leading tea producer in Malaysia with four tea gardens; BOH Tea Garden, Fairlie and Sungei Palas in Cameron Highlands as well as Bukit Cheeding in the lowlands. BOH tea gardens span 1,200 hectares and collectively produce over 4 million kilograms of tea annually, or about 5.5 million cup of tea each day.

    To BOH, everything they do revolves around their passion for creating well-loved teas. The aroma, freshness and unique taste of BOH’s teas are a testament to the legacy left by founder J.A. Russell and to the fine art of tea making which will be enjoyed by generations to come. Use Promo Code BohLovesMoms on Amazon for a 10% off coupon from now until Mother’s day (May 9th).

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    I know Mother’s Day has already passed, but I believe you are a good daughter/son/husband to make your loved woman happy everyday. I am so glad to introduce you to Lavish Leathers, handcrafted leather jewelry out of Austin, Texas that help fashionistas make a bold statement, with a whimsical twist! Plus dudes on a budget, all of these funky pieces are under $30!!! 

    Offering dozens of styles, colors and prints in earrings, necklaces and keychains, Lavish Leathers pride themselves on affordable accessories for everyone from young ladies just finding their personal styles, to confident women who know exactly what they want and love.  

    Ladies will particularly love the soft, lightweight leather and nickel free hooks, perfect for carefree, all-day comfort. 

    Metallics, animal prints, florals, tassels, beading…even sports themed stunners, Lavish Leathers has created one-of-a-kind, gorgeous pieces for every type of lifestyle. Moms are the best, aren’t they?  

    Double Cut Pink and Banana Leopard LeatherEarrings ($17-$21):  

    Meow! Leopard is never NOT in season! Juxtaposed against a delicious pale pink these earrings (offered in small, medium & large) are perfect for a casual day look or a frisky evening out on the town!

    Turquoise Arrows Tassel Necklace ($29): 

    Tassels + Turquoise = Cute, Cute and More Cute! Offered in a range of rich leather colors, these necklaces are the perfect length (30”) and will add a dollop of sauciness to any outfit! 

    Lavish Leathers Keychains ($25)

    Pimp Mom’s car keys! Why not give a boring necessity like keys, a funky facelift! Feathery, vibrant handcrafted tassels that won’t add unneeded weight, but will add much needed flair! (Did I mention custom orders are always welcome??)

    You’re an Austin area local, you don’t say?!? Head over to the Lavish Leathers store in Buda to shop and satiate your inner fashionista! Not from the Lone Star State? Visit https://lavishleathers.com/ for these sassy styles. Follow their trendsetting adventures on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram!


    Behind the scenes at Lavish Leathers:

    Lavish Leathers is owned by sisters, Amber & Sienna. Raised in a family where creativity ran wild, both have vivid memories of their mom making homemade Barbie outfits or sitting down with their grandfather and watching him paint.  Amber & Sienna were taught at a young age the joy of creating and sharing it with others. Through the encouragement of friends and family Lavish Leathersopened for business in March of 2015 with the hope of being able to share its handcrafted products with others.  Amber & Sienna continue to create and innovate new and fabulous Lavish Leathers products and are always working on the next great accessory for their lovely LL ladies!