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    Jewelry on a budget: #Rocksbox

    Normally I’m the type of person that shies away from subscription services. Something about the predictability of things coming the mail all the time and having a strict routine…(maybe it’s just the free-spirited, non-committal Gemini in me, I dunno.) So when I heard about the service Rocksbox, I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive. After I did a bit of research and saw that I could cancel at anytime, I took the plunge.

    To shop the Rocksbox catalog you need to become a member. It’s an easy three step process; you take a style survey and add items to your jewelry wish list; receive three pieces to wear on loan– each is hand selected for you based on your specific requests in the survey. Return your rocksbox to get three new pieces. Really simple and relaxing. I took my time with the survey, looking through the entire catalog and picking just what I like, from gold to silver to simple pieces to more ornate items.

    It’s $19 a month for unlimited jewelry rental with free prepaid shipping both ways, with the return shipping label included in your box of bobbles. You can even  get the first month for free! My referral code is krovargasxoxo. Use today and tomorrow!

    (Keep in mind, even though it’s free the first month, you still need to enter a credit card.)

    The first three pieces I received coordinated with each other nicely (again, based on what I checked off in my wish list). If you happen to love an item so much, you can buy it at the “members only” discounted price.

    Here’s what I got in my first #Rocksbox.

    My first rocksbox! Cute little gift box with a fabric bow ~

    Everything came in this cute little box tied with a ribbon– the loveliest little gift. I’m a sucker for nice packaging! Each item was wrapped in a tiny see-through silk baggie (not pictured), nestled in chevron tissue paper, as seen below.

    bobbles 1
    Gold simplicity. I really like the earrings and ring.

    Pictured are the Perry Street Charlotte Earrings, Gorjana Nesa Necklace and the Sophie Harper Pavé X Ring in Gold.

    bobbles 2
    This Pavé X Ring in gold was my favorite item in the box! So delicate and girly ~

    The  Pavé X Ring was my favorite item in this whole box. It fit like a dream. Light enought to wear daily without feeling bulky, sturdy good quality that did not bend or warp in any way and shiny enough to add some gleam to my hand without being overbearing.

    bobbles 3
    The Charlotte Earrings are so classy, while the Nesa necklace is delicate and airy with their tiny arrow design.

    I liked the Charolette earrings, they were okay. Very pretty up close and little on the heavy side, though not enough to be bothersome when worn. They were a bit on the dressy-side for me, if that makes sense. I held off wearing them until I knew I had to go to an event.

    The only item I sorta disliked in this box was the Nesa necklace. I like to wear delicate pieces from time to time, bu this one was too delicate. The necklace itself is very thin and the arrow head pieces barely stood out when I wore it. The tiny clasp also gave me more trouble than I would have liked when I was putting on and taking it off. I wore the necklace for a 12 hr work day and none of coworkers or friends noticed I was wearing it.
    You can see the earrings and necklace worn below, with my hair tied back.

    bobbles 4
    Here I’m wearing the necklace and earrings. Of the two, the earrings were my favorite. They have just the right amount of shine!

    Would I recommend Rocksbox? Sure! If I can spend $20 a month of cheap disposable accessories from fast fashion houses like F21 or H&M, why not use that same cash to get some good quality jewelry I can exchange at anytime?

    I loved 2/3 of my first set and am looking forward to what I’ll be getting next month.

    Use my referral code today and tomorrow to get your first month free!

    Code: krovargasxoxo

    Happy shopping!


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    Super Cool DIY Box Subscription @MJProjectDIY

    I am really excited about a small boxes of goodies that come in the mail.

    Cold as Ice

    The most beautiful one just arrived from my friends at M&J Trimming Project DIY. I received the starter kit that included 2 projects and all the material required to make the Crystal Clear Statement Necklace and the On the Rocks Bracelet Duo.IMG_0350 IMG_0353Since NYC is so cold recently, this collection is perfect way to spend an afternoon inside your cozy home.  The Project DIY Team created this project based on the seasonal iridescent colors and frosted textures of winter. Colorful crystals and sparkling metals that you can wear all year round.

    Each to the packages come with all the tools and parts. You can get the instructions online or via their app Project DIY. The step by step instructions make it really clear and I laid out all the pieces as the shown.  There is a variation on how you can lay out the gems on the necklace.

    It took me a little over 30 mins to finish both projects. Can’t wait to wear them on Thurs!

    Sign up or send  a box to your friend on http://mjprojectdiy.com

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    Wise Old Women Jewelry Rack: Organization and Decoration

    Who doesn’t love the experience of walking into a boutique seeing everything organized by color, accessories hung on the wall like artwork, belts and hand bags organized by causal to dressy?

      Travel Hanger $24.95

    So lately I thought why not create that own feeling at home! Researching a bit on how to display my jewelry for easy access, organization and wall decor I came across WOW Hanger.

    There were so many options to choose from and pricing starting at 11.95!  It was a no brainer I ordered the Jewelry Hanger 4 piece set at $25.95. This system organizes over a 150 pieces of jewelry, delivers within 24 hrs, and it’s all made in the USA!4 Piece Jewerly Hanger $25.95

    Find out more on about this Utah based company on wowhanger.com