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    Pops of Color @CamSatchelCo

    You don’t have to spend long in your favorite store to notice that bright colors are hot right now. In fact, the brighter the better seems to be the rule of thumb. Neon is indeed making a bold comeback, but what should you do to add color to your wardrobe without ending up looking like a road sign? Accessorize, of course! A little goes a long way – Add pops of color without turning into a neon sign If you want to keep your wardrobe subtle, but don’t want to ignore this trend, remember that a little goes a long way. Keep your regularly scheduled jeans and neutral top, but add…

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    Make a Statement This Fall

    Fall will soon be in full swing and while spending time at the pool may not be the place to be — or the beach if you happen to be lucky enough to live near the coast, it’s clear that the summery, bold, colorful accessories are still in. Try adding some of these great pieces to your fall wardrobe. Neon Colors Against the backdrop of a sexy black dress or a flowing cocktail dress, neon colors will make your accessories pop. Bright shoes have always been a safe bet, but consider adding a flashy purse or several 90s-style friendship bracelets. If it’s bright and glitters, it’s even better. Cuff Bracelets Instead…

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    Hint of Neon

    Just a pinch is an expression we use for salt. Now we are using this expression for neon. Neutrals pop into fall trends with  just a pinch of neon. Here are my favorites from J.Fold, Jil Sander, Paul Smith, Hache and American Apparel. Looks like we are all drinking from the same (neon) Kool-Aid.