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    Go Further with @Ford 2012: Trend Conference

    I spent this week at Ford HQ at Dearborn, Michigan to see all the new things happening at Ford.

    With a star studded panel and lots of interesting topics – Ford is really cutting edge in design, concept and leading the auto industry into the brave new world with technology that we only dream of! Like the workshop I went to last month in Geneva, there was a visual recorder who drew exactly what we were talking about.

    Ford invited over 250 car journalists, lifestyle bloggers, mommy bloggers, gadget and tech bloggers to spend 3 days in Michigan to get a sneak peek at all the exciting things FORD is doing in 2014 and beyond. I was one of the lucky ones to attend this year’s Ford Go Further Conference. I had a blast last year at the Forward with Ford in 2011.


    We had dinner at the Ford Stadium and check out the field of the Detroit Lions. That astro-turf was deep and soft.

    Ford and ZipCar partnered up to make sure over 200 university campus nationwide now have car-sharing available.

    Trend #5 is DIY. We spent an evening at Techshop – the dream workshop shared space for anyone who wants to create anything. We made sandblasted glass mugs, custom pewter jewelry, silk screening and high-pressured waterjet demo. The CEO of TechShop Mark Hatch said they are opening one in Brooklyn at Jay Street Metrotech soon. Can’t wait to go laser cut and make 3D stuff.

    I will post more about Trend 1, 2, 3, 4 in upcoming posts!  Thanks FORD for an amazing time!

    Test driving the VA VA VOOM of the incredible Mustang

  • New York

    Forward with @Ford 2011: Futuring and Trend Conference

    Woke up this morning extra excited. Packed my 1 little bag and got a ride to JFK on his Ducati, Talk about airport express right?

    Yay! I made it to Dearborn! Ford has 3 very full days planned for 300 futurists, bloggers, writers to experience and we are all really excited. First the put us on a smooth Delta flight that actually arrived early to Detroit, then they had Ford drivers bring us to the hotel.


    What’s on the agenda?  Well tonight we are having dinner with Malcolm Gladwell. OMG. Excited!

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